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  1. I worked in the US for a couple of years, I love the Country and some of my best friends are Yanks, however personally Northern Europe (Particularly Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavian countries) feels culturally closer to the UK particularly if you can find a way past the language issues. I found in my time in the States that often the shared language (well almost shared 😉) would sometimes mask some of the cultural differences.
  2. Almost certainly the vast majority of UK MP's are personally in favour of remaining in the EU as is the Bank of England, the major businesses are also so. I do not believe that it is realignment towards the US, indeed economically at the moment with things like a 25% tariff on British Steel into the US it feels unlikely. Leave drew heavily on older and working class votes with relatively few high profile leadership figures pro leave. Whilst the UK is leaving the EU it remains very much part of Europe.
  3. The leave campaign was able to pull together support and votes from a number of disparate sections of the population each with their own agendas and wishes, loosely based around a nominal leave position. For some it was ideological with a notion of Britain having more "control" over its destiny, some wanted the deregulation and low taxation status that countries like Singapore enjoy, some where xenophobic, some where also protesting at being ignored by politicians for years and wanted their voices hearing, some wanted £350 million a week to be paid to the national heath service (an implied promise from the Leave campaign put on the side of bus but subsequently backed away from the day after the vote as a matter of semantics), the list goes on and on. A particular favorite of mine is being told that "we don't want Brussels telling us what to do with their laws and rules". My answer to this is "please name one UK law that was forced on us by Brussels that you don't like and that could not have been vetoed by the British government? The silence is deafening. Now the vote has been taken to leave many of these groups want to know what happened to the Brexit they voted for? The Leavers cannot agree now what they want, with many different versions of leave still bandied around. With respect to business I am going to give my opinion that more UK businesses where/are in favour of remaining in the EU than leaving, certainly that is the view of the CBI, the Institute of Directors and many other accredited bodies. The leave campaign insisted that setting up individual trade deals would be "the easiest thing in the World", now it is fairly well recognised that the UK will be worse off in the short term financially, a massive departure from the campaigned position, however many leavers now feel that this is a price worth paying. Many of these saying this have the financial security to not be worried about this, the normal people in the street not so much I guess. The bank of England has estimated the each British family is £900 per year worse off already and the IMF have forecast the final effect post Brexit will be a £6000/annum hit for reach family. The accuracy of these numbers can of course be questioned but regardless of the exact figure the basic trend is there to see. There have also been a number of hugely ironic (bizarre/hypocritical) sides to this Brexit, not least high profile business owners who did campaign to leave subsequently relocating overseas after the vote and also some of the most infamous leavers (Eg. Farage, Lawson) making sure that there families have EU country passports. Sunderland was one of the highest leave turnouts in the country, a part of the Country that relies heavily on the huge Nissan factory for employment. A factory set up to produce cars to export tariff free to the EU in an area with one of the lowest immigration levels in the UK. Go figure... The question was asked what are the advantages of leaving the EU, my honest answer is I genuinely do not know and if someone was able to point some out (tangible actual benefits not hypothetical could be's or maybe's ) then I am interested to hear.
  4. Exactly this, I wont be either.. Part of the problem is (as mentioned earlier by another contributor) with Brexit (and many other things in life) is that people don't discuss. They take a position, put their fingers in their ears and shout that they are right. Peoples views and opinions if respectfully placed should always be listened to, for me its how I test my own thoughts and views, as long as people play the ball and not the man. Its also really interesting how other non UK based member see this issue, as Kipling wrote "what do they know of England, who only England know.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2017/mar/16/british-expats-in-spain-count-the-costa-brexit-video
  6. This is such a complicated and contentious issue that I fear that its political nature could make it ultimately unsuitable for this forum. Already in this short thread I have seen comments that are fundamentally untrue but the line between opinion and fact is one that has blurred so much in the last years that it makes genuine discussions based on facts almost impossible as the first line of opposition is now inevitably the mantra that it is "fake news", "alternative facts" or "project fear". Indeed during the pre-referendum debates a prominent minister in the government stated "People in this country have had enough of experts" you could not make it up. I am a Yorkshireman living in the UK, with a company based in Germany and have lived for 8 years in Austria/Slovakia, I am British and also I am a European. My own person views are very much remain but irrespective of this my overriding feeling on this issue is that it is so complicated and difficult to understand with all the many implications of the UK's membership (or not) of the EU that it is simply not possible for the average man in the street (and I include myself in this category) to have a clear understanding such that a simple answer to leave or remain could be made on the ballet paper. The issues on membership and indeed the answers to any question the debate raises are so complicated that a simple short answer is not possible, sometimes it is just not. In today's instant society that is not acceptable to many people, simple answers are all many will accept. Also psychologically it is very difficult to "sell" the principle of something you already have vs the possibility of "jam tomorrow". Perhaps members should google British expat leave voters living in Spain, your heart will sink when you hear phrases like "we did not think it would effect our status us living here", "too many immigrants in the UK' and "we are not immigrants here in Spain, we are British". This does not of course represent a majority but it does show that these individuals where allowed to vote on a subject they know less than zero about. Without going into chapter and verse about why people voted one way or the other one thing is absolutely sure, the country is split almost exactly down the middle on this issue 50:50. I would have felt that on an issue so important to the future of the County then a 2/3rds majority should have been required if a referendum was held, too late now. The interesting thing is that the 50/50 split is not along party political lines which is why both main parties, Conservatives and Labour, are completely unable to move forward without alienating many of their voters so they are playing party above country politics, as usual. The glass is now broken and the genie well and truly out of the bottle, who knows what the future holds for UK outside of the EU but since the vote for in my opinion have got worse not better and I see no signs of that changing. At a time when the UK needs to draw on its history and tradition of moderation, fairness and democracy we are faced with a political system that is broken with the most ineffective Government and Opposition ever and the public's faith and trust in our politicians of all persuasions at an all time low.
  7. Due to a combination of circumstances the last 3 years has seen my cigar smoking reduced down to 1 stick every 3-4 weeks at best, this has resulted in me now having 40 or so boxes that are all from 2013-16 in my humidor. They are predominantly CoRo, RASS, JL2, Epi 2, HDM EE, Famosos, Unicos, R&J 4, SLR Regios, Sir Winston (only 2) and a few older regional releases (SLR 4 and PL Belicosos). Hopefully I will be "back in the saddle" soon but its clear some of these will be smoked only over the next 5 years or so, all the boxes are stored at 63%. This may sound like a strange query but would these boxes be suitable for ageing so long? Any pros and particularly cons of having them so long?
  8. Webbo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Phu Quoc - Vietnam. Excellent cigar lounge. Oh shit, look what they have unopened !! Should I ??
  9. Webbo

    Online Dating Sites?

    Bloody hell. What site arranges that??
  10. Reading Robs comment on today's 24:24 about his fears for the continuation of the VR line got me wondering. Of course its only a numbers game so I assume that VR simply don't sell enough and here is my question, why? They produce (or did now the DA has sadly gone) the right sizes that are popular with consumers these days (not the stupid jaw breakers though) and the flavour profile is wonderful (and in my opinion somewhat unique), I couldn't comment on the consistency of the construction or wrappers across the range but it seems to me the marque has all it needs to be a real winner and yet its not. I can only put forward the theory that the lack of sales is simply because VR are not fashionable and therefore overlooked by many smokers of CC in favour of the more "well known" brands. I wonder what the sales of Monte 2's are compared to VR Unicos? Whist I enjoy a MC2 a VR Unicos is for me (when on) more than a match. The same for the Famosos if I compare against a R&J 4 or perhaps a MC 4. So in summary, have you tried Vegas Robaina, if you haven't why (I'm genuinely interested )? If not then do so while you can I don't think you will be disappointed.
  11. Regular production only but most Marca, no RE’s/LE’s. Prices not the greatest, stock almost invariably young.
  12. Webbo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    80th Aniversary on a business trip to a chilly São Paulo. Very good, like a beefed up Monte 2.
  13. Got sunburnt in Phuket the other day and someone recommended me something called Lucas Pawpaw, said Aussies swear by it. Never heard if it. What is and is it any good?
  14. Thank you for the offer. Again demonstrating this forum is the home of super generous brothers and sisters.

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