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  1. Yesterday my CA330 Raching humidor arrived to me here in Yorkshire from China. First impressions are that it is a well made piece of kit and looks ok (I got the black version). Its not a piece of art or furniture like some cabinets but a functional, modern design. The humidification unit appears to be efficient with 4 fans now instead of the previous model with 2. The humidor quickly stabilized at 18 deg C and 65%RH within a couple of hours of turning on and filling with water. I will keep an eye on this and make some tests to confirm these readings. The humidor is surprisingly quie
  2. Exactly this. Just finishing a box from 2014 too and they are all chewy thick cherry/strawberry jam.
  3. I cannot speak for the Churchills as I only have one unopened box but I can assure you that the cherry flavour from R&J's does indeed exist. Often I have wondered with some reviews and "buzzwords" that you hear often that maybe there is some kind of subliminal drip into the subconscious and we strive for the flavours we have heard others taste. But with many R&J no 4s I have had the cherry (or should I say cherry-jam) note is unmistakable, almost like a flavoured cigar the taste is so clear. Mostly the boxes I have are from Rob with a rosado red colour wrapper and by god the cherry is
  4. Yes. Great book, very moving indeed. Can also strongly recommend “A four iron in the soul” The author (former drummer with Lloyd Cole) caddies for world no 400 Ross Drummond. It’s one of the best sports books I have ever read and I have read a few.
  5. Good Bruce trivia question Ken. There are very few indeed I would wager, I think there are a couple of beer ones but struggling for spirits (no not in the night). " I got some beer and the highways free:" Drinking warm beer in the hot summer rain"....
  6. Waiting on a delivery of a Raching from China to here in the UK. Will make a review when it arrives and I have finished my crash course in Importing ?
  7. Can second or third..Vietnam and particularly Hoi An. In the evening after the crowds have left the town is truly magical. I had a Mag 46 and several cosmopolitans in a small side street bar that was projecting an old Hitchcock film on the wall of an old tea house opposite. Will never forget that night and that town (or the girl who was the love of my life and I lost). Do it.
  8. 70s magic from Finland - Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUdb8Hy1uF4
  9. SLR Pacifico. Took a punt a few years ago on a box after an email advice from Rob and bloody glad I did. Not had one for a while but it’s superb. Some SLR tones about it for sure but mixed with a juicy almost sour note that makes your mouth water. Not the apple I get from the regios more of a starburst chew flavour. These are ready! Brilliant
  10. The "its been rushed and they have not done the long term evaluation" line is one of the most frustrating. Exactly as you have mentioned there are clear reasons why the development has been relatively much faster than usual. Another really important factor was that usually the disease is not so prevalent by the time initial trails are ready so its not easy to get the required number of trials done. Not an issue with Covid with millions infected worldwide and thus another accelerating reason, not a short cut. As for the long term evaluation, this is not part of the normal release factors for an
  11. I would really appreciate that, thank you.
  12. This looks great. How big are the drawers? Was wondering how many boxes you could fit on each level? The catalogue says that the units are all the same dimensions (length and width) except the height. This means that they state that each unit can handle a minimum of 200 cigars per shelf (so 8 x 25 dress boxes). Do you think this is realistic?
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