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  1. One HR measurement for two separated compartments. Seems like technical flaw to me.
  2. My deepest condolences to Di, Lisa, Lucy, Rena, & the entire family.
  3. ‘12 Monte 3 Through half of the box and all are superb in flavors and identical in construction.
  4. Porsche 356 Here is one of the best build of it I have seen. Build and own by “about_an_average”
  5. ‘13 RASS with a bit of water spot which doesn’t take away the great flavor.
  6. ‘12 El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Sunday morning LGC No4
  7. Based on the favorite of my favorite of my stock Mag 50 Mag 46 Punch Punch Epi 2 Monte Especial 1 PL PC D4 Ex 4 Fundadores 1966
  8. Indeed, have a few boxes from 14 and 16. Went deeper on HU RR
  9. Nice shopping ! Freeze first, let them then rest for a few weeks to adjust RH. Then (if you want) wrap each box with Safran or wax paper or freezer bags and store them at a temp and RH stable place.

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