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  1. Webbo

    Online Dating Sites?

    Bloody hell. What site arranges that??
  2. Reading Robs comment on today's 24:24 about his fears for the continuation of the VR line got me wondering. Of course its only a numbers game so I assume that VR simply don't sell enough and here is my question, why? They produce (or did now the DA has sadly gone) the right sizes that are popular with consumers these days (not the stupid jaw breakers though) and the flavour profile is wonderful (and in my opinion somewhat unique), I couldn't comment on the consistency of the construction or wrappers across the range but it seems to me the marque has all it needs to be a real winner and yet its not. I can only put forward the theory that the lack of sales is simply because VR are not fashionable and therefore overlooked by many smokers of CC in favour of the more "well known" brands. I wonder what the sales of Monte 2's are compared to VR Unicos? Whist I enjoy a MC2 a VR Unicos is for me (when on) more than a match. The same for the Famosos if I compare against a R&J 4 or perhaps a MC 4. So in summary, have you tried Vegas Robaina, if you haven't why (I'm genuinely interested )? If not then do so while you can I don't think you will be disappointed.
  3. Regular production only but most Marca, no RE’s/LE’s. Prices not the greatest, stock almost invariably young.
  4. Webbo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    80th Aniversary on a business trip to a chilly São Paulo. Very good, like a beefed up Monte 2.
  5. Got sunburnt in Phuket the other day and someone recommended me something called Lucas Pawpaw, said Aussies swear by it. Never heard if it. What is and is it any good?
  6. Thank you for the offer. Again demonstrating this forum is the home of super generous brothers and sisters.
  7. Will be travelling to the above for a week or so to meet with family who are on vacation there. I’m sure I will be on babysitting duties for my nephews and nieces but in my “free” time I will be looking for a nice place for a drink and cigar. Any of our local members have any must do places to recommend?
  8. Webbo

    Celebration of wrappers

    EML ABR 14 from our host, nearly ready !!! \
  9. As the title says, I will be in Singapore from Friday 20.7 - Sunday 22.7 with time on my hands. I have visited a few times in the past but really don't know the place well so for anyone with more experience can I ask where to go on my own for : eating drinking smoking cigars (not necessary all at the same time) Thanks
  10. Webbo


    That's the cool bit. No fuss just waving to a mate in passing, imagine what the other diners thought? Maybe "who's that bloke waving at Ken?"
  11. Webbo


    Around the time Maradona had the big bust up after shooting at reporters (1997?) from his balcony he went into hiding from the press in Argentina. I was there with another English colleague on a business trip staying in an out of town hotel close to the polo ground on the outskirts of BA at the time. Alone in the small hotel bar I got chatting to the barman about football who disclosed they had a famous player staying with them for a couple of weeks and had not left the hotel once. He had ordered drinks to his room so the barman asked if I would like to bring them up with him and see said (un named at this point) superstar. In we walked to see Maradona sprawled on the couch like some kind of little fat garden gnome. Regrettably I said nothing about his hand of “god” cheating bastard incident just mumbled something banal and left. In the morning my colleague arrived at breakfast shaking his head “you will never guess who I saw last night” he said. “Let me guess Maradona I replied”. After much laughter it turns out my colleague had been woken in the night by a knock on his door from some shady drug dealer type with a suspicious bag who was profusely apologising when a completely naked (and pissed/stoned) Maradona appeared from the room next door waddled down the corridor and ushered him in. As my colleague said afterwards I was a pity he punched the balll with his hand and not his “tiny wedding tackle” as he would never have scored.
  12. On the back of Ken’s best cricket book thread I thought it would be interesting to ask for recommendations for best sports book in general. I think some of the greatest writing ever done is about sport and I am always on the look out for recommendations. What I like is that it does not really matter what the sport is, if the writing is good it draws you in even if you are not a fan. So what is your favourite sports book?? On that note my nomination is “McIlvanney on Boxing” which is actually a collection of newspaper reports on big fights by the Sunday Times writer. Possibly the best sports reporter of all time some of the reports of fights are incredible but the chapter on the tragic last fight of the shy and introverted Welsh Bantamweight Jonney Owen is worth the price alone with McIlvanney concluding his heartfelt piece with the desperately sad and poignant summary... “Outside the ring he was an inaudible and almost invisible personality. Inside, he became astonishingly positive and self-assured. He seemed to be more at home there than anywhere else. It is his tragedy that he found himself articulate in such a dangerous language”.
  13. Webbo

    for cricket fans - best cricket books

    I’ve read a few of those and some are great (particularly enjoyed the Brearley one) but I must mention A Lot of Hard Yakka by Simon Hughes, it’s a fascinating insight into playing on the English county circuit in the late 70s and 80s. A real eye opener with some candid stories about some well known international players. It won the William Hill sports book of the year in 1997 and I would say almost all that win that award are well worth reading, it’s my sports book guide.
  14. The Peter James case is superb but I am really pissed off that the Robustos case I have from them does not have the cigar protector (The guardian?) included, I think the new one does. I cannot find anywhere in Europe to buy one, seriously annoying.
  15. Webbo

    Hello from Budapest

    If you have time calll at Vass shoes on Harris Koz (in the centre). The best value completely handmade shoes you can buy, anywhere!

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