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  1. Louise Ho was announced as the city's new customs commissioner on Thursday, a real step up..............for a Ho................
  2. 2016 J Lopez 2. worst plug in a cigar in years. generally I can do something, this one was having none of it.
  3. I have a few lovely boxes of RyJ Mille Fleur sleeping now. My 2014s are smoking very well, I treat them as a special cigar because they have wonderful flavors and aroma. There is a richness I crave in them, they just suit me very well. I also have Ex. 4,Churchill and some tubos put back, alas I am out of Cazzies. Had a nice box of Short churchills, then couldn't really find another box that measured up to them.
  4. told ya.........last year of the old strain of tobacco. gone now, replaced w/ one that yields more leaf, and fights mold and fungus. better ? hell no..........
  5. it probably took me a couple of years before I started finding new flavors in cigars. I used to smoke with a friend who had a wonderful taste palate. once, we were trying a stick, and I said I tasted peppercorns. She said " What color peppercorns "? I tasted white, she tasted green. I tried the cigar again, and I had to agree with green peppercorns. we had several chances to try cigars together, and her palate was easily better than mine. I usually do find something interesting in a cigar, the most surprising flavor so far is cherry.
  6. I always check first thing for mold, so it's not an issue, I always tighten the caps when they arrive.
  7. I recall reading that Zino Davidoff used to tell people to just smoke to half way. Did I mention ,he sold cigars ?
  8. " One would not consider 2 years real aging right? " of course it's real, and 2 years can make a noticeable improvement.
  9. put the fans at the exit points. keep the noise to a minimum you will establish positive air flow by having one blowing in and one out, I would make the outlet the closest to the outside wall. Install the input fan opposite the exhaust in the room. the timer is a great idea, because you can set it to clean the room after you leave, always a plus. I think it might help to position the input hose low down, to take advantage of the heat in the room, it will naturally flow up anyway. maybe set it at 3 ft from the floor, if possible. you will also get some air f
  10. 100 jars made. there's an LE for you. how many extra jars did Habanos slip out the back door ?
  11. website does not exist. smells like what Nino was describing. Hansotia has been known to exaggerate . you decide.
  12. you know how you sometimes hear someone screaming ? then you realize...... it's you ?
  13. another vote for Puer tea with a cigar. good aged Shou has an earthy note that goes well with tobacco, and it really does match well for me. among sheng teas I enjoy mountain teas like Nannuo and Bulang.

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