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  1. First cubanexque. Then no Wallabies in the World Cup???????????
  2. Some Fernandez sticks while not Cubanesque could be described as Cubanesque-ish or perhaps Cubamesque-ishy
  3. curly heads back in the 90's the were 70 cents and anything Fuente then was amazing. They blow now but are only $1.20
  4. i give up... What the heck is Australian Pink Floyd? I see Gilmore and a bunch of mates doing numbers. Comfortably Numb, G'Day Another Brick in the Wall, Mate what is this?
  5. Good thinker there I hope he finds truth on the way
  6. 50's-90's had good music. If you are under 17 then you have not experienced what 'good new music' is.
  7. Get some fresh Partagas next year. The shorts, PSD4. NC Puro Authentico fits the bill.
  8. Man O War The puro authentico is the best NC I have had in 20 years. Very close to a Montie 4 in profile. The Illusione Amor de Fumar is good kind of like an aged Partagas.
  9. good job, you always play a challenging game. Enjoy the cigars. MATE

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