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  1. Sorry you had to experience this! Hope this is resolved quickly.
  2. excellent review - and yes I've gotten mint, menthol-ish and other wonderful twist and turns with these...
  3. Rob - you and your team are awesome and have always been as kind and considerate as any company I’ve done business with period. Thank you and FOH for the community you provide us. Many thanks - Mark
  4. Glad they caught that one! Praying for a speedy recovery and no further issues.
  5. Great story along with the review - good luck with the rest of the project!
  6. Great detail - awesome story - thanks for sharing this!
  7. I was dying laughing before I ever got to the pictures - well written - absolute A+!!!
  8. For my taste a great cigar. Smooth and refined - a couple years and they’re ready to go. Just enjoyed a ‘19 TOU that was grass, hay, touch of spearmint through the retrohale - perfect burn with a light carmel note at the nub -
  9. Sympathies Mike - those friends are irreplaceable - I'm sure you gave her a wonderful life....
  10. love that - and he/she seems happy to have it!!!
  11. Now that’s something to celebrate!!!! Congratulations!
  12. Happy Birthday Rob - are these coming faster or what...

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