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  1. @shaffer22 that mean's you are the winner with the second most likes (11). I have your address details and will forward on a prize this week. Apologies for the mistake all. Thanks to @Lant63 for his honesty, true gentleman!
  2. Agreed! @Lant63 PM me your details.
  3. Draw time! The two winners with the most likes on their posts are: @havanaclub and @Lant63. Both with 12 likes. And even when Piggy's fan base don't get him a prize with likes, he wins the random draw! Congratulations @PigFish and @mkz! Please all send me a PM with your shipping address details.
  4. Hi All, The box codes for the 2017 Christmas Sampler are as follows: H. Upmann Sir Winston – MOL JUN 17 Cohiba Siglo VI – UGE NOV 16 Fonseca No. 1 – MEL SEP 16 Cohiba Lancero – AMO JUN 16 Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro – BMP JUN 16 Romeo y Julieta Churchill – OBM DIC 16 Punch Punch 48 – TOS NOV 16 Cohiba Esplendido – MEL JUN 16 Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 – MEL FEB 17 H. Upmann Petit Corona – PET DIC 16 Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1 – TOS MAY 17 Montecristo Petit Edmundo – SGA DIC 16
  5. Fingers crossed I counted the 'likes' correctly... I don't want any backlash. We had a tie for most 'likes' between @PigFish and @GrouchoMarx with 14 likes each. The two remaining aged samplers were drawn at random and the winners are: @shaffer22 and @Weaponiz'd1. Congratulations to our four winners! Please PM me your preferred shipping details so we can get your prizes to you.
  6. Ferrero

    FOH Mould Study

    Received initial testing results and all samples returned as some form of fungi. Comprehensive results will be in by next week. Keep you posted!
  7. Our monthly inFOH newsletter went out today. You should have all received a copy unless you've previously unsubscribed so check your email (most likely junk folder) and catch up on what's been happening. Click on the image below to zoom.
  8. Thanks to JK for sending this one in. It was raining hard and a big puddle had formed in front of the little Irish pub. An old man stood beside the puddle holding a stick with a string on the end and jiggled it up and down in the water. A curious gentleman asked what he was doing. 'Fishing,' replied the old man. 'Poor old fool' thought the gentleman, so he invited the old man to have a drink in the pub. Feeling he should start some conversation while they were sipping their whisky, the gentleman asked, 'And how many have you caught today?' 'You're the eighth.’
  9. Ken, you would be close to 25000 posts if you weren't getting banned every other week.
  10. Update from Jase (IT) "There’s no sign-up page, all members receive one if their details are valid and they haven’t unsubscribed in the past. If they’re not receiving newsletters, they need to look to their ISP or email app spam filters." If you are unsure please PM me and I will make sure you are on the mailing list for the next edition.
  11. Hi all, September's edition of the newsletter is here. Have read and catch up on anything you've missed this month on FOH. To view, please click the image below. You can then control the aspect/size by clicking again.
  12. Will follow this up for you @CrankYanker.
  13. The list gets updated each month before being sent out, new members added, unsubscribers removed, etc. So unless you hit unsubscribe then you should be there but I will check with Jason (IT) before the next one goes out. Maybe check your junk mail too as it can end up there. Either way, I will make sure you're on the list for the next one. If anyone else isn't receiving the newsletter and would like to, please let me know in a PM so that I can follow it up.
  14. Ferrero

    Formula 1 - 2017

    Mika, Not sure if you have ever been to the Singapore GP or not but it is a must see event. I just got home from Singapore myself and the experience was amazing. Probably the best sporting event I have been too and so well organised. A night time street race with the Singapore skyline in the background is truly an unbelievable spectacle.
  15. Ferrero

    Stopwatch: Corona Gorda

    Time to draw a winner! Congratulations @TomF! PM me your preferred shipping details and we will get a prize on the way to you. As always, thanks to the legend that is @planetary for keeping a record of results.
  16. Apologies for the delay on the draw. Great days out planned by all. FIVE WINNERS! @Fuzz @Fosgate @Islandboy @maxcjs0101 @toofargone Congratulations guys! PM me your preferred shipping details and we will get prizes on the way.
  17. Apparently I cut Ken off at one point last week and it upset someone..... So this week you got all of him. Enjoy!
  18. A lot of Dantes going out to new homes this week. This should get you excited for their arrival.
  19. Ferrero

    How would you respond.....

    It will then be forwarded onto Adam's in-tray...
  20. Thanks for participating again folks. Getting a good gauge of smoking times thanks to @planetary! This weeks winner is: @Diabolicalpherpher. Congratulations! PM me your preferred shipping details when you get the chance.
  21. Ferrero

    Stopwatch: Robusto

    @planetary saved me a job and a far superior job you have done. Thanks to everyone for taking part it this little experiment. We can only have one winner on this one. Congratulations @BMWBen! PM me your preferred shipping details so that we can send your prize out.
  22. Join Rob and Ken on deck for a look back at the Por Larranaga 2008 Asia Pacific Regional.

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