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  1. 1.Monte 4 2.(>4y old) PLPC 3.BPC love upmann half and the mag 46 but their pc has disappointed me every time.
  2. puh, good that they have chosen the asia-pacific market and not germany for a RE 88.
  3. i just know that the jar makes a cameo in the french film classic "le feu follet".
  4. prefer mixed parties over boys nights by a mile. no matter how sophisticated the crowd, alcohol + no women and at least one guy snaps and goes on some super stupid endless rant nobody wants to hear.
  5. monte 4 but monte 5 and huhc are both better than the two in my experience.
  6. +1 for bpc and monte 4. prefer hoyo du prince and upmann pc, but just with 3(better 5)+ years on it.
  7. in a pedal boat, in the newest episode of think they are r&js
  8. I dont think these terms mean anything anymore, if they ever did in the first place. I'm for new regulations and i'm for abolishing regulations, i'm from increasing welfare and public investment in some some ways but i'm also mad that they even exist in other ways, i'm for mass immigration and for mass deportation and so on.
  9. His first 4 albums are all in my top 20, incredible artist.

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