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  1. I find that brushing my teeth then having a cuppa chai resets the palate
  2. JoeyGunz

    Anyone else HATE moving?

    Exchanged contracts last Friday, we complete on the 15th, I'm not minamilst but I'm compact (it does help having a few thousand foot of warehouse at work) looking forward to finally having a garden though.
  3. JoeyGunz

    Jury Duty

    Got summoned for Jury Service at the Royal Courts of Justice was informed it would be at least 2 weeks and to make arrangements at work if it was to be a longer case. I run my own business, I put a lot of preparation to clear my desk and have everything run as smoothly as I could in my absence. I do work with my father so I do have cover to an extent. Provisionaly book 2 weeks off, head in on the Monday for my first day on Jury Service, they present a deck of playing cards, each card to represent one of the members of the jury and my card never came out the deck. So I was sent home. I took the Tuesday off work to reward myself. Still it was a nice day out and a beautiful building to visit.
  4. JoeyGunz

    Cuban customs...

    Sautter's sells his Cuban Custom Roll's in England. It is possible, Laurence discusses the process of importing them in one of his reviews.
  5. Rum Beer Whisky Gin
  6. down to sub 95kg but haven't been pro active enough with it to be honest.
  7. Another vote for custom rolls.
  8. With no fore-warning and without changing my lifestyle. 2-3 months max before I'd run out of cash and resources. I would adapt and overcome and no doubt live a comfortable life no matter what though.
  9. Keep the thread updated, I'm off to see The Lion King with the Mrs but not sure which showing we're at, also have a lunch or dinner penciled in around Belgravia. So could make something work
  10. I already follow a plant-based diet but will look to go more whole foods. Get back to exercising, Stronglifts 5x5 3 times a week and a few 5k morning runs. Re-incorporate Resistant Starch and maybe throw in a Potato Hack or 2.
  11. Got a good bit to shift for summer!
  12. Saw one of these in a local shop, being so close to christmas I didn't just buy it and have put it on my "Christmas List" an idea that I hate, that we have to suggest presents. But Still Desk / bedside - the perfect pocket dump I've always been looking for.
  13. I'd buy a converted / convert a shipping container into a pop-up kitchen / supper club.
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