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  1. Here's a question for the science crowd here. I'd love to know if there is any scientific evidence for going through a slow lighting ritual as opposed to just getting right to it and torching your cigar until it's lit. For example, Cigar Aficionado and a thousand other sites tell you to toast and roll your cigar "the same way you would toast a marshmallow over a campfire--keep the cigar above and near the flame, but don't let them touch." On the other hand, I've always kind of admired how Laurence Davis
  2. Still across the street from the old store. A few months away from moving back in, I think. He's a good guy - and his prices are better than some other shops in Victoria. I pop in there once or twice a month to grab new releases.
  3. I'll have to be the voice of dissent. Despite the poor reviews I've read I wanted to try this cigar and to my surprise it was fantastic. I'm not huge RyJ fan, but this was one of the best of that brand that I've smoked. Nice aged tobacco flavours in the first half, then the creamy coffee flavours picked up in the second half. Not harsh at all and great burn and draw. It was about $40 here in BC. Maybe I just got lucky, but I'd definitely buy this again.
  4. Just smoked one - very nice cigar! It was about 32.00 here in BC. Well packed with a nice weight in the hand. Some good creamy and coffee flavours to it. Great burn and draw. I smoked it to the nub. For a "short" smoke it lasted well over an hour. On a side note - the band came off without a fight. Maybe there wasn't much glue but it seemed more like a self adhesive label you find on non-cubans. Are Habanos switching to new labels?
  5. I find I'm not really tasting the cigar unless I retrohale. And I hate watching a video of someone doing a cigar review but never retrohaling - I feel like there's no way they are getting all the flavours. Also, to me it is a distinguishing feature of Cubans vs Non-Cubans. Rarely have a problem with retrohaling cuban cigars, but I find many non-cubans are acrid and harsh on the retrohale. I think what a lot of non-cuban fans describe as "spicy" is really ammonia in cigars that are pumped out too quickly.
  6. Pres, if you like peanut butter in cigars, I had one of these not long ago and it was peanuts all the way through - never had a cigar like that before.|obal#305_Habanos_Specialist_Exclusive_Jar Unfortunately, it was about $40 bucks here in Canada so I probably won't be having one again anytime soon. It was a nice treat, though!
  7. Just picked a couple of these up today from the local cigar shop. Pretty cheap - about $7.00 Canadian. I was expecting a smaller version of a Favorito, but it was quite different. The Petit Quintero had a light, smooth wrapper with some oily marks. Not dark and rough looking like a Favorito. The first third was spicy/acrid. It evened out into a grassy flavour, but that's about it. No big flavours and none of the grubby 'twang' I like in a Favorito. Good burn and construction though. It's probably too green to give it a fair review. I'll save the other one and see if some age improves it.
  8. I probably smoke 75% cubans and 25% non-cubans. One good thing about Canada is that despite the taxes, you have easy access to both. Non cubans I like are the Oliva Serie V and the Flor de Gonzales 90 Miles. Also recently found a super cheap brand called Consuegra, that I swear are one of the best bangs for your buck I have found. Nevertheless, when I want to sit down and really enjoy a cigar, it has to be Cuban.
  9. Looks like I'm at 77 current production cigars so far - not bad for less than a year of enjoying Cubans! I think I'm a classic example of getting over-eager when finding a new hobby.
  10. Actually, based on Habana Mike's helpful post, I found how to do it on Here's the link if anyone else wants to see it on the site.;&includeimages=False&sortorder=noorder Should be pretty doable to smoke them all at least once. Although it might get expensive with the Cohibas and for some reason Punch is hard to find in my neck of the woods.
  11. Thanks, Habana Mike - I'm going to pop that list into a spreadsheet.
  12. Wondering if anyone knows how many different current production cigars there are? In my quest to smoke at least one of every current production cuban, I'd like to know how many there are. Maybe if alex (atgroom) sees this, he can query the cubancigarwebsite database and tell us. Otherwise I'll count them up and post it here. Nice thing about cubans is it's actually possible to try them all with a little work. I figure I've tried at least half by now, being pretty new to the world of habanos. Has anyone else here attempted the same thing? cheers!

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