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  1. SigloVI

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    R&J Duke EL 2009 Been sampling through my boxes of LE’s the last couple weeks and have been mostly underwhelmed. This however was fantastic! Beautiful dark oily wrapper. Full bodied, Full flavored...glad I have a box and a half left.
  2. SigloVI

    Your Best Cigar of May 2019?

    '09 Epicure Especial
  3. SigloVI

    Box of the Day

    The Cohibas are Siglo 2...can see the box at the top of the pic. Montes look like no.1
  4. El Nido Clio, Jumilla Can be found for just under $40, but could be a little difficult to locate. This is a big bold Spanish red. Monastrell & Cab blend. Drinks as good or even better than any California Cab 3 times the price.
  5. SigloVI

    Upmann Connie A V's Connie B

    The couple B’s I’ve had have been very mild. The A’s have been a standout for a while now and I much prefer them. We’ll see if anything changes over time
  6. SigloVI

    2019 PGA Championship Predictions

    I’ll be there tomorrow and going with Koepka. The Black is made for him.
  7. SigloVI

    Stop the Montesco

    Montesco is by far my least favorite vitola and I actually don’t mind a fatter cigar. Many of my favorites are 54 rg
  8. 1 - George Carlin 2 - Richard Pryor 3 - Eddie Murphy
  9. It’s so close but i give the nod to Part 1. Brando and Sonny make the difference for me. If you got 7 hours to kill one day, watch The Godfather Epic put out by HBO a few years ago. Unedited chronological order with deleted scenes...amazing how fast it goes by
  10. SigloVI

    AP Regional Help

    QDO 898
  11. I keep my regular stash at 60-65%. For my long term aging coolers I use 69% bovedas.
  12. SigloVI

    Your Cigar of September 16?

    Cohiba Piramides Extra Original release. Mind blowingly good! Hadn't touched these in a while because I felt they needed some time. Wow did they ever develop. Thank goodness I've got three more boxes
  13. Never had a La Fuerza, but I am a big fan of el principe. Personally I've been through 2 boxes of Dip 2's and they've been mostly mediocre cigars. Maybe I need to try one of those TOS boxes the prez raves about.
  14. Great review of my favorite DC!

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