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  1. I age in cabs,so when I get to the last 3 or 4, I open a newer box,put them into the cab,and put the last ones on top. I will note the new box code on the Habanos paper from the new box,and separate new from old with it. been doing this for nearly 30 years,and it works very well for me.
  2. obviously you should try one and compare the experience with the BBf. are the PCs getting to taste like the bbf, are they showing more maturity than the boxes you have ? all years of cigars will not mature the same,so you should monitor the '14 box carefully,and enjoy them when you think they are at the top of flavor. also seek out more mature Bolis and get a wider range of knowledge about them....
  3. garbandz

    Australia's Many Attractions

    Scientific Breakthru :side effects may include Death...........
  4. Repair and restoration of Big Healeys involves all the usual disassembly/assembly and so on ,and includes the occasional weld,ream,or outright fabrication. also there is usually some refabrication of new from the box parts,and the seemingly magical tuning of wire wheels. eventually we approach the rarefied heights of the tuneup,making every thing play in harmony ...... fearless........and every day.
  5. garbandz

    Baby names help

    Hanna Olivia shortens well to Olli,Livi, middle name is 4 syllables,first is two. we are considering this for our first grandchild.
  6. if the fakers ever wise up....................🚭
  7. i do not believe for a second that he was responsible for that photo. that would be a sub- human -editor who probably could not find cuba on a map. fixed. Ken has a point.
  8. garbandz

    Monte 4 Tubos????

    same cigar,only round. I love them.
  9. this. basic, effective, works every time.
  10. like anything else,if there is any snob value in it,there will be snobs lining up to buy it. May the biggest snob win !!
  11. I think it is wrong to say a whole marca is one way or another based on a small sample. I smoke Monte cigars a good bit,and have all the numbered sticks as regulars. It's rare I have a bad one,and it has been this way for years. I put the % of plugs or otherwise poor sticks equal to any other marca among the top selling brands.
  12. Quai D'Orsay it ain't so............. Partagas Boy Orange Pachyderm Robusto Raphael Gonzales Petit Jack and Jill birthday cake. Por Larranaga Las Vegas this is a fun game when you figure it out.
  13. garbandz

    AP Regional Help

    La Gloria gordo. wide appeal and compromise size

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