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    Tempting summer steelhead with skated dries, flinging toads to silvery sabalos on Cuban flats, savouring oily Cubans with deserving amigos

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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/havana-syndrome-neurotoxin-enquête-1.5288609
  2. BC Pacific Coast. We are losing much to habitat loss, salmon farming impacts, mixed-stock fishing (trading low value chum for high value steelhead by-catch), warming oceans, indifference, etc., but still some fabulous fishing.
  3. Holy moly. Quiet on the fishing forum. Anyone else a steelhead dry fly nut?
  4. Wow. Not great. Vancouver to TO and then straight to Havana, fairly standard. Air Canada.
  5. Several of us Canucks from Vancouver already booked. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones over Cubans.
  6. Nice. Just finishing a Lusi from our hosts to celebrate. Sorry no photo, you all know what it looks like. Happy Canada Day.
  7. And Cuban bones, AKA, macabi. At times elusive. Other times oblivious. Always spectacular. Toughest part of it all was keeping my Regio from screwing up the video. Close_encounter_Cuban_bones.MP4
  8. Maybe not the greatest fighter on the flats but darn tasty. A Pargo snapper.
  9. San Cristobal de la Fuerza TOS Dic 15 just out of this world. And Renaldo's robustos, I lack sufficient adjectives. Sadly, my last box of vanishing Upmann PCs (TOS Nov 16) a little inconsistent.
  10. It is sad. www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/04/19/business/economy-business/shortages-hit-cuba-raising-fears-new-economic-crisis/ Many friends in Cuba, some heavily invested in the tourism industry.
  11. Definitely a smok'em and enjoy poll. Totally agree. Prompted me to pull out a 2011 Monte A to fire up I had been hording. Of course not my absolute last one. 😅😅
  12. puromaniac

    get reel

    The very popular Islander Reel made in British Columbia. Versatile for fresh and saltwater.
  13. puromaniac

    get reel

    Reels are important tools of the angling trade. Many exceptionally fine reels are made locally that are especially fine, but get scant exposure for their craftsmanship. What talent do you know from your area that deserves a shout out? This is a Stamp River Reel made in Port Alberni British Columbia by master machinist Dan Holder that just sings when attached to a steelhead!
  14. Hard to fault Reynaldo's robustos but these PLPC TOS 17s I picked up in Havana in November are a joy.
  15. Lucky to be going to see Canada take on Russia in World Juniors tournament after I smoke this masterpiece of Hiroshi's.

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