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  1. Long cigar for a long month - gonna need a Monte A for April
  2. It is the Verano! Thanks I couldn't remember the name - I like it so far, it lights every time, nice big fuel window, good flame power.
  3. yeah I think so, XTX and Allume look very similar - I considered that as well and thought that was part of the issue with it being on back order. I didn't want to wait six weeks and have them tell me it was discontinued and to select something else and then have to wait another six weeks.
  4. I'm still on my first cutter although I had to superglue the wood grips back on it but that was a long time ago, its been fine other than that. I've had it 7-8 years now. I recently replaced my XTX dual jet lighter under warranty, it lasted about 3-4 years. The adjustment wheel came off and I lost it. I used it for several months without it then something happened to the valve seal and it would not hold gas anymore so I sent it back. (The XTX was a warranty replacement for the first Xikar lighter I had that stopped working in less than a year) I recently received the warranty replacement
  5. patagas maduro - all chocolate and baking spice
  6. That's brutal - nothing like the unannounced mother in law dropping in when the wifes not home
  7. So as a married guy with kids, I lust for Dad's night off, alone , no noise, no cell phone, email hassle, PTA, practice, etc - Dress code is jeans and T shirt - maybe a flannel if its autumn. Music theme is set to '90's grunge/alt rock with some 80's pop mixed in. The grill will be lit for sure - maybe a nice porterhouse or filet and say some brats for an appetizer, and whatever side dishes. During this "first period" I will consume 4 to 8 nice craft beers, maybe Laguntitas IPA's, maybe Bells Two Hearted or Dogfish 60 min or some combo. Then dinner is served, or the "second perio
  8. lighting really bringing out the tooth detail - cool pic, nicely done

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