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  1. garbandz

    Green men and squid.

    no proof, just the feeling of being watched from afar.
  2. garbandz

    Budget Cubans

    Yes,about 4" long.
  3. " when/where is that last time that you’ve heard Magnum used to refer to something as ‘great.’" this use of "great " refers to its meaning as large, strong, solid, formidable. Great Britain,Great Wall of China,etc. Magnum Opus.
  4. garbandz

    youngest cuban cigar

    " I decided to try one as ROTT and note my impressions. I will do the same after 30 and 60 days " make it 90 and 180 days...……. not much going on age wise, but a better chance to notice any difference. you should not encounter any ammonia...……...
  5. " Cigars are mostly fine at the temp/rh but I do get some cracked wrappers if I'm not delicate." asked and answered. probably will adversely impact long term aging negatively.
  6. garbandz

    For 2019

    the metal one appeals to me.
  7. colorado rosado has been a favorite of mine for decades. First time I tasted cherry in a cigar, the brand was Cobre. Small ,private production,only available a couple of places,this lent to the mystique of this cigar. Since then I have encountered nice flavors and aromas in rosado wrappers,and I will always pass over other types for rosado.
  8. tubos are convenient for travel, long term aging, and handing out to those who might be challenged to store them properly. foil is a way to catch your eye or prevent damage while on a shelf awaiting sale. cello is great protection from swings in humidity, as on a shelf awaiting sale. all of these methods of packaging have merit.
  9. climbing trees ice hockey with real sticks and puck drinking water from the hose firecrackers and M-80s most of the neighborhood had some of these water balloons skateboards made from a 2x4 and a rollerskate… no helmets or pads, these would stop dead if you hit a rock. soap box derby cars on the streets
  10. There was a vendor that always shipped with the bands off in an unmarked box,claiming they would mail the box and bands separately. Then a week after your cigars arrived, a letter would show up claiming the box and bands were seized by Customs. Brilliant con, no bands to fake, no boxes or inserts, and of course the cigars were $1.25 each local rolls. Then they would bombard your email with offers for more" deals " Bastards.
  11. garbandz

    Question to the board

    Failed packaging,perhaps. As has been said, it's the cigars that make the statement. I would try to find out, for the reason of ageing only, or I would mark the box with best guess of age.
  12. #1 and #3 are the top for me, and #5 gets honorable mention.
  13. " and does smoking a cigar ever become a chore? " Some years back I was chosen to review ten cigars for a now defunct Cigar magazine. Eight of them were nearly identical spanning eight brands, at that point, along with the deadline, it became a chore. The other times I did reviews for folks, it was a lot more fun. I try to have two a day on week days, and at least one a day on weekends.

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