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  1. H. Upmann No 2 | Holgate Mt Macedon Australian Pale Ale|Holgate Temptress Choc Porter by KBG Today, it was the turn of the H. Upmann No 2. This is not a cigar that often comes within my radar – no idea why and after this one, that must change. Good construction, clean flavours, it started with some fresh woody notes. But it did not take long to move to much richer, deeper, darker flavours. Some roasted nuts but there was a lovely molten chocolate wave. I love a cigar that gets better as you smoke it, finishing with a crescendo. And that was exactly what happened here. A cracker! 94 for me. This was a cigar that could happily spend a lot of time in the humidor, but I wonder if any need. Smoking so well now. Continue reading here:
  2. I could honestly go on for days about FOH and everyone involved but I'll keep it as short and sweet as I can. Still remember my first day and the 'interview' with Smithy. I say interview but he had no idea what was going on or who I was. Lisa is that bubbly and loud person you need in every office. Whether she's singing and dancing to the radio or screaming at the printer, she's always up for a laugh and putting a smile on your face. Then I met Di, my second mother. If you think you have a good work ethic then you need to meet Di, she'll put anyone to shame. Can't thank you enough for all the support you've provided over the years. Initially I was terrified to meet Rob, the almighty ruler, El Pres... But he's genuinely one of the nice guys in this world. I will be forever grateful for your generosity towards me. You mentored me throughout my 5+ years with FOH, given me infinite opportunity, helped me grow and I am better for it. To the FOH community, you've welcomed me with open arms and I've loved every minute of it. I've met some great people and made wonderful friends. Thanks for your kind messages and well wishes for the future. It'll be strange not coming into the office every day and seeing all these people that have become my extended family. This isn't goodbye completely, I'll still be around doing the video reviews and popping my face in from time to time. Big love xx
  3. Ramon Allones Specially Selected – Sanchez Ayala ‘20 Anos’ ‘Galeon’ Oloroso Sherry by KBG Been working my way through Greg’s selection for Kenfessions and will confess (kenfess?) that the first couple have not been stellar. The other evening, pulled out the Ramon Allones Specially Selected. I used to enjoy these but to be honest, I had not had one for ages. No idea why that happened – not deliberately. One of those things. Also, no idea why Greg chose this one, but way to go, Greg. Made me wonder why on earth this fell out of the rotation. It was a really terrific smoke. Continue reading here:
  4. Hope you all had a great Easter break! We had a massive number of entries into this one, thanks to all that participated. The most liked review was @Akela3rd for his chocolate cigar. Random Picker then pulled @MooseAMuffin and @FatherOfPugs from the hat. Congratulations to the winners! Send me a PM with your shipping information when you get the chance.
  5. No commission (@El Presidente, hook me up ) but the ROI is just far too great not to pick them up when you have the chance.
  6. Monday Funny: Looking at the shopping cart to see how many people tried to use this coupon
  7. Hoyo de Monterrey ‘Le Hoyo de San Juan’ | Blanton's Gold Edition Single Barrel Bourbon By KBG I suspect that Greg chose this pseudo-baseball bat deliberately to test me. The immediate impression anyone will have is of a monster ring gauge. For me, we are now in the realms of the absurd. 54. Seriously? But it looks well constructed. I have read of underfilled cigars in this line. No such issue here. To be honest, these had not registered with me prior to this one. They came in, in 2014, but to the best of my recollection, I have never smoked one before. This is, of course, the moment when someone will instantly link to a review Rob and I did of them at some stage and where I no doubt raved about them. Continue reading here:
  8. Cohiba Medio Siglo | Laphroaig “The 1815 Legacy Edition” By KBG Saturday evening, long week and a family birthday lunch – it felt like a cigar evening but, to be honest, normally I probably would have skipped it as all too much trouble. Then I thought, what about that stumpy thing? Perfect. So, I fired up the Cohiba Medio Siglo and, given the discussion on the forum, went for a really good Islay malt, the Laphroaig ‘1815 Legacy’. This was a one-off release from the current distiller to honour his predecessors, from “first-fill, over-charred ex-bourbon barrels, before further maturing in large, new European oak hogsheads”. It is a really good Islay. Continue reading here:
  9. Went to get the latest review off of the camera and found this hidden in the internal memory... Enjoy!
  10. Montecristo No 2 | Talisker Dark Storm | Hanssens Oudbeitje Lambic By KBG So, I settled back and thought a night with the classics. ‘Macbeth’, a Montecristo No 2 (GSU OCT 06) and for reasons unknown, the Hanssens Oudbeitje Lambic – a Belgian strawberry-infused Lambic beer. Quite why I thought that was a good idea for a classics evening beggar’s belief. The cigar was as good as one could expect. Very quickly settled into a rich, toasty style, with notes of chocolate. A little raw and rustic but complex and looking very much like it still has years ahead of it. Definitely a classic. 94, if anyone wants a score. And that was pretty much it. Downhill from there. Continue reading here:
  11. Thanks to all who jumped in on this one. I remember my first cigar, a JL Seleccion No.4 on the deck with Rob, Ben and Alastair. I don't recall much about the cigar but the the events that followed after were forever memories. Alastair was so light headed and woozy from the experience that he could barely walk down the stairs. He then proceeded to vomit out off Ben's passenger side window on the way home. Safe to say, Ben wasn't too impressed after just having his car detailed at Hoppy's (an expensive car detailer in OZ) and Alastair was cleaning his car at 9/10pm on a Friday night. Classic! Anyway, time for some winners! Most liked: @mkz Random 1: @99call Random 2: @Lant63 Congratulations! Send me a PM with your preferred shipping address and the crew will get a prize on the way to you.
  12. Hoyo de Monterrey ‘Le Hoyo du Roi’/Ardbeg Islay Ten-Year-Old Malt – Domaine de L’Arlot Vosne-Romanee ‘Les Suchots’ 1999 By KBG I went with the Hoyo de Monterrey ‘La Hoyo du Roi’ (GSN MAR 07). A thoroughly enjoyable smoke, it started with woody notes and the aroma of an old hay bale. Moved into toasty flavours. A lovely evening smoke and it soon settled into a really appealing creamy, velvety texture. Terrific stuff. I had the last third of a bottle of a fabulous Burgundy, the Domaine de L’Arlot Vosne-Romanee ‘Les Suchots’ 1999, on the kitchen bench, and so, despite my abhorrence (so often ignored) of reds and cigars, I gave it a go. The Burg was so silky on the finish that it did not have the same jarring tannic experience which so often mars the combo, but it was still all a bit blah. Matching them did little for either of our components. Continue reading here:
  13. Cohiba Piramide LE 2006 | Montecristo | 25-Year-Old Edmund Dantès Rum By KBG So I went with one from the Limited Edition range, the Cohiba Piramide LE 2006 (POS DIC 06). I have always found these very good and I think that they are getting better and better. 12 years of age and I really think they have not got near their peak. What a great cigar. This was rich, with some chocolate. Complex. Great length and balance. Some molten chocolate here. The power really kicked in towards the end. Smoking so well. I really do think that these still have a very good future. Be in no rush. I gave it 97. Other than near the end when the power kicked in, for most of it, this was a subtle and gentle smoke. Almost gossamer like. Continue reading here:
  14. Time to draw a winner! This weeks random winner is @IanMcLean68! Congratulations Send me a PM with your preferred shipping address and the crew will get a prize out to you.
  15. Congratulations @jay8354! Your post received the most likes Send me a PM with your shipping information and we will get a prize on the way to you.
  16. Although I don't have a great understanding of the game, it's always a fantastic spectacle. Everyone's comments and photos were much appreciated. Love seeing what you guys get up to for events like this. I threw all the names into a Random Picker draw and we have a winner! Congratulations to @Pharmacovigilant Flick me a PM with your shipping details.
  17. H. Upmann Magnum 50 | Flor de Cana 18-Year-Old By KBG I went with a regular in the rotation, the H. Upmann Magnum 50 EMA MAY 08. And with it, a stunning rum, the Flor de Cana 18-Year-Old. What a lovely cigar this is. Complex, with good richness and spicy notes. A really lovely caramel note came through and this was perfect for the rum. The 18-Year-Old is a glorious rum with great complexity and near perfect balance. It is dense but it dances. Molasses and honey notes (for some reason, the molasses from the sugarcane in the FdC fields gives a much higher level of sweetness in the molasses). But what really stands out is the wonderful caramel notes. It worked superbly here. A great combo. Read the full article here:
  18. Por Larranaga Petit Corona | Ron Caney ‘Anejo Centuria’ By KBG I had not had a cigar for a few weeks, three weeks to be precise – a lingering, irritating summer flu/cold or whatever. Coughing up great chunks of who knows what is not really conducive to a good cigar. Finally, felt well enough and went small. One of the very few small smokes I like. The Por Larranaga Petit Corona. EKA SEP 08. I have seen some discussion on these on the forum of late. My view is that if you smoke them under five years, it is a total waste. I never get anything worthwhile until they have at least five years on them and a decade is even better. This one still had a hint of that exciting russet in the wrapper. It was mature and supple, small but perfectly formed, and very quickly moved into that lovely trademark caramel note. Some earthy characters. Read the full article HERE.

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