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  1. Wow. Just wow. This thing has grown leaps and bounds since I had it. Great work fellas. Keep it up. I hope to see again someday. You all enjoy the day.
  2. Opus Perfection X. Opus 6 box black. Opus perfection #4.
  3. I would agree. The DCPR is an amazing smoke. Have smoked through 3 boxes.
  4. Scored a box of 2006 VSG///torpedoes and a box of vsg beli #1's. Opus six boxes..2. af best seller.
  5. punch 48. 1st one. Pretty good. Leather, little bit of sweetness.
  6. it is pretty dang good. I was looking in the 500.00 range. My wife went to bed bath and beyond and picked this one up.
  7. My wife and I just bought a Jura machine. Got any suggestions on coffee for it? it makes espresso and cappuccino. Great looking machine.
  8. Can't believe no one has snagged that xxx...aka power ranger yet. great nc.
  9. I buy cigars from the lounge smoke one then fire up my Cubans. No one has ever said anything to me. More than likely the owner has Cubans as well. I have a man cave so I don't have to smoke outside. Closest cigar store is 1.5 hours away from me.

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