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  1. Yuuuge Tool fan since their first album when I was stationed in Germany 92-94. II had a subscription to "This is alternative" that would send a series of alternative music videos on VHS. Thats where I found bands like Tool, Ministry, Clutch, Butthole Surfers etc. Tool has been hands down one of my all tiime favs. When Maynard came out with Blood into Wine I watched that several times. Even got a young buddy from AZ interested in Tool from that video as he would tease me by going to Caduceus Cellars or concerts. I finally went down to Cadudeus Cellars in Jerome AZ back in April and visited several other shops and vineyards that Maynards invovled in. He's more than a participant in the industry as he has helped pioneer winemaking in AZ which is no slouch. For awhile people have debated what the meaning of 46 & 2 was. In the documentatry Blood into Roses on his vineyards he's digging a hole and planting vines talking about the genetic similarities between people and grape vines. 44 Autosomes and 2 Chromosones are currently the foundation of human DNA and the believed next step in human evolution will be 46 Autosomes and 2 Chromosomes. Grape vines vary in thier makup of 19 different chromosomes depending on type and he talks about complexity. Maynard is a wine maker first and a musician second. When the vineyard needs expansion funds he comes out with a new album with one of his three bands and tours. I also got to speak with the tasting room manager, Brian Sullivan, who hinted that there is an update coming to Blood into WIne. I'm so looking forward to it. The new album, sounds a bit more mellow than their first two as with wine they mellow with age.
  2. Les we forget...ANZAC!
  3. Make sure you watch the movie "Serenity" last.
  4. Tropic Thunder- In all seirousness my favorite movies from when I was a teen and in the Army were: Full Metal Jacket, To Hell and Back (Real life Medal of honor Audi Murphy was in it, how can it not be up there), A Bridge Too Far (I participated in the Nijmegen March in 94) Hamburger Hill Das Boot My Added a few since Lone Survivor Fury Black Hawk Down 13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Act of Valor: Just the simple fact they used active duty Seals and live ammo:
  5. I’m with you on the tech stuff with my background in computer tech after my military service with a company that sold computers in cow spotted boxes during the transition from SCSI drives of pre Windows 95 to about 2001. I thought Lawnmower man, Hackers, Johnny Mnumonic were bad. I think I watched about 15-20min of 2015 Blackhat with Chris Hemsworth and that has to be far the worst I had ever seen. I had to turn it off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Tried a Carolina reaper, sweet fruit for about a split second, chewing barbed wire after that, hickups, body wanted it out, I kept it down. I think I farted continuosly all night and wasn't sure if I was going to have a heart attack. 6:am came and I'm texting the friend I ate one with and both of us sitting on the toilet, shitting razor wire comparing notes of the night sharing simliar symptoms. So yeah, eat one of those Carolina Reapers and let us know how it goes.
  7. Problem I have with Sicario and almost every other action movie involving firearms and military is that they often Eff up minor details on uniforms, appearance, speech, logistics, procedure and basic firearms knowledge. IMHO a buck private with any pistol range experience would know that the execution scene in Sicario is pretty stupid in so many ways and Sicario is supposed to be a professional killer? Actual recoil would send half those rounds missing the guy and ricocetting down the street. Of the other half you might get one out of luck into an area of the vitals if you don't manage to shoot yourself in the face first. This was the most obvious, but the number of times I see guys sweeping muzzles of riffles etc would have gotten butt stroked by guys I served, or hunted with faster than an shock while peeing on an electric fence.
  8. Say what you want. Looks good
  9. Fosgate

    Limits after work

    Now we also have Black Spot Disease (Parasite)
  10. Fosgate

    Limits after work

    I love crappie. Unfortunately I have been disappointed more than once to get a stringer home and start filleting only to discover they are riddled with the red parasitic worms.
  11. I’m about 1/3 of the way through a precipe and noticed a fowl taste. Looked at the back end and noticed it looked a little juicy. Run my thumbnail across it and come up with a tar substance. Never smoked a cigar that did this before. It’s about 3yrs old and spent it’s life in a temp and humidity controlled wineador. Thoughts on prevention or in general?
  12. Man who developed the Carolina Reaper topped it with a new one. also an interesting conversation. Sounds like he has several more in line after this one.
  13. I'm mixed. On one hand I want to see the Eddie Brock story of him encountering the symbiotic organism after Spider-man has a go with it. With that said, I don't want some mediocre rehashed spider-man flick that half the movie is dedicated to SM and Brock takes a rear seat like they did in their last attempt to introduce Venom. When Venom cam out with a Comic of his own he was very much a character that could stand on his own. I hope the movie is successful because I would like to see them bring Carnage into the fray of the characters they have. I thought Venom was a character that was enacting brutal revenge towards those who wronged him and others. Carnage came along and just blew out the rules out of DC as they stuffed a convicted mass murdering psychopath into a super power suit. I think newer villains of the Spiderman-series have a better ability to keep the series going forward instead of the constant attempt to reboot with the old villains they have tried.

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