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  1. Getting ready for yardwork. My playlist for the day is a mix of Bluesy and Metal. Bluesy I'm really digging these guys lately. Close my eyes and I hear Robert Plant. Catchy rhythm.
  2. HDM DC, RYJ Churhills, Lucitanias, QDO Coronas, Gigantes, Fonseca #1, HDM Epi2,1 and Especial.
  3. I'm down from 346 at the start of this to 302lbs. My journey in weight loss started a year ago from 507lbs. About a month ago I went back to an activity I have thought the last few years that I would never do again. I used to race snowmobiles in 2001-2003. I now have a new sled on order. Thank you for keeping things going in a positive direction with this contest.
  4. Deaths now at 30.
  5. Ooo We have the weekend for weigh in. I took mine this morning but I might loose more. 50/50 shot though since I'm smoking 8 racks of ribs tomorrow. I'll post them if I get lighter. until then here's mine. Hoping to get below 300 the next couple days.
  6. Yeah, but I already have other expensive hobbies. Guess I'm going to have to give up hookers and blow for my cigar habit. JK, but I seriously have other expensive hobbies. I'm well stocked for now. I'll just have to stop handing them out for free to the regular moochers in my life. Who knows, give it a year or two and look at the value of my stash and maybe I'll sell it off and use the proceeds to buy Hugh Heffner's pad.
  7. Glad I stocked up when I did…now I’m afraid to smoke what I have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I live in Right to Work. Companies can fire for no reason. The catch is many do not want to pay a portion for workers unemployment compensation if they don't have to. So most will wait until you dig your own grave to establish a track record leading up to termination and or if terminated the incident is documented to avoid wrongful termination (Age etc) or show that the employee was negligent/insubordinate that would bar them from workers compensation. Another thing companies try to avoid is people quitting so they will fire. I worked at a call center where if it looked like you were leaving or you gave notice. They would try to fire you first. Why? Because it didn't effect the managements turnover % if they fired an employee. If their turnover gets to high then management gets the microscope on it's hiring, training, engagement etc. Also, Companies try to enforce non-compete clauses at hiring for some sales fields in hopes to keep them from leaving and taking clients with them, but that has yet to hold water in court. Best a big company can do is try to make it cost a lot in court trying to defend. Insurance company I currently work for took a former agent to court trying to enforce the Non-Compete. The agent was smart in that he had his business policy through the company still so they had to pay $30k in attorney fees for him so he could fight them in court. On another note I had an uncle that was a diesel mechanic for Caterpillar for over 35yrs with exceptional scores the whole time. New young guy cam in and they had medical screenings. My uncle was diagnosed with Alpha 1 antitrypsin (lung disorder) on a Monday, told to work in a paint booth on Thursday, he declined on Friday and on Monday they fired him. He went to work down at the Freightliner shop knowing very well who my uncle was. Let him do his own thing and let him take the time to go fight them in court for nearly a year. Judge ruled age and medical discriminations and my uncle being the good guy that he is, wouldn't take any monetary other than lost wages and they had to hire him back. (I personally would have retired). So he went back to work and he never heard a peep from management, new guy was not allowed any direct or indirect contact with him, and he was pretty much given free reign after that for nearly 10 more years until he died on New Years eve a couple years ago. So there is that. Still have to worry about Hostile Work Environment, Wrongful termination in accordance with federal laws.
  9. I don't sear my steaks on any grill or smoker. Though they are capable as they can quickly reach 500f to reverse sear after smoking and I do have an Artesian Steel Plate that would work great to sear on. I choose not to out of preference for using cast Iron for searing. After done smoking I have a cast iron pan with a bit of butter ready to quickly reverse sear. I like mine a lot. I followed the advise of 3 of my cousins when I bought mine. They said buy as big of one that you can afford. They were right, Since I have had mine I never wish I had a smaller one. I've made outstanding apple pie, pizza, veggies etc on mine as well. Before winter sets in I usually like to smoke several briskets and pork buts to vacuum seal and toss in the freezer for the winter months. Also nice to have individual size ready to go for lunch or any occasion. One day I really liked the space was I was smoking fish with veggies and had chili on while also smoking a pork butt all at once. I love the wifi controller also. I was doing about 10 ribs one day and the wife called unexpectedly and needed me to pick her up. It was December and cold outside, sun was going down so the outside temp was dropping rapidly. But while I drove across town I could monitor with my app, watch the temp start to decrease and adjust. About 10 minutes from home I got the alert that they reached the desired temp and I just flicked it to Keep Warm. When I got home, I simply walked out, pulled it off, wrapped and stuffed in the cooler for a few hours to rest like normal. This is also why I like the double walled insulation of the Timberline series rather than having to wrap with an insulated cover. The wifi controller can be a headache to setup the first time, typically you want a wifi booster close to where the smoker is. Pellets, I never use the Traeger pellets at $20 per 20lb bag. I far prefer Lumberjack Competition Blend and Apple Blend at $9 per 20 lb. Traeger settled a lawsuit over additives to their pellets and like to add oils to them. I prefer all natural wood typically found in the cheaper brands, Lumberjack is actually a premium quality. Trays and attachments, I have a fish basket, Trager Chicken leg tray for making chicken leg lolly pops, two of their rib racks, a few stainless grid trays to smoke veggies and a good set of cast iron cookware. If you want a Trager Timberline 1300 your going to have to snatch one up quick. The new model replacement is over $1000 more the features they added I do not feel justify the price tag. For that money I would look at a Yoder or a Rec Tec instead. Not my smoker but you can see when you roast chicken legs and wings they take up room quickly. (and I always like some left overs)
  10. Just tried to maintain. This month but still losing. Took mine clothed this month. On the way out the door and remembered needed update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I love my Traeger Timberline 1300. Load it up with food for a big party or a bunch of meat to smoke, seal and freeze for lunches or later in the year like winter. Plus if I have to run an errand or something, I can control my grill from anywhere my phone has service.
  12. I was sold the moment I saw the cigar lounge. Suppose they would take a check?
  13. I was actually trying to maintain weight this month a bit to let skin catch up. Oh well, game on this month.
  14. And some clutch to get the fog out of the eyes this morning.
  15. That's what I'm talking about. Making everything from scratch. No processed anything, you know exactly what's in it. I love food that is so pure like that.
  16. I had my wife look at your photos. She said they were Saba bananas just like the ones they had in their back yard in the Philippines. She said they were good in the dishes I mentioned but also one of their favorites was a snack. Take one just as it's ripening, boil in water and let cool, dice up and dip in Alamang I would have to take her word for it that that's good.
  17. I've watched some Youtube vids before on Pineapples but they will not tolerate my climate. Anyway from what I saw about 5-6 years and you'll start getting larger higher quality pineapples.
  18. Now you all have me craving fish and chips that I cant find
  19. I don't think I want to know. I didn't even think of it until you mentioned it and it instantly reminded me of a scene in Van WIlder

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