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  1. Had one of these on Monday. First cigar at the new house. Not sure if they're worth the price of admission
  2. Last night at a small herf: - '98 ERDM Lonsdale - '09 Boli Esp. No. 2 Germany ER - '89 Fonseca Invictos - '00 Fonseca Invictos
  3. Just picked up 5ers of '96 HdM Des Dieuxs & '05 Epicure #1s
  4. ^^ I need to find me a box of the Dip Spanish RE's. Recent purchases: - '13 QDO Coronas (x2) (these are great fresh) - '12 PL Panatelas - '07 PL Robustos Asia Pacific RE
  5. It sure is! Diplomatico (green bottle), Zacapa XO, Zacapa 23, and Legendario is also in rotation
  6. '11 RASS. This one so far has been okay but the prior ones were pretty good. Almost time to reload on these....
  7. Congrats and I hope you smoke something wonderful on your wedding day
  8. My favorite is the purple one (don't remember off the top of my head) but then again I like my coffee strong
  9. PLPC but followed really close by Party Shorts (both with a few years on them)

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