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  1. Now that’s something to celebrate!!!! Congratulations!
  2. Happy Birthday Rob - are these coming faster or what...
  3. Condolences to Di, Lisa, Lucy and the extended family. Sounds like he provided a wonderful heritage for his beautiful daughters. Our hearts and prayers go out to you.
  4. I have a box of maduro diplomaticos that are 10+ years old - you make me want to bring those out ----
  5. Nice review - keep trying them with more time on them - one of my top favorites -
  6. Great comments on your life journey with this box. Part of what makes cigars wonderful...
  7. Wonderful news John!!! Pray for continued health for him and your family. Indeed something to celebrate, over and over and over!!!!
  8. I'm in a hot and humid climate as well. My stock is kept in a coolidor running 72 degrees and 59% humidity - that works fine for me. Mostly robusto's and the burn needs to be touched up once in awhile and flavors are right on - again for me, Good advice to try a few different approached and see what you like. Good luck and enjoy!
  9. Congratulations Fuzz!!! Looks awesome - always takes longer and cost more - but a beautiful finished project.
  10. Congrats brother - hope all is still on track.
  11. Really like the E2 - my experience has been similar to yours. Great smoke.

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