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  1. TheFullMontecristo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Pawty shawt
  2. TheFullMontecristo

    "high roller bourbons"

    what no Eagle Rare? Blasphemy. Sadly, many still on my bucket list.
  3. thread should be moved to the travelers Diarrhea '"Clubs" thread.
  4. TheFullMontecristo

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Elijah Craig on sale right now.
  5. TheFullMontecristo

    Cuba Plane crash

    some additional footage has emerged. Why does plane appear to be flying backwards on an angle?
  6. TheFullMontecristo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A most excellent Punch DC from a recent sampler purchase.
  7. TheFullMontecristo

    When to give up (PLPC EML FEB 14)

    Sorry you're having issues with yours but I have about 1/2 Cab left from EML MAY 14, and each one I smoke just gets better and better.
  8. Christian Moullec is a Frenchman who studies birds (some threatened species) and their migratory routes across Europe and uses his microlight to pilot alongside them. At :40 is Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy France.
  9. TheFullMontecristo

    Favorite AC/DC songs?

    RIP Malcolm Young.
  10. TheFullMontecristo

    Cigars Having a Predominant Flavour of Roasted Peanuts

    I remember back when I had some around 10 years ago, the discontinued Bolvar Corona Extra having distinct peanut flavors. I really miss those cigars.
  11. Smoked it watching the Patriots-Broncos game. Decent cigar, but prefer the Reyes. 7.9/10

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