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  1. I would not underestimate Russia and her capabilities. Especially if two to three others chomping at the bit to settle scores want to run their own campains while U.S. and Eu are busy.
  2. I'll Play. Per the CDC BMI Calculator: For the information you entered: Height: 6 feet, 7 inches Weight: 345.6 pounds Your BMI is 38.9, indicating your weight is in the FAT BASTARD category for adults of your height. For your height, a healthy weight range would be from 164 to 221 pounds. (Yeah right, when I was 19yrs old at 6'4 191lbs I could hide behind a flag pole.) 255lbs or less is my goal.
  3. That's not a shark. That's a school bus with teeth!
  4. Being a land lubber I prefer my feet on the ground far inland with a healthy respect for large predators that would love to eat me. Brown bears, Wolves, Mountain lions etc. I've always been fascinated by sharks as a kid and loved watching documentaries, reading books about them etc. Learned a little more about a few while snorkeling in the Philippines a few years back. So I stumble across this video shot in the Brother Islands of the Red Sea and my reactions went about like this. Oh sh$t its an Oceanic White Tip 9 Seconds in, it stops swimming, arches its back and glides in. "Oh, sh$t its and Oceanic White Tip coming in hot and aggressive It's instantly aggressive and everyone is pretty much like watching a fight happen in public. frozen on the spot. After the deed is done, I'm noticing something and go back through. I notice, not a single person has a bangstick (hotstick), spear gun or sharp pointy stick for protection. Anyway, I also found this article and what troubled me was this, they were going for deep water dive certifications. Ok, so they have a bunch of novices. And also they say they had seen 3 Oceanic White Tips the day before with no problems. Here's where I have questions. Knowing how aggressive Oceanic sharks are and having a group of novices, why would you not brief everyone how to react and cluster together if they see another one? Clearly everyone stayed spread out so doubtful than any such advise happened. Another, if you in charge of a group of novices swimming around, Bull, Tiger or Oceanic, Why would you not have designated safety diver with something to ward off a shark should it become aggressive with at least a sharp pointy stick and immediately swims in. The first novice the shark approached could have been the one that lost his calf. Is there not a certain level of responsibility the dive master in charge has to protect the students? Like I said, I'm a land lubber. Could someone with some dive experience chime in? Seems to me this could have easily been avoided. Whenever I go over into areas with big land predators with friends I carry protection and advise my friends that have never had an encounter, how to react if we encounter any of them.

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