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  1. P1 for me, smoked one at Ajay's a few years back and tbh I'd rather a P2 to smoke, that jar though....
  2. It's a Pint of Plain for me. Been a rough year for the Guinness drinker's with not many opportunities for draught. The draught can's just don't quite hit the spot, I even had to buy a couple of the Tulip Glasses designed for the can measure's not the stolent pint glasses. Guinness are really doing their bit to get the pub scene back going in Ireland, I believe they're going to be the same as Blighty and only allowed a drink with a "substantial meal". And for anyone after some inspiration on Christmas Shopping, some Guinness inspired stuff that's made it onto my wishlist;
  3. Completely this year. I get an abridged and biased version from my Father in the office. I might google something he mentions.
  4. Only if I'm going on a dog walk with family or a group, seem's to be the only time the pace fits in with a cigar. Plus my last few walk's have been in torrential rain. No chance a cigar would have stood the test.
  5. I saw Boris Becker in Sautter's on Mount Street, London.
  6. Born and raised on the border in the Home Counties, I love London, I have never tired of having it on my doorstep I can not imagine I ever will. It is a city of extreme's where I have found home in many subculture's at different point's of my life and I still move and am welcomed into any I wish to stick my neck into. I feel I have lived many different lifetime's in London, I have great memories and I live to make many more.
  7. JLP Petit Caz's are my absolute favourite dog walker's at the moment.
  8. Mine's pretty much knackered now after 7 years of use. I've just e-mailed the supplier, will see what they say. Pulled the trigger on a Fox Cigar Cutter, fell for them as soon at first sight.
  9. Could be quite nice, like a Navajo coffee? They use toasted flour.
  10. I'm off to Protaras, Cyrpus next weekend after a year of little time off work, "unfortunately" the other half can't join me so it's me and the boy's. £50 return flights, £20 pppn for a reasonable hotel incl. breakfast and happy hour. Laughing.

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