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  1. Without Smith England regain the ashes, possibly 4-0. The greatest impact a single player has ever had on a series? Possibly? Whats even more remarkable than the simple total of the runs he scored (in 4 bloody test only) is when he scored them, when they really counted.. Damn I really want to dislike him, but I just cannot. The same for the crowd at the Oval today when he walked off - Respect & Redemption. As for the scroate of an "opener "Warner, thanks now go back to stone you crawled from under.
  2. Recent events have been almost unbelievable, we are in the shit here make no mistake. One of the best ways I could highlight how crazed things are is the incident last week with Jacob Rees Mogg. For those who have never heard of him check your google (and then check the date on your computer to reassure yourself it’s not the year 1911). He has managed, pretty much by default, to arrive at a position of leader of the house and last week used parliamentary privilege (that means you can say whatever you want in the House of Commons without risk of liable) to compare the doctor whom the government employed to write the paper on the medical implications of Brexit with the disgraced doctor Wakefield (the charlatan who claimed, incorrectly and without true basis, that immunisation could ne linked to autism and thus help fuel the rise of the anti-vax morons). The paper indicating BREXIT could result in increased fatalities due to pharmaceutical shortages was commissioned by the Government but much to their horror was leaked to the press. Now they say the document is false news/ worse case/the last governments/ etc etc and the Doctor who wrote it should not be believed. Mogg (a man with zero medical or scientific knowledge to add to his other lengthy list of non-abilities) then dismisses him in the house, insults him and claims his report is in effect bullshit. Dr Nicholl then called out Mogg to repeat this outside of the house where he could be held accountable under law and sued for deformation, surprise surprise Mogg has refused and offered some mealy mouthed apology. The reason I highlighted this one incident is to show how the political elite of the UK believe that they can say or do anything they like irrespective of the facts and evidence. “F*** facts, F*** science, F*** proof, F*** everything except what you are told by your betters” is their mantra. Their unfounded opinions and views are what matter, nothing else, they believe they are born to rule but for them rules simply do not apply. Shame on them all.... https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/health-and-care/health-professionals/news/106325/jacob-rees-mogg-under-fire-disgraceful
  3. Well that’s the Ashes gone for another 2 years. Australia deserve it, their bowling has been a touch better and more consistent. Nothing in the batting line ups, both pretty poor except for .......... Wow Smith! Cannot bear watching him but cannot stop, this is something that has never been seen in my lifetime and bettered only ever by a certain other Australian. The passing of years will I believe give a perspective on his performance that will leave us asking did we realise at the time this was beyond impressive and something wonderful, incredible. A true greatness that will endure as long as cricket is played.
  4. Sometimes sport makes fools of everyone, could never imagine what I have just seen!!
  5. Sometimes the direst of circumstances can inspire the best written words; https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cricket/ashes/ashes-2019-england-vs-australia-batting-collapse-ecb-test-one-day-a9077036.html
  6. The batting for England is an embarrassing shambles and we are about to lose the Ashes because of it. I am still in disbelief at the dismissals yesterday, Root got a good un, maybe Bairstows (funny when you are on a bad trot you keep getting them). The others however where simply disgraceful, what the hell is the batting coach telling them? Its no coincidence that the two guys who have looked the most impressive and solid (Smith & Labuschangne) have one thing in common, they leave the bloody ball superbly. When it's outside off stump and you have been out 4 times nicking to the slips (and you are fighting for your test career, yes you Jason Roy) don't sodding well play at it, let them bowl all day there. Its called test cricket, its supposed to be a test, work out the answer and apply it. They are either too stupid, too stubborn, or simply not good enough to do this it seems (maybe depressingly it is a combination of all 3). Even worse is that the cupboard is bare, there are no promising English county players knocking on the door to open the batting.
  7. Its not blindly defending the English captain, or the England team Ken, or "throwing stones" at the Australians. Most English fans I know are pretty fair minded, I'm not talking about the morons who booed Smith when he came back out, but the vast majority gave him the ovation, respect and plaudits he deserved for such bravery (as did the UK press too). The clown from the MCC should be recoignised for what he is, an ignorant fool of which all countries have sadly a quota. However I am highlighting that cheating is a strong word to use in circumstances like these. Almost every test these days a catch is claimed (at slip usually) that is referred to the the third umpire and may or may not be adjudged to be out. Would everyone claiming a catch that is subsequently reviewed be considered a cheat by one side or the other? Ponting had a catch decision go against him once in 2010 but I would never dream of saying he is a cheat, but he claimed it, it was given not out and he went on to state clearly that TV cameras should not be the arbiter, and I agree. http://www.espncricinfo.com/the-ashes-2010-11/content/story/489666.html). I'm also surprised at your comment that the English turned down the idea of taking the players word implying some sinister reason. I would be very surprised if there where not reasons (quite likely commercial) other than the possible mistrust of the Aussie team or the thought that honesty policy would be to their disadvantage.. As for my personal opinion of Root I gave that because I know him well and I know he is honest, that's my genuine character assessment of him, where he not I would have said so, there are others whom I know that I certainly would not have vouched for. The reason I state this is because from one angle shown it looked (to me) like the ball had bounced up from his fingers into his palm, with his fingers below the ball, as such knowing his character I will gladly accept his word and give him the benefit of the doubt that he believed he caught it. You say it quickly became clear it was not out, it was not clear to me, or indeed the third umpire. These are just opinions as always.
  8. How did he prove himself a cheat Ken? One camera angle shows it carried and one that it did not, all that proves is that the camera can give different results. I do not believe for a second that he would ever claim a catch he did not think he had cleanly taken, irrespective of the circumstances or state of the game and I base that on my own personal experiences of playing with him at a number of levels. I know the man he is and cheat he ain’t. If he didn’t think it carried he would never (and I mean never) claim it had. There have been many more examples, including Australians, claiming catches that from all TV angles categorically did not carry and are not labelled cheats. As you have played also you will know that sometimes it’s extremely difficult to tell and players can get it genuinely wrong without being a cheat. I would suggest that part of the frustration is seeing such an innings conclude in this fashion, however to accuse Root of cheating is not fair at all. Were the onfield umpires cheating when they gave the soft signal out? Was the third umpire cheating when they gave the it as out? If they both called it out does that not at the minimum signify that there was clearly a view it could be out?
  9. I thought about Kallis but could not leave out Botham as he could just win matches when needed, certainly there are better bats and bowlers than him purely on ability but he had that undefinable extra. What he did to your teams (not just in 1981) was a force of nature and regardless of his skills every team was happy if he did not play against them. At 5 I was unsure about Tendulkar and could have gone for Ponting who I regard highly. Keeper was easy for me as I thought of Gilchrist but I want the best glovesman, if my keeper needs to make runs with that batting line up god help us. I don't doubt what your mate says about today's keepers but for me the likes of Knott (and others at that time) just made keeping like an art form with the ball melting into their gloves. Keeping against Warne is the key and that is where Healy has the advantage but Knott kept to Underwood on drying wickets which I think was equally difficult so I think he would have coped with SW. Boycott? I'm a Yorkshireman and therefore there is no other choice than Sir Geoff. The others I had to leave out nit mentioned yet that pained me included, Akram, Hadlee, Pietersson. Who would be my captain, I have no idea...
  10. I started watching around 74 so these are all from that era onwards that I saw play so not my all time XI my post 74 players only one 1.Boycott 2. Greenidge 3. Richards 4. Tendulkar 5. Smith 6. Botham 7. Knott 8. Warne 9. Lilllee 10. Holding 11. Marshall
  11. Never seen this, thanks. Superb bowler. Lillee is the only non West Indies quick in my all time XI (players i have seen in my lifetime, I'm in my mid 50s)
  12. Well that was embarrassing. My thoughts: Australia. Smith - truly incredible knocks (particularly the first innings), impossible not to be in awe of what he has done.. Siddle- his first innings effort to stay with Smith probably just as important. Warner - tool end of. Lyons- good effort on a helpful track, surprised to find he is 4th on all time Aussie list of wicket takers. Lot of your great bowlers didn’t manage 350 victims it seems . England. Piss poor, at 122-8 game should be over. Anderson- how could he possibly declare himself fit without a game (ECB no county games for half of summer, disgraceful). Playing with only 3 seamers is close to impossible. Root- pains me as someone who knows him well but he should not be captain, however given current predicament there are few if any guaranteed members of the test team. It’s effecting his batting no doubt. Roy - would never open again for me, play that shot at no 11 in local league cricket and you will get a bollocking, do it on last day of an ashes test fighting for a draw and as an opener it’s goodbye. So in conclusion well played Australia and not good enough England. Angry of Yorkshire
  13. 2 days of proper test cricket - excellent.

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