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  1. garbandz

    Left or Right?

    left by a whisker. would gladly take either blind.
  2. the majority of my rotation is from 2014 and 2015. occasionally I will dip into a '16 box. my '17 and '18 boxes are in a dark place, waiting. less often I will have a 2011 or '12. I don't have very much that is older than that. I have smoked a lot of young sticks,and they were not bad, but the difference after a couple of years has spoiled me. Now I am really not interested in trying anything else young. Hope you will get a chance to burn a 4 or 5 year old stick one day.
  3. " With non-cubans, I generally err on the side of the smaller ring gauges: coronas, lanceros, lonsdales. " follow your heart.
  4. garbandz


  5. "Friendships, like marriages, are dependent on avoiding the unforgivable..." - John D. MacDonald food for thought.
  6. garbandz

    Select Draw Cigar Cutters

    buy two and use them for eating corn on the cob...…….. just another gadget to toss in a drawer.
  7. Look at the impact China has had on French wines. Number one market globally. Driving the prices. Anyone doubt they could do the same with cigars? The desire to own what is perceived as the best is driving this trend,without regard for the actual experience of enjoying the product. A cellar full of Bordeaux is a nice thought, a warehouse full is beyond what any person could possibly consume. One upsmanship at its highest level.
  8. garbandz

    Why is it so?

    Income. that's all.
  9. mine are still a bit young for my taste. I do love the vitola.
  10. on a similar note,I tried putting some green beans in my smoker, after 3 hours of intense applewood smoking, I roasted them. I could not detect any smoke at all. oh well............
  11. usually coffee roasters make a point to tell you that coffee goes off very quickly. to boost sales, perhaps. I roast my own and have kept it for three weeks or so with no noticeable loss of essence. I don't know what a barrel would add to coffee, and if it would add what it does before the coffee would start to diminish. maybe someone messed up and bought too much,and decided to market this as a "thing ".
  12. Puerh tea is a big favorite. cooked Puerh is fuller and deeply flavored,pair with Bolivar or Partagas. raw Puerh has freshness and light flavors, El Rey or Cohiba, Hoyo. Da Hong Pao (big red robe ) is a dark Oolong,goes well with spice,like RASS. Jin Jun Mei is almost meaty, I think of Punch to pair this with. Long Jing (dragon well ) is nutty,I think of Upmann to pair this,or Cuaba. There are many good teas,they have beneficial properties and taste good. I am glad I started to experiment a few years ago,it has been educational and enjoyable. Puershop .com . or Yunnan Sourcing .com are excellent sources. .....A friend bought some "aged " Puerh tea from Teavana. stay away from this source.
  13. I came across this blurb on a site asking 277.00 for a box of these RyJ..... "This fresh 2017 release has just been added to the Romeo y Julieta portfolio. Following the "short-smoke" trend, the Petit Royales is in tunes with the times. This Petit Robusto is a decent 20 minute smoke sporting the typical RyJ flavours. Ideal daytime cigar for a quick coffee break!!!" Why would anyone spend this kind of $$$ for a cigar that was a 20 min. smoke? Would it be OK to smoke a 6.00 cigar for 20 minutes and save 5.00 ? The whole "I don't have time for a longer cigar " concept is a load of crap. Remember the Partagas SD6 ? Seen the sale prices on these? Finally they represent value. Does Habanos S.A. really think we are that slow ?
  14. garbandz

    Green men and squid.

    no proof, just the feeling of being watched from afar.

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