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  1. " I think i'll put these in a ziplock bag & dry box...." they will not dry down in a ziplock. sealed container you see. put them out on a dresser for a couple of days.
  2. " craftsmanship for the end user ,you." thank you for pointing that out. scary part is that the owners approved this add.
  3. yesterday I received the first box from '20, Hoyo Coronations from January. These will not see daylight for several years. the box code is RAT ENE 20 you code collectors need to keep watch for December boxes.............
  4. " the whiskeys are ranked in order of their global average retail price across thousands of merchants. " which means these are not top prices,that these bottles are selling for more than the listed prices. I would like to know by whom, and where, are people paying these absurd prices for these bourbons. It would make a very good documentary program,I would certainly watch it.
  5. " curious why they would choose a monte 3 " well, it is Spain. these have a better chance of being above average than the Monte 4,and are excellent when made well. I still do not feel comfy with the age statement. pass...…….
  6. just roasted up some Zambia (pull ) Mafinga....... a bit past full city roast, shiny beans at the brink. did some last week to just city roast, and did some Brazil to a serious dark roast,just for blending. very good blend, rich but not burnt..........
  7. don't drop one on your foot ! You can experience the full feeling of the young,clueless individuals who would select a cigar this size. Just don't expect to enjoy it.
  8. Ken has always been a great asset. I enjoy hearing about wines I will never even see, and he has some great tales to tell. when he gets going, it is a real treat...………[email protected] Gargett
  9. " I need one that pairs well with a light to medium coffee for mornings and has nice aroma." Upmann half corona, El Principe, Monte 5 , and Perlas should do nicely. Flor de Cano too........
  10. I thought it was an Indian dish with leeks and potatoes.
  11. coronas senior are tasty. mille fleurs too. recent RyJ tubos 3 have been sketchy.
  12. this vendor seems to be sowing the seeds of his own destruction. find another vendor. second episode of this problem I have seen in a weeks time.... same answer

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