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  1. I would really appreciate that, thank you.
  2. This looks great. How big are the drawers? Was wondering how many boxes you could fit on each level? The catalogue says that the units are all the same dimensions (length and width) except the height. This means that they state that each unit can handle a minimum of 200 cigars per shelf (so 8 x 25 dress boxes). Do you think this is realistic?
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jan/13/concrete-facts-prove-steve-smith-scuffing-claims-in-third-test-for-australia-against-india-just-political-dirt-kicking I think I am in agreement with the guardian piece but I do find it strange, he was "practice" batting left handed. I think it shows why he was involved in sandpaper gate, hes not really able to keep his mind focused on the bigger picture, completely self absorbed. As for Paine I think he has been under pressure for the first time as captain after a pretty good start and could not cope. I hope he can move on and stop this but lets see. Regarding your comments on cricket in England you are 100% right, other than a few bad apples the way to behave on the field was ingrained from an early age, if you did not meet the standard or stepped out of line one of the senior players or captain would bloody well let you have it, verbally and physically if necessary (a la Brian Close) and I can say as young player I did not want that...... League cricket in the north of England is a tough school but fair.
  4. What the hell was happening when he rubbed out the guard, Brain freeze? Deliberately trying to put off the batsman? No idea myself but the batting surface is never the fielding sides domain, just like the ball is nothing top do with the batsman. In Yorkshire league cricket that would be dealt with immediately by the batter!
  5. Superb @Phil S I have one of Marc's too. Fantastically made. I'm really jealous about the wifi set up. would love that but don't think it could be retro fitted. How did you find out about them?
  6. From a Dec 24:24 The aroma is intoxicating....
  7. The epicure no 2 is a strange but wonderful cigar. On paper it should not appeal to me as I don't like mild, woody flavours, but in this cigar BOOM! It just works and at its best is such a superb, tasty cigar with an mingling of sweet cream, cloves bound together with for me an undefinable unique note (almost a butterscotch but its not) that seems to make the cigar sing. The right example, on a sunlit evening with a fine beer at an English countryside pub is truly a thing of rare beauty.
  8. That seems to be a rumour from the US that has been denied by the authorities here in the UK (which on current form means it will be official policy by tomorrow)
  9. My mother had her first Pfizer jab 2 weeks ago with no problems. Her next should be in a weeks time but there is a change here in the UK where due to lack of vaccines this may be extended from 3 weeks after the first to 12 weeks. I am not happy at all about this as all the research and trials were done with 2 doses 3 weeks apart not 12. While I understand the strategy to have more with 1 dose I'm not certain that this has been modeled properly and feel this is all being made up on the hoof. Can anyone with any knowledge pass on the thoughts of the effectiveness of only 1 vaccination?
  10. Ironically I am sure my small humidor in my Düsseldorf apartment (in the top floor under the roof) near my company which I have not been able to visit for 6 months will contain all my cigars there now as dry as a Tutankhamun’s athletic support.
  11. I wonder if Bond Roberts would be a good starting place to sell? in the section cigar source it would be "Yorkshire Barn". "storage conditions would be "well we had a hot summer in 1976 and 1987 winter was a bit nippy"🤣
  12. That's the amazing thing, they are not. They seem like they have just come out of a humidor. I think they have been in a dark, cool cupboard in the outside barn. Going to have a closer look in the next few days and will post some photos if anyone would like.
  13. I might look to sell the Partagas (if they are worth anything, have no idea) and give the money to the old guy as I think he is down on his luck. The others I think i will try.
  14. I was passed these 3 boxes of cigars today that were found in a barn by an old local guy who gifted them to me. Can anyone throw any light on them? They are in remarkable condition (especially the Partagas), although some slight mould on the feet of some of the others. EDIT - they were literally just left lying around all these years with no humidification, that they were sealed and/or in tubes has helped and the barn is in the UK so not super dry. The cigars smell ok and have a little give to them, certainly not dried out. I have put each box in a sealed bag with a 65rh boveda. Is this the right thing? also I am m assuming beetles wont be an issue after so long either?

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