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  1. Outside of your own property get stopped in the UK carrying any of these and you are in deep shit indeed.
  2. Interesting fact, the gun used was the real service revolver from the policeman who acted as technical advisor on the film. Went on to be a famous producer too I believe.
  3. Oh no! Simply best bowler ever. RIP
  4. More or less US$10 per gallon here in the UK right now.
  5. My understanding (and I'm certainly no financial expert) is that the actions taken by the US on effectively stopping all dollar clearance transactions by the 2 biggest Russian banks is significantly more powerful and disruptive. SWIFT (as I understand it in my layman's terms) is a more a notification system rather than the actual method of transaction. It's similar to the email you receive from amazon saying your goods are on their way, its not the actual mechanism for physically delivering you them.
  6. In Bangkok the Sunday Brunch at the Mandarin Oriental is just sublime. Incredible food and drink. Superb location by the river makes it my absolute favorite spot in Bangkok for an after meal cigar with a large scotch. If possible go, you will not be disappointed .
  7. In Dusseldorf Cigarworld is a nice place to buy a cuban cigar and have a smoke. The old town (Altstadt) by the river is definitely worth a visit with loads of great restaurants and small pubs and breweries selling the local Alt Bier, which is great.
  8. A replacement box from a European official vendor after the previous were returned as all under-filled. These are much better indeed with an average weight of 17.6g. Happy with the response. Anyone know the RUP factory?
  9. Just picked up a box of the RUP Jun 21 code myself, don't know this factory code. What do you think of your boxes?
  10. Its Haddock/Cod, chips and mushy peas with lashings (prob only context the word is ever used now) of salt and vinegar (yes Sarsons only) - that's it!! Wash it down with can of D&B.
  11. Nicely done by the Queens Guard at Buckingham Palace. https://youtu.be/TcbZLd3_mO4
  12. Excellent test cricket. Its not possible for teams to keep such high standards in the field as Aus have held for all of this series so chances will go down eventually. I think a declaration an hour earlier would have been sensible but modern teams just don't seem to want to take any chances at all. From the very first test our selection has been clearly wrong for anyone to see, just dont understand it. I also did read somewhere that there is a question still over Khawaja for the last test, surely thats not true......
  13. @Ken Gargett well depressingly at least I got this right....
  14. As mentioned earlier. He’s a bellend …, https://www.eurosport.co.uk/tennis/novak-djokovic-positive-emotions-can-purify-polluted-water_sto7744129/story-amp.shtml
  15. It's difficult to find words that could reflect how truly grim and desperate that time was for many working class people in the UK, particularly in the North, Scotland and South Wales. Traditional heavy industries were decimated as Thatcher pursued an ideology that the UK would move from a manufacturing country to one based on financial and service industries. One that would have no union influence and be centered around the south east and London, this continues to this day. The traditional industrial areas (who were not Thatcher voters) were left to rot, no work, no investment and crime, violence and drug use rocketed. Even now almost 40 years later many of these are places are still wrecked for generations with no opportunities or hope. A North/South divide that I cannot see changing in my lifetime. One could argue from many sides the merits or otherwise of such a political strategy or the need to move away from un-profitable over manned industries but it could not be argued by anyone who sees these still broken communities that the way it was done was both brutal, tragic and wrong with the effects still felt and seen today.
  16. I have never heard of him before Ken, going to delve into his work today. Thanks
  17. As a young man in 1984 starting my first job in Sheffield in the middle of the miners strike its impossible that this event would not colour my political and social views for the rest of my lifetime (for non UK members its difficult to explain just how important this event was in the shaping of this country). On my nervous first work day at 18 as a lab technician (I could not afford university and had to study after work for the next 8 bloody years) a slightly older surly guy asked in passing who was my favourite singer/group? "Springsteen" I replied and off he walked without comment, and the next day he brought in the first 2 Billy Bragg albums dropped them in front of me with the curt instruction "get these listened to, this bloke likes Bruce and Bob Dylan too" and walked off. Bragg was a few weeks later on a tour supporting the striking miners, the guy to my surprise then bought us both tickets and off we went. It was the start of a relationship with both men that continues to this day. In 2019 just before the pandemic locked everything down Billy Bragg played the same small Sheffield venue as in 84 and after 35 years I repaid the favour by buying tickets for me and this guy to attend, we had become the closest of friends and had stayed in touch despite often living and working in different companies and indeed countries, our friendship had survived. The same old songs about politics performed that night could have been written the day before, as we left my mate turned to me with a tear in his eye and said "well not much has changed in the last 35 years has it mate". I am equally happy and sad that this was very true. Footnote: If you have never heard Billy Bragg or have been put off by his left wing stance give him a go with the early songs about unrequited love, family and life. Tank Park Salute may be the most touching song ever about the loss of a father.
  18. The Redskins motto was “walk like the Clash, sing like Diana Ross”. My god around 84/5 they almost did!
  19. I can just about cope with us losing Ken (even to you lot as you as depressingly its clear you are the better side) but I simply can't accept the lack of application, determination and personal pride that this shower are displaying with the bat. Just as bad is the selectors/management who have watched for the last 3 years the constant failings of the top order and done bugger all to change it. Our "openers" have managed 14 ducks in 26 tests this year the most ever before was 6! Finally guess who our third highest run scorer is in tests this year ........
  20. Happiness is like air in a balloon, there is only so much available so if someone has a lot the other is being squeezed out. As an Englishman I am F*^%[email protected] hating this series.
  21. Excellent indeed, well done. I usually visit Moscow every year on business, it would be a real treat to buy one of these next time I am over there.

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