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  1. I will be in Singapore the weekend of the 23.11 and wondered if any members fancied a cigar somewhere? Would be good to meet some Southern Hemisphere FOH.
  2. Ashes Test at Headingley, Sheffield Derby at Bramall Lane, Open at St Andrews
  3. Was at a party in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago and brought over from the UK a box of RASS for my friend for letting me stay with them. A lot of nice people there but what amazed me was that a lot of the people there ( many white, middle class) had a general view on Cuba, which was so negative and based around the theory that “Cuba hates America and the American way of life”. As a European and having visited Cuba a few times I was very surprised by this. I assume that many Americans who have no interest in CC’s simply know nothing about the place (non I spoke to had ever been or wanted to go) it’s history or it’s people. Perhaps I am wrong but the strong impression I got was that they did not consider Cuba to be friends of the US and therefore of no interest. They all wanted the cigars but with an attitude of curiosity for forbidden fruit, they where not really big cigar smokers with a couple of exceptions. Is this a widely held opinion of Cuba from the average American or was I just unlucky?
  4. A bucket of Brazilian beer (Original) and a Monte Leyanda
  5. SW for me. Honourable mentions for Mag 48 or the travel humidor 5s. If you can find either you won’t be disappointed.
  6. Short notice business trip to Brazil sees me arrived this morning in São Paulo with not much to do at all other than look for somewhere decent for a drink and cigar in the city. Know Esch cafe so might try there.
  7. I’m thinking of a Blueair unit to allow me to smoke in my newly created reading room but as this is upstairs I wondered how effective it was at keeping down the smell for you. No carpets, all wood floors so I think that will help.
  8. Funnily (?) enough the most noticeable thing when they banned smoking in the UK and Ireland was how much the pubs and bars stunk when they where full and no smoke to mask it, BO and farts!😩
  9. I hate to be harsh about it but I think the best way is to pick a date (tell no one) and just simply stop. yes its hard, yes its unpleasant but after a week you have broken the back. It then gets easier week by week and very soon you realise you have not thought about a ciggie for a whole day, then its done. I was a packet a day for 20 years smoker so I really understand how daunting it is but all this stuff with patches, sprays, vaping etc are just ways to substitute cigarettes, but the reality is not to substitute its to stop. PS when you stop you will also realise how terrible you smell, not just your clothes but your breath, erghhhhhh!!
  10. A quick update, my hotel was next door to D&D. Good place with decent stock and nice people. Ate at The Old Commercial Room but the cigar lounge was not open, interesting place and food OK so would go back. Thanks for the advice.
  11. I will be next week in Hamburg for a couple of nights for work, evenings are free so wondered if anyone can recommend anywhere to eat and drink or smoke a cigar?
  12. Without Smith England regain the ashes, possibly 4-0. The greatest impact a single player has ever had on a series? Possibly? Whats even more remarkable than the simple total of the runs he scored (in 4 bloody test only) is when he scored them, when they really counted.. Damn I really want to dislike him, but I just cannot. The same for the crowd at the Oval today when he walked off - Respect & Redemption. As for the scroate of an "opener "Warner, thanks now go back to stone you crawled from under.

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