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  1. Those were a cool looking car though....right up until they got a wrap for catching on fire and at the time the company slogan was, "Pontiac, We build excitement."
  2. 1972 Chevy Nova with an inline 6 cylinder and 2 speed, studded rear snow tires. It was worse than my brothers binge drinking orange urine colored 1977 Datsun B210 Honey Bee. It was my first car at age 14. My father had bought it for my sister after work one night, for $500, in the dark. My sister was to embarrassed to be seen in it and rarely drove it so when I got my license it became mine. 1. Exterior, While the image below shares about the same color, the quality of the finish was clearly John Deer tractor paint with no clear coat with a rough orange peel finish on the back 1/4 p
  3. I kind of like Surstromming and Lutefisk (There is a way to eat them, certainly not out of the can) so anchovies are not really a big deal to me. Pretty good plain out of the can, pickled, or with splash of hot sauce, but I don't really care for them on Pizza where there are so many better ingredient options. In a dish on their own like salted and cured with a bit of olive oil and thyme with a vegetable or soup side they're even better.
  4. Just standing there minding my own business...waiting to get violently killed and eaten by mother nature.
  5. Here's my nomination. I think if it instantly tore his arm off he's be like the Black Knight in Monty Pythons Search for the Holy Grail. "Tis but a flesh wound." Working around pests
  6. Whatever happens we have to get back to working full fledged soon and get kids back in school. I have not lost any family or friends to covid yet but I've lost 4 friends to suicide since this thing started. One shot himself within 30 minutes of my brother dropping him off from hunting and after my brother dropped his brother off he came back out to the first ones house and found his blood trail where he shot himself in the head with a deer rifle and lived long enough to crawl back to the house. His twin brother committed suicide 6 months later. Both left a wife and traumatized young son behind
  7. I got the vax a few month back. Being I earned a Public Health degree I approve the use of vaccines and the hypothesis of science constantly evolving new hypothesis. I also earned a degree in Business Management and understand what it takes to run a business as being an independent myself. That said, In my humble opinion the people driving the bus really do not know what they are doing to fight this and are just assessing daily what the best damage control they can take and save face and use people in places that will march to the beat. Don't question, hypothesis cant be changed, shuttin
  8. Father of a friend of mine used to have 2 cases of booze in his trunk at all times. 1 Case of Jack Daniels and 1 case of Crown Royal. He sold irrigation pivots to Farmers in the 70's and 80's. Close a sale signature with a 1.75L bottle of Jack or Crown. You don't hear or see that used for a sales closing tool anymore. HR has ruined work from being remotely fun anymore.
  9. Fosgate

    What's for dinner?

    Sometimes some simple Cajun boil is so enjoyable...well, ok, it's almost always enjoyable. I just wish they'd dump that weird Tabasco for some decent hot sauce.
  10. One does not need to be destitute or hard up for cash to sell. I look at it like the any other market, real estate, stocks, luxury goods, autos etc. Buy when low, sell when high and use the profits to reinvest in more when low (on sale) and repeat. It's about doubling. 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 etc. The best part about selling is you get to search for and buy more (inn my opinion)
  11. Seems anyone who has any stock would do them good to setup a Bond Roberts account and be ready to sell a little and buy again when the supply catches up again. Sorta like when the video review about the QDO 50&54. Buy three to smoke and one to sell later to pay for the other three. I've lost my keister on "safe" investments like stocks but have yet to make a larger % of profit in a short amount of time from tangible goods like firearms, Gold, Silver, Platinum etc. In college a $2000 investment in a few firearms, accessories, ammunition turned into $20,000 in just a few months when politica
  12. I'd say one can buy Luci's with confidence from trusted sources and get good boxes of stogeez. My only complaint out of 4 25ct boxes was I had one box with 2 cigars that had green chlorophyll in the edge of a wrapper that also needed a little attention with glue after I lifted it out for inspection on one. The rest of the box made up for it with being very oily good looking cigars. With that, I cannot say in line with the OP's question if the construction quality is on par with the Sir Winnie. That said though, I have been able to grab myself 4 boxes of Lucis during my shopping spree Jan-Mar 2

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