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  1. I already follow a plant-based diet but will look to go more whole foods. Get back to exercising, Stronglifts 5x5 3 times a week and a few 5k morning runs. Re-incorporate Resistant Starch and maybe throw in a Potato Hack or 2.
  2. Got a good bit to shift for summer!
  3. Saw one of these in a local shop, being so close to christmas I didn't just buy it and have put it on my "Christmas List" an idea that I hate, that we have to suggest presents. But Still Desk / bedside - the perfect pocket dump I've always been looking for.
  4. I'd buy a converted / convert a shipping container into a pop-up kitchen / supper club.
  5. Box is up for grabs again, get in there lads.
  6. I can also speak for the Alex Churchill's and say that the one @ayepatz brought back put my on my arse the other sunday, April '16, I'd say these need at least 5 years down for me.
  7. Unfortunately I've seen them as "high up the chain" as Monte 80's
  8. JoeyGunz

    Discontinued Pound Notes.

    Send them over Rob, I'll see what I can do.
  9. JoeyGunz

    Your worst of days.......

    A case of the day after the night before; After a day of going to the football and pint after pint of lager I found myself in a "rave" my friend was hosting, after a shady interaction with a hooded degenerate me and my friend decided it was a smart idea to join the masses and swiftly swallowed half a "Happy Pill" each. Fast forward to the next morning and I'm feeling an absolute shell of my former self. I've managed to finally make it out of bed, slipped on my tracksuit and wandered out into the flat, now I've found myself quickly nestled on the khazi releasing all kinds of evils from the last 24hrs into the pan. Slowly, I'm up, flushed and see I've made quite a mess of the porcelain; I've reached for the bog brush where one of my friends from the previous days activities has managed to deposit a bowel full of liquid excrememnt onto the bristles which has promptly flown off the brush and splashed from my ankle to my neck covering me completely. I broke down, this was the lowest of the low, I stepped out of the tracksuit, turned it inside out, left in there and promptly curled up into a ball in my bed til the pain had passed.
  10. Nice read, hopefully something a few more of us can do with the cigars we've got from the Box Pass
  11. I've got a box here just waiting for a name & address! Get over to the Cigar Underground Network UK
  12. My knee's and elbow's used to feel dry as a nuns... creaking and all sorts. I started taking Fish Oil, up to 5g a day and the improvement was massive so I touted it to everyone that would listen. A couple years ago I developed Gout, moved to a plant based diet, never replaced the fish oil tablets once I'd used the pot up and never had another ache or pain again.

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