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  1. Johns was the best halfback Lewis probably best overall player / captain Imagine if he had stayed in rugby, same with Sticky, O'Connor, Ray Price ..... the list goes on
  2. My chambers are 100m from the cafe. Was walking back from court this morning when heard yelling and screaming (9:50am). Didnt think much of it - not unusual for that to happen outside court from time to time - so went into my chambers. Then someone in our floor got a text to say it was an armed robbery at the cafe. Then after the third central alarm message in our building to stay away from the windows I thought it was time to leave - so got out of there around 10:30. I fear this is not going to end well. Thoughts and prayers are with the hostages and police
  3. Hmm This is a touchy issue. I have no problem with even 10,000 presently employed police officers arresting 1 person if it stops a murder. The actions the other day send a message both to the criminals and makes me more comfortable that they have these people under constant surveillance. Well done to the police and intelligence agencies I say.
  4. I also think the extra length on the Montecarlo enables it to be more forgiving for fast smokers or new entrants to smaller ring gauge cigars who smoke too fast. I think the extra length probably cools the smoke more - although only until such time as you reach the panetela length. I also echo the above sentiments that the Montecarlo has certainly overtaken the Panetela in quality in recent years whereas that may not have been the case previously. In terms of flavour difference - wrapper is important but I don't think that all things being equal there is much flavour difference. All I can say is that in my experience the Montecarlo is better but they really get going with a couple of years rest.
  5. Ok. Maybe I am on the wrong side of a few sharpeners following a big win for NSW against Qld tonight (it's ok my mum and her family is from Qld so I have had to suffer 8 years of ignominy) but a few good points have been made about the fact that self censorship on a public forum is good. Rob, this forum only exists because of you. The countless hours of hard work and finance you have put into this forum warrants this as your sole choice only in my view as to what you want to do. Either way I simply hope you will let me post useless rugby and rugby league posts in the future. P.s I am on maybe 2 other hobby style forums - there is definitely a cycle as to posting - namely a regeneration of posters etc where typically it appears to some as though the same questions are being asked over again. We have all joined places as nobodies / noobies. The great thing with this hobby is that unlike some others every year there is variance in the product which lends itself to discussion about the new product and comparison with the old so even if the questions are the same the answers will always change
  6. Re-read again and spell auto etc has stuffed - anyway I think I conveyed my sentiments adequately. Game 2 is going to be HUGE. Thaiday will be back for the maroons and he will add some much needed starch. Bird will be back for us - TRex got little time but I actually thought he was effective. Interesting to see whether Daley goes for size over speed/defensive prowess for game 2 - yep he will will go defence. Qld can't play too much worse than tonight mind you so as I said above be aware the sleeping giant. Nonetheless that was a huge win tonight
  7. That should be Cronk in minute 7 - auto spell - or fate:)
  8. Wow what a game. Go you BLUES. That was intense. Lots of injuries to Qld. Drink in minute 7. That's a huge disruption even if you have kangaroos back up coming on as replacement in Herry Evans. Even cam smith who seriously looks as though he did a 3 week tear of his ankle was stuffed for a while although god only knows how he powered on. But The blues won it up front. As King Wally said on the tele - blues were making on average about 15m more before kick in the first half. Second half don't know. Second half blues line defence was incredible. Hayne is special. Ingles is also special. JT probably didn't have his best game but again - the blues forwards smashed it. Can't believe blues are in it to win series here in Sydney. That game is going to be freakin HUGE. Seriously thought we had no chance tonight against a kangaroos team in maroon. Mind you we may have just woken the sleeping giant. 3 weeks to game 2. Bring it on Go the blues Go the Tahs !!!
  9. As with many other posts I thought of writing Or wrote a long post, thought about it, then deleted it because this is a public forum. People, I have a certain view of where our hobby is headed in terms of availability of tobacco products etc and I do not think it is good. For that reason I think go private. Then I think - what is truly private? On a forum on the inter webs. Is it ever private. So maybe keep it public and stuff them all. A private forum is only a subpoena away from being public anyway. But as many a judge here has said - never type something unless you can handle speaking to it in court one day. Mind you I think that principle summarises what the moderators already do here - so I guess I have been ambivalent in my ramblings. Fundamentally I do think a private forum would be more conducive to open discussion - if only from me - but I may be a complete bore !
  10. It's OK man. There'll be another Event. Or will there......??????!?!?!?!?!?!??
  11. For all intents and purposes Dubai is duty free - so i don't think there is any limit - cigars are sold in duty free shop as you exit airport - i.e. past customs etc. As said above - i never met anyone in any shop selling cigars who know the first thing about them. Ask to inspect all boxes
  12. To answer the question in the post title: Global political power shall remain the same. I think the question really is what is the relative quantum of that power - and what has it been historically. And in that respect I still think it is, has been and shall remain the same as it has been post WW2 Economic position - it's not a zero sum game and there are some economies which are obviously growing significantly. But again I wonder whether that is all doom and gloom? Frankly I don't know. Or I don't see a huge change.
  13. The question posited only appears to deal with economic influence. In that respect the question really revolves around the time period of influence that you are comparing. 19th C to 20th C to 21st C? Assuming modern post WW2 times - In general terms I really doubt that there is any death of US influence economically. Manufacturing is being outsourced to cheaper places but major / global organisations are still based in, run by or have huge US presence. Except for tax purposes in which case the Caymans, Cook Islands and Bermuda probably run the world. Political influence? In a global sense was it ever really that dominant post WW2? - Anyone remember the USSR? China? Sure US political influence was great (large) but not dominant. Probably the same as it is now? As for all the talk of recent wars in the middle east etc as some kind of cause for alleged waning influence - Korea? Vietnam? Social influence? Modern western democratic societies are basically uniform in their main beliefs Its why this forum works. US has had a huge influence on that historically and continues to drive it still I believe. in terms of influence on other cultures? Again - I ask was it ever that great? Does a yak herder in Uzbekistan really care about US social influence - have they ever? So really I do not think too much has changed influence wise. But hey I could be wrong
  14. Why was this person filming a nondescript road / intersection in London? Maybe heard the lambo coming a mile off? Strange

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