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  1. Just over a month since my second shot. I don't see any side effects. I'm feeling good and should be immune to about anything.
  2. Low blood sugar. Smoking cigars lowers your sugar quickly and people will frequently feel the nicotine effects. I always keep a few packs of sugar on me when I smoke to avoid it.
  3. My new Fav. Legends Steakhouse, Deadwood SD. Giant cuts of aged Black Angus bone in beef the bottom level of the haunted Franklin Hotel.
  4. I found another tough call for runner up.
  5. Same with Coach and Woody. Loved Norm's one liners and Cliffs analysis and weird facts. Carla and her ex husband (Nick Tortelli) tough mouths. Sam, Dianne and Rebecca (Kirsty Alley) love triangle. And of Course Frasier and Paul Krapence and a pile of special guests. I'm glad I found Cheers and several other 70's and 80's shows on my Plex Media Server. I found: All in the Family Benny Hill Show, Bosom Buddies, Cheers, Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy, The Greatest American Hero, Hardcastle and McCormick, Highway to Heaven, Hogans H
  6. Tom Sellek- Magnum P.I. TC, Higgins, Rick. Great show back in the day. They relaunched it again in 2018 and turning it into a hallow shell of it's former sellf just like Hawaii Five'O
  7. I got this Xikar Ultra as part of a combo with a magnetic sided lighter that the cutter sticks to. It's skinny and kinda odd feeling in the hand and it one of my least liked cutters. That said, I use it the most because it is sharp as hell and never given me a bad cut.
  8. I've braved the cold when I was younger, snowmobiling, ice fishing etc. Something about winter, doesn't taste the same, clothes stink worse, more clothes to wash afterward and just something about smoking when your body is trying to position itself to wedge in bretween a narrow crack while shivering and chattering your teeth is just not all that appealing aymore. I'll usually go down to the local cigar lounge on Friday or Sat afternoon.

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