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  1. Hi, all! Hope you and yours are well. Long story short - a shipment of non-Cuban cigars I ordered in mid March have arrived. Yes, 6 months. Reputable online retailer, packed tight with a 69% boveda that's now dry. So let's assume the humidifier lasted 2 of the 6 months in tight.... How long would you rehab these? I plan on isolating them in an empty humidor and getting a baseline RH% and then adding a slightly higher value Boveda for at least two weeks or until they stabilize and then increasing as needed to between 65-69%. Does this sound reasonable? Has anyone had experience? Thanks a lot for your time!
  2. You're getting cedar and tea from a fresh BBF?! Guess I know my next purchase!
  3. Floral aromatic and nutmeg/clove on cedar. Just the way I call a good Punch Punch as well! Cheers!
  4. This thread and your post have likely just saved me a hundreds of dollars. Been super keen on "classing up" my humidor situation with a climate controlled unit but I've only got one anecdotal success story. Meanwhile my long term storage coolidors have had zero problems in 10+ years, aside from being ugly.
  5. My tinfoil hat theory would be that that's the price where the product really becomes unappealing. I recall hearing stories of cigarettes in New York reaching $10 a pack and the outrage was heard all the way on the west coast.
  6. The JS Edicion el Cielo RE: Vitola: Numero 109 Blend: 1st through 2nd third - Fundy/Siglo VI/CoRo, last third - best aged D4 of your (terrestrial) life.
  7. I toast with a single flame butane torch until the entire foot will glow with a gentle blow. I use the exact single flame torch pictured. Found at my local discount tools store for less than $4 USD. #AllClass. It's outperformed and outlasted Colibri and Xikar (both piezo igniter issues) and, in ten years, I've used two. The first was stolen at Big Smoke LV 2011. 🥴
  8. My fiancé has one similar. A little smaller and with "cupping action" but her machine does the same thing...
  9. In this man's view, prestige, first and foremost. Wider is the new longer. The fact that the wide ones are smoking well really helps them move.
  10. Aside from a select few vitolas I find interesting, and the La Escepcion resurrection specifically, the LE/RE cigars have been an epic disappointment. I say this in regards to the price/expectation equation. Rarely have they delivered something unique worthy of the price jump beyond what regular production sticks do.
  11. I've been lucky to smoke a few of the Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reservas. From first light it was like being transported to another dimension. It took over every sense and controlled the 2 hour experience. Orders of magnitude above what was expected that first time.
  12. Hi, all! The missus is prodding me for gift ideas for myself and I've mentioned a 400 count electric cigar cooler/humidor. (We've moved and I'm not sure how the new place will heat/cool through the summer.) Does anyone have experience with the likes of a New Air or Schmecke brand unit? Thanks for your time!

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