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    Tempting summer steelhead with skated dries, flinging toads to silvery sabalos on Cuban flats, savouring oily Cubans with deserving amigos

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  1. You have 2 hands plus a mouth! Though the cost is a bit of drool and a slightly damp cigar it is worth it.
  2. It was a gift so the price was right. Surprisingly a bit underfilled, but properly dry-boxed and was a very nice smoke, paired with scotch, of course. Usual Bolivar spiciness but a fuller flavour than its regular production cousins.
  3. A great day at the "office" with a special Bolivar and Scotch.
  4. The thumping heart at the end says it all....but really, keep the fish wet, stop lifting them from the river for photos. So many studies show this is just bad for their survival.
  5. Been working on it. Assisted our indigenous partners who successfully removed several farms.
  6. Conservation ecologist working on Pacific salmon. Supply sadly dwindling with travel challenges to the Island but okay yet.
  7. I may be too late for the party, but here's my offer, anyway. Just what is it that drives this obsession of ours? I’m talking of course of our epic love affair with cigars Can we hope to explain it? Let along contain it? How can our favourite box codes be indelibly etched in our head When we struggle each year to recall the date we were wed? And though most would not cheat on our spouse We might still feel a bit of a louse When we succumb to the urge and then the deceit Of clandestine orders and hidden receipts What is it that drives our obsession with cigars? While marriage passion may wane over time Our hearts can’t help skipping a beat whenever fondling an aged Monte Sublime Though merely a plant Would anyone offered a 1966 say, I just can’t? What is it then, this obsession of ours? What drives us to savour cigars? The rich smoke and flavour notes are merely part of the story So maybe don’t overthink it, just light up and get on with the glory.
  8. Batteries for my trailcam, for one. Got shots of my first cougar, no doubt thanks to my battery foresight. 😁
  9. Still a bit fluid here in Canada: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/u-s-travel-restrictions-covid-19-land-border-fly-1.5607741
  10. 2019 Festival Wide Churchill. Who knows when we will get back? Smoking so well.
  11. Okay, not as special as many sticks shown here, but a physically-distanced beach day seemed like a good time to enjoy a RA Gigantes.
  12. Look, no White Whale, and there have been a few on this thread, but my last Mag 50 that made another isolation day pretty frickin good. Got in a trade 5 years ago.
  13. Not a purchase but my remuneration (yes I will work for cigars) for editing an English translation of The Beautiful Habano: An In-depth Biography of Tobacco. TUA FEB 20. You more learned and patient folks, what's the verdict? Down time? Expected pleasure?
  14. Okay, let's talk COVID-lockdown fishing reading.... I know, we are all binge watching our screens, but seriously, our well-being is often enhanced by reading, and for me, that entails books with fishing, nature, and life experience themes. What book etched an indelible mark in your grey matter? Old Man and the Sea? A River Runs Through It? Both great, but I was vastly inspired by David James Duncan's classic, The River Why. Has a bit of everything, including some skinny-dipping. What's yours?

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