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  1. Looks like the gran reserva got 90 points from Guia Penin so not bad. It's £27 a bottle. The cohiba "version" however; £120.
  2. Excellent, only had one in the singles draw but had me wondering why I often look past Cuaba. I've had younger examples but definitely better with a few years on them.
  3. '17 Distinguidos and some Fleury Blanc de Noirs fizz.
  4. It was fantastic; a real one off for me. My dad was gifted it a good while ago and I finally convinced him to open it.
  5. Around 80% of covid cases are mild, which means rest and paracetamol at home, yes I will discount those, the other 20% of serious cases are the issue here. Most Myocarditis cases cleared up in days with no lasting effects, it's not a dangerous heart condition, it's a rare mild side effect. The common cold can cause similar symptoms.
  6. Reported cases of myocarditis in the US were 1226 out of 177 Million Vaccinated, majority were mild symptoms which fully recovered and no one died. I wouldn't personally say that was ridiculous amounts and the symptoms weren't reported to be serious or life threatening.
  7. It seems bizarre to me to question who funds "science" and ignore the facts from a worldwide consensus of millions of different scientists with millions of different sources of funds, whilst quoting an article from the National Review and not question it's funding or motives. Just my opinion.
  8. Not sure where you did your research but science doesn't seem to back this: Lynda Coughlin, a virologist (twitter.com/Virusnerdette) and Assistant Professor in Microbiology at Mount Sinai Hospital (here) told Reuters: “The statement that "no virus harmful to humans has ever been proven to exist" is absolutely false. There are numerous examples of viruses which are known to cause disease in humans. In the same way we can trace DNA left at the scene of the crime, scientists can identify viruses which are the cause of human disease by isolating them from infected individuals, sequencing their genetic material to identify them, directly visualising them (by electron microscopy) and indirectly visualising their effects on cells, as well as confirming their ability to cause disease by testing isolated and characterised viruses in animal models”. This science is exactly how we are able to create appropriate vaccines. Further info here: https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-harmful-viruses-idUSKBN23335V
  9. Given that no aborted foetus' were required in the making of these vaccines, is this argument really relevant? The cells exist and are lab grown and have been for 80 years, creating vaccines does not "murder babies", it's a strawman.
  10. Trying the new Roederer 242 with a '16 Lusi, both fantastic
  11. This sounds like a plan; cracking a bottle of champagne and lighting cigars at 1 am hasn't gone too well in the past.

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