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  1. Excellent heads up thanks. Off to see a tribute Springsteen act tomorrow who is doing an acoustic set to celebrate Bruce's birthday, 72!!!!! That just cannot be true....
  2. I weighed a few, none more than 17.5. The whole bundle of 50 is 825g so that's an average of 16.5g
  3. Not strictly a purchase, a gift in return for a favour made to a friend. Look and smell great but weighed a few and all between 16-17g not the 17.86g generally expected, is this normal for others who have these sticks? A couple feel a little soft but nothing dramatic.
  4. New arrives from our Host. Anyone ideas on the code MEP 21?
  5. @Ken Gargett you have picked a true classic here. As an Englishman in the early 90s I worked on some of the blast furnaces shown in this film (the town was a composite of several) and the places looked exactly the same. Difficult to describe the atmosphere in these run down, desperate but ultimately proud blue collar towns in Pennsylvania/Ohio/Virginia but the film captures it superbly. Yes its a little bloated in places but it imperfections make it even more beautiful as a film. God I love it and I still love those towns and their people.
  6. South American sport is special, check out whats happening tonight in the Brazil v Argentina game......unbelievable
  7. This is a possible contender from Argentina... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbvhZonKC3E&t=71s
  8. I use any old aluminium tube for carrying a robustos etc with me when I go out but size wise this is not an option for a DC, what do you guys recommend as a cheap option?
  9. From a 24:24 12th Aug. Can anyone remember what they where actually classed as ? Look and smell beautiful just like my last PSP box. 👍
  10. Yes you are absolutely correct, thanks, I was grouping them together as "longer" smokes.
  11. I have only tried a few DCs (Sir Winnie, HDM, RAG, R&J) and while they are all great I wish the flavours were a little more bold. For example the RAG is, to me, a throttled back version of the RASS. A DC length RASS would be a dream (yes I realise you can smoke 2 😁). R&J Churchill’s have so far been the “strongest”. Any suggestions please for a full bodied, full flavoured DC?
  12. May or not be true but a good tale anyway, RIP Charlie. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/charlie-watts-mick-jagger-punch-b1908149.html

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