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  1. I'd grab a box of PSP D4s, little brother D6s, and a cube of CoShos, as this is what I've been smoking the most of... with the balance going towards trying some LE singles.
  2. Totally hooked on these, great when it's a little colder out...
  3. I faced a similar dilemma at my brother's wedding, and settled on the Upmann Half Corona. Most guests weren't regular smokers, so I figured they wouldn't necessarily stick with a cigar for an hour or more, and I'd be driven crazy by setting a bunch of perfectly good sticks abandoned with only an inch or two smoked... People seemed to like them as a half hour break from the dance floor.
  4. The new terms seem reasonable, and I'm thankful for our host providing this service. Good to take steps to keep it without-charge and accessible for newcomers.
  5. Flor de las Antillas toro, Illusione Epernay (multiple sizes), Intemperance BA Intrigue, and Liga Privada Papas Fritas are some of my favourites...
  6. Hi from the great white north! Got into cigars almost 10 years ago, with the smaller RyJs (mille fleurs, sport largos, etc), was one-box-at-a-time for a while, went on a grand tour of non-Cuban cigars, and have found myself again craving the Cubans that hooked me to begin with - except that I can afford more than one box at a time now . Been lurking for awhile, but I'm glad to meet you all.
  7. Thanks! Already picking up a box of half coronas off 24:24, was thinking that these sound like a nice counterpoint to the Upmanns, in terms of flavour...
  8. Any word on a review of these yet? Gotta grab some more short smokes to see me through to spring...

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