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  1. if the fakers ever wise up....................🚭
  2. i do not believe for a second that he was responsible for that photo. that would be a sub- human -editor who probably could not find cuba on a map. fixed. Ken has a point.
  3. garbandz

    Monte 4 Tubos????

    same cigar,only round. I love them.
  4. this. basic, effective, works every time.
  5. like anything else,if there is any snob value in it,there will be snobs lining up to buy it. May the biggest snob win !!
  6. I think it is wrong to say a whole marca is one way or another based on a small sample. I smoke Monte cigars a good bit,and have all the numbered sticks as regulars. It's rare I have a bad one,and it has been this way for years. I put the % of plugs or otherwise poor sticks equal to any other marca among the top selling brands.
  7. Quai D'Orsay it ain't so............. Partagas Boy Orange Pachyderm Robusto Raphael Gonzales Petit Jack and Jill birthday cake. Por Larranaga Las Vegas this is a fun game when you figure it out.
  8. garbandz

    AP Regional Help

    La Gloria gordo. wide appeal and compromise size
  9. garbandz

    Howdy from Montana

    welcome dude..........
  10. garbandz

    Left or Right?

    left by a whisker. would gladly take either blind.
  11. the majority of my rotation is from 2014 and 2015. occasionally I will dip into a '16 box. my '17 and '18 boxes are in a dark place, waiting. less often I will have a 2011 or '12. I don't have very much that is older than that. I have smoked a lot of young sticks,and they were not bad, but the difference after a couple of years has spoiled me. Now I am really not interested in trying anything else young. Hope you will get a chance to burn a 4 or 5 year old stick one day.
  12. " With non-cubans, I generally err on the side of the smaller ring gauges: coronas, lanceros, lonsdales. " follow your heart.
  13. garbandz


  14. "Friendships, like marriages, are dependent on avoiding the unforgivable..." - John D. MacDonald food for thought.
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