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    Tempting summer steelhead with skated dries, flinging toads to silvery sabalos on Cuban flats, savouring oily Cubans with deserving amigos

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  1. Nice E2s from the host. Looking forward to them after some time down.
  2. Quite the fish, and fishery. Look like big crocs in slow motion.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Phil. My last box purchased in April was light wrappers, and that held true until these.
  4. Partagas Presidentes from our host. I've dipped into a few boxes over the years, but haven't come across any with such dark wrappers. Just a low sample size? Or have others found many with dark wrappers?
  5. Will these be available on Monday's clearance? 😎
  6. Happy Halloween 2020. This Esplendido has been sitting in my humidor since 2012 and is proving it has hit its stride! Great day to enjoy this treat.
  7. Behike 52. Why not? Perhaps among the last coming from Cuba before the lock-down. A great smoke.
  8. You have 2 hands plus a mouth! Though the cost is a bit of drool and a slightly damp cigar it is worth it.
  9. It was a gift so the price was right. Surprisingly a bit underfilled, but properly dry-boxed and was a very nice smoke, paired with scotch, of course. Usual Bolivar spiciness but a fuller flavour than its regular production cousins.
  10. A great day at the "office" with a special Bolivar and Scotch.
  11. The thumping heart at the end says it all....but really, keep the fish wet, stop lifting them from the river for photos. So many studies show this is just bad for their survival.
  12. Been working on it. Assisted our indigenous partners who successfully removed several farms.
  13. Conservation ecologist working on Pacific salmon. Supply sadly dwindling with travel challenges to the Island but okay yet.

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