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  1. Because they're Jekyll or NC? All celophonae wrapped.
  2. I've been half way through Lolita for a long time now, one day maybe I'll go and finish it.
  3. Moth's, not so much a fear, but I do not trust them in the slightest.
  4. Haha I'd not noticed that but yes like plain packaged meat
  5. No Bull are great, B Vegan Bacon - get down holland & barret I don't think any processed food is good for you and ideally a whole food's diet would be the best but as far as I know meat & dairy are proven to be the most carcinogenic food groups.
  6. I went plant based nearly 3 years ago. I don't rely on these faux meat's as part of my daily diet but they're great to have when out and about or at a bbq e.t.c.
  7. Reminds me of this podcast; a really good listen
  8. From my experience quite a few of the custom roll's seem to be on the wetter side than I like, I'd imagine wrapping them in cling film would only keep them that wet and could cause some problems down the line.
  9. When I think of "Cigar Food" It's got to be cooked outside I've not perfected my Paella yet though so here's my version of a Cassoulet. Buy This; Cook out the Onion's and Garlic, throw in some smoked paprika, peppers in, all the tomato's and bean's in. Leave it to cook down, halve your olive's, get them in with the spinach, once that's wilted down you're good to serve with the parsley. Goes well with White boiled rice, on it's own, with some toasted bread.
  10. I'm jealous, I bloody love Dublin and I love that pub you're above I could happily spend 2 day's straight in there. You should have just admitted defeat and headed down for some guiness and oysters and their own whisky's great...

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