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  1. 1. Don Rickles 2.Rodney Dangerfield 3.Chris Rock.....showing my age I know but Rickles and Dangerfield were just classic, non stop, can't catch your breadth,bust a gut type humor ....without the vulgarity( and no" F bombs" ).
  2. Great job with the review and I agree they need more rest 👏
  3. There are too many to name put..... Mark Knopfler's got such a unique style. I've seen him with Dire Straits and when he was touring solo. That guy IMHO is simply amazing. Also ,for pure rock, nobody could do it like Jimmy Page." Physical Graffiti " which was released over 40 years ago is Page at his absolute best .
  4. Usually leave it on but sometimes I'll remove and "date and rate" the stick on the back of the band.
  5. JL #2 ,PLPC ,PARTY SHORTS, HDM #2.....love'em all........ fresh and ROTT
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of FOH
  7. Welcome robitowitz......a slippery slope it is..
  8. The LCDH in Cancun is well stocked and prices are reasonable for "authentic" CC,s in Mexico.Also ,its a great place to sit back and enjoy your Habanos with a nice cocktail since they have a full bar on prem.

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