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  1. 2017 JohnnyO Corona Extra. Getting there. Coffee, Chocolate and nice ending with Nuts. Lots of creamy smoke.
  2. Partagas Habanero 11/2012 (PAWRC) Dark wrapper, good draw at cold, barn and tobacco. Started medium strong, Dark roasted coffee bean, hay, barn Very good draw, lots of smoke. Getting a bbq meat taste. Reminds me on eating the steak rolled in coffee powder before hitting the pan and having a cigar at the same time. Lasted only a few puff. Back to the roasted coffee bean and hay. 2nd Strength relaxes to medium. Coffee is still there, hay is replaced by a more earthy flavor. 3rd Strength continue medium. Flavor moves to mainly nutty with coffee underneath. Very nice cigar especially for a C&C. Total smoking time 55 minutes.
  3. My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto. Got a box in 2013. Haven’t touched one in a few years. Remember it quite strong. Now a mild to medium, nice espresso, chocolate, charred meat flavor. Good draw, smoke volume. A nice afternoon cigar for a change once in a while.
  4. Looking good, Enjoy your holiday.
  5. Monte 4 Code MUL MAY 14 This cigar is from box 2 out of a 12/12 2box deal on FOH in 2014 I smoked the first October 14 and did a comparison on both boxes here. Start 11 am After cutting, large dimple exposed, good draw, slightly salty on the lips, light tobacco, barn flavour on cold draw. First draw, deep coffee Coca flavour. Every single draw afterwards has a change in flavour and intensity. Trying to pick the flavours which is challenging for me as this one is a quite complex mix. The peaks are Coffee, Coca, Chocolate, toasted bread, hints of caramel during the first 3rd. There is an underlying mustiness which I normally get from much older cigars. Strength medium to medium full. Dark grey ash, good burn and smoke volume. Transition to 2nd 3rd Strength is relaxing to medium. The mustiness is still there though less visible. Main flavours Coca, Chocolate, toasted bread and a bit more burned caramel. Last 3rd Getting more intense, hard to separate flavours. Coca and Coffee in the main. Finished after 1hr. A fantastic cigar which developed wonderful over these 5 years. Only 5 left which are in my “Once a Year Box” to see what the next 5 years have to show.

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