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  1. For me it’s got to be a Punch DC. Way to consistent, always a great draw and great flavor.
  2. This thread inspired me to light up a LGC MDO no.2. I’m down to less than 10 from a 2013 box. I’ve seen these going for stupid prices lately. Really glad I have this cigar to enjoy.
  3. I didn’t love the 2011 Ramon allones, same for the ‘15. So what do I do...grab a box of these bad boys. I try to stay away from the limitadas these days, but couldn’t resist the size.
  4. In my expirenece, 99.9% of guests that partake in a cigar will no way make it through a robusto size stick. I would stick to PC size sticks or the like; maybe skinny and long. Pl montecarlos come to mind bolivar PCs RASCC H upman half coronas and tbh a great value anything from vegueros why spend top dollar on something people will light up and 15min later toss. I put out big sticks at my wedding and it was a waste. Not a waste as people enjoyed the expirence, but I could have gone another route and people would have enjoyed themselves all the same.
  5. This release was one that really disappointed me, was so far off from the first release. Talk about a elegant cigar, the Don falls way short imho.
  6. I remember see these back in like 2011 and thinking one day I'll get a box. Shame that they are no longer in production (25 count) I love the New Years idea some of you have mentioned. I think that could be a really cool tradition, and you can see how things develop on a yearly basis. I've also heard of botl smoking them during the super bowl every year.
  7. I love the BHK, I don't care what leaf they put into it. It taste good to me and that's really all that matters. Now with with regards to price, at the end of the day if you spend 5 dollars or a hundred on a cigar it all just goes up in smoke.
  8. I used to get so excited to share something I enjoy so much with my friends. I would run to my humidor and pull out cigars I lived so much, monte 2, BBF, psd4, ect. That was until almost always they would smash the cigar out at lee than half way through. Once I learned I would always pass out my NC stock I had left over, until that was gone. but still if it's someone who really wants to get into the hobby, they will not leave empty handed. I'll also share nice cigars with them, as they take the time to learn. It depends on the occasion really, if I have a bunch of friends over for say UFC most want to have a cigar because others are, not really because they want to get into the hobby.
  9. People are always complaining about the search button. What's wrong with starting a new thread about a topic. Anyway I'd love to hear people's opinions on this cigar, I was very interested when it was announced a few years back, but it doesn't seem to be readily available.
  10. As with any country in the financial predicament Cuba is in, anything can be done at a cost. It's always good to have connections, good luck with your trip. If I were to find myself in Cuba, custom rolled cigars are all I would be after.
  11. Oh and great looking lighter, love the soft flame wish I had one. My cc thanks you for the motivation. Lol.
  12. I never freeze, probably never will. I did once many years ago. Didn't seem worth the effort, and it felt wrong to do it. My freezer smells funny idk. I keep the gars in a temperature controlled environment under 70 degrees Fahrenheit that gives me piece of mind. But at the same time I get why people do it. I guess I'm just too lazy.

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