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  1. Punch Punch. Never cared for them years ago but recent production has really turned things around.
  2. Personally I only use v cuts on pyramids. I love how it lets you maintain the tapered head while cutting deep enough for a great draw.
  3. I have both and prefer the Colibri mostly due to the less bulky design. They both work really well tho. The Colibri cut is deeper whereas the Xikar cut is wider. The deep Colibri cut can be too much on smaller rg cigars however.
  4. Edmundo Dantes Conde 54 Ramon Allones Phoenicio 30
  5. R&J Duke EL 2009 Been sampling through my boxes of LE’s the last couple weeks and have been mostly underwhelmed. This however was fantastic! Beautiful dark oily wrapper. Full bodied, Full flavored...glad I have a box and a half left.
  6. The Cohibas are Siglo 2...can see the box at the top of the pic. Montes look like no.1
  7. El Nido Clio, Jumilla Can be found for just under $40, but could be a little difficult to locate. This is a big bold Spanish red. Monastrell & Cab blend. Drinks as good or even better than any California Cab 3 times the price.
  8. The couple B’s I’ve had have been very mild. The A’s have been a standout for a while now and I much prefer them. We’ll see if anything changes over time
  9. I’ll be there tomorrow and going with Koepka. The Black is made for him.

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