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  1. I received a wonderful surprise this week, from a friend on another forum. He has a collection of Vintage cigars dating back over a hundred years. We had discussed some of the cigars I was familiar with from the 60s and 70s,and he sent over a surprise package. I did not expect it, but he also included five cigars from the 40s and 50s. The biggest surprise? The RyJ tubo he sent was the first CC I ever smoked, way back in the 80s. I hope you enjoy looking this site over, it is a bit of history that amazes me.
  2. "if you find a 3 pack of anything Cuban with a 2000 box code on cardboard you'll pass?" 100 % of the time. Ask me about 2001.......... " cigars age best when resting tobacco on tobacco (as in an SLB) " could not agree more with this .Started this myself in 1985,and have done so since. Last evening we were discussing this at our weekly herf..........
  3. Put them into a cab. why take the chance ? Ever hear anyone say they wish the had left their sticks in a paper pack ?🖖🤏🤞🖕
  4. I tend to discount talk of Davidoff in articles like this. Show me someone who smokes all brands, and I might listen to talk about Davidoff, but I pretty much ignore it when this brand is the main topic. Overpriced, and over hyped. Like people who talk about fine wines they have never tasted, or even seen...........
  5. seriously. ugly. cigars. packaging is depressing too.
  6. the #1 really shines after 5 years, my current open box is from 2014. Have been smoking these since 2008 or so. They do seem to favor the #3 more than the #2. special occasion stick for me.
  7. this is a good resource, I tried a few of the top 10 rums here. I finally picked Diplomatico Reserve as my go to rum. Excellent and not too pricey.
  8. and the final absurdity, after the price, is that most of these will get smoked up in the first year of their lives. and some will get flipped, at an even more ridiculous price. conspicuous consumption at its zenith...........
  9. quite sure my cats know their names. they just don't give a damn, and prove it daily. " Every cat I ever had (which is a lot) responded to their name and came when you called it " check closely,I think you may have had dogs..................
  10. got it......... Ashley. it's a cat. not like the damned thing will EVER respond to a name. I still like Wurfless...........because cats are............
  11. above medium strength, for a CC. mostly full bodied, lots of flavor going on. the last 4 or 5 puffs showed these to still be a bit young, but still tasty. another year should put them right.

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