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  1. A good "hoodwink" will get me to do a lot of things too
  2. So I asked a friend of mine that owns a cigar line that is manufactured in Nicaragua this question. His thoughts: a robust uses 3.5 leafs in the filler, the binder leaf, and wrapper leaf. 5.5 leafs total. So nearly 20% of the cigar is binder leaf. It would be impossible for that leaf to not impart significant flavor.
  3. This works for about 30-40 minutes depending on how heavy the smoke is. Me and a buddy have tried this. Works amazingly but not for long. And you have to buy the allergen filters which cost $15-$20 so for 1 cigar you spend $30-$40. You can leave the filter on but the air flow will literally come to a complete halt within an hour with just 2 of us smoking.
  4. I'd like to see a review on the new Vegueros as I am really intrigued by them but just can't pull the trigger. Maybe some expert opinions would help me put this one to rest.
  5. The label on the cigar says "Thoroughly toast entire foot before smoking" so no, the portion left out of the cigar is just for looks.
  6. What a wonderful and blessed life your father has lived and how fortunate your family is to have shared it with him this many years. It is a wonderful legacy he has left you, the memories of a glorious life. My deepest and sincere condolences to you and your family. Kiss him and hold him until his last breath.
  7. I have yet to smoke any cigar over 10 years of age that has any remarkable flavors left. All are very mild with little to no spice and all seem to have a slight citrus peel sourness to them. I haven't smoked many vintage stocks but I've had sticks from every decade going back to 1964 and honestly anything past 2005 has just been a huge disappointment.
  8. The Upmann half corona was a dog **** for me too until I bought an HQ box and let them sit for a year. Holy crap did they ever change in a year. Now I wish I had let them sit for 2 but that year did wonders on them.
  9. My oldest daughter was born in 2010 and was my first child so naturally I had to buy a box of each EL released that year. The Trinidad Short T was uber expensive and small; and as such already had much against it. I try and smoke at least one of the EL's from 2010 on her bday or at her bday party. This cigar has made me cringe since the first puff. It's burnt wet grass mixed with wet wood flavors have made me debate many times on just tossing them. However, I still hold on to them as I have a decent amount of money in them. So, without further adieu: The cigar looks lovely with its dark, almost Maduro wrapper. The bands are lovely and it makes me wonder why this cigar is such a dog ****. The first puffs bring forth an unexpectedly nice cedar and slight creamy flavor. There's a hint of tobacco spice in there. This cigar is actually good! It's not the horrible monster that I remembered from the last few years. The first 20 minutes of the cigar are actually quite enjoyable. Flavors mix from cedar to a light cocoa to a slight grassy flavor with that slight pepper emerging. None of them bad at all. This thing might have finally hit its mark! 35 minutes in and I've removed both bands and the burn is just at the start of the main Trinidad band. This cigar has been good up until this point and this is where all the bad memories rear their ugly heads. Almost in one single puff, the flavors shift from cedar to burning wet wood and that fresh cut, wet grass flavor emerges. I soldier on for 5 more minutes hoping to get any of the good flavors back but nothing comes back. It's a mess and I pitch it. This does give me hope for the future of the cigar as most of the cigar was enjoyable and I would wager that if I had no previous history with the cigar that I would have looked favorably on it. First half: 89 Second half: 83
  10. Damn! That was the last cigar I was going to pick. I honestly thought I had this one nailed. I even compared it to my other robustos and it really only matched 1 in color and shape. Well crap! 0-2 now!
  11. The last few boxes on the 24:24 have had the new bands

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