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  1. I have been smoking cigars for 50 years. My collection is quite large. Never seen this type of damage to a wrapper. Never seen this question on a forum either, so I feel like this is a rare ocurrance. How about you, Digi ?
  2. "Doesn’t come off even if scratched..." guess again......or try reading the thread ......
  3. Is it smart to buy CC stock before the price increases hit? sorry, it's WAAAAY TOO LATE. You should have done this YEARS AGO.
  4. You got hussled. I enjoy the alternate spellings that are so prominent these days. And the use of "Like " in a written missive. substituting "then " for "than " and on and on. Now we are studying sellers' remorse.
  5. is there a "Pedantifile "? if so ,are they required to register with the local Police ?
  6. after 50 years of enjoying cigars, I find that weak, pale wrappers are to be avoided. Mottled wrappers can be excellent, very dark wrappers can be hard to burn, or can be dyed . Shiny or "oily " wrappers will usually have more and stronger aromas, and add a lot to the enjoyment. Light khaki colored wrappers can be excellent or awful, depending on the care given during curing. Size does not influence me as far as a desired wrapper color, a non issue.
  7. just combine that with a C-Pap unit and it will fly. For people who have trouble falling asleep while at work or traveling......
  8. reminds me ,I need to clean out the cat's litter box...........
  9. considering prices these days, how about Friends of HadEnough !!!! Friends of Hierophants....
  10. Although he took flying lessons and received his pilot license in Virginia, he had very little experience flying the Cessna before his rescue attempt. Perez had only landed the small plane once, with a co-pilot I do expect he could handle it. he had flown a MIG, after all.
  11. two Irishmen walk into a bar. you know the rest.......
  12. We met up for a cigar a few years ago, heck of a guy. He will be sorely missed........
  13. usually when I get customs they are young and a bit moist. I have smoked a few before they have dried down to the level at which I store my sticks ,but generally if they are under 68 % I have no problems. you should be fine if you store them like your other CCs.
  14. these are a small part of the bands I have, just happened to have pics handy....... sorry to show the same pic twice.
  15. I have gotten back into disc golf after a 20 year break. Local disc golf course 1.5 miles from the house went in 2 and a half years ago, I have been there most every day. Lots of work clearing brush and vines, brambles and left over debris from Moonshine stills, fallen trees ,etc. I have met up with several old friends from the old days, boy, we're getting old..........
  16. seems like the PCE I have smoked were very good, and I smoke the Supers a lot. They are usually decent , less complex though.
  17. " is it poor form to combine all in the remaining 50 cab for long term aging? " No, as long as you put a band on EACH stick with the info to tell them apart, and put a cedar split between the different batches so no stick can break loose and jump to the other side of the cab. some people have tried turning the cigars different ways to keep them separate, but If you don't know the polarity, you can re-synch using any off the shelf 23 Gj protein depolarizing plasma jug. Note, you will need to be wearing shielded undergarments during this procedure...........

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