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  1. You bet, better smoke them reaaaly slow. After all it's still a mini.
  2. Or you could smoke one of those. Smallest ever made Habanos Longfiller to my knowledge. Hard to find nowadays but luckily i secured myself a few packages some years back.
  3. Nothing better than a good,old Topee while on expedition at equatorial climates. You can even bring a cigar with you while having your hands free for the challenges that await you .
  4. Little bit late to the party, but speaking of retro and nostalgia reminded me about this song which we used to dance to in my youth . . . well dance might not be the appropriate word 😎
  5. Nowadays it's only seen on PL dress boxes to my knowledge, in former times it used to indicate wrapper shades such as Colorado ( C ), Colorado Claro ( CC ) and Claro ( CCC ). I guess the last time they ordered these stickers sometime in the last century the "0" typewriter key got stuck and they got 100000 instead of 10000 . . . and they are used to use things up there .
  6. I would probably run around the wedding like a plucked turkey until i found somebody with a black permanent marker . . . do you have mormon tilers in Down Under ?
  7. Portmann 40 Anos Robusto I have always had these classified as Cuban in my records and for the life of me can't remember why and where i got this from, tastes like a Costa Rican though.
  8. That's an easy one ! As a believer in cigar cannibalization, i would 1. like to see the Hoyo de San Juan being led to the scaffold, since i accuse her to have murdered the des Dieux, and 2. whichever cigar is responsible for the death of the MdO No.2 ( most urgent suspect : Inmensos ) And don't tell me something about sales numbers or other fairy tales .
  9. Ha, he asked the unaskable question . Sirs, pick up your stones please . . . well, let's start with marsmallows Definitely looking forward to these, do they have a name already ?
  10. I have no idea. I like to smoke the HdM Petit Robusto though, even more so the du Prince ( as long as i got some ). And the du Prince were ways cheaper. What does that mean ?
  11. Nothing wrong here. Despite its look it's a front drive vehicle, so perfect load securing
  12. > 52 0,01 % 52 8,17 %, mostly Campanas and other Figurados 50 10,28 % < 50 81,54 %
  13. Will do, you can read Nino's thoughts about them in the ER topic allready.

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