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  1. Added to diary. Nice one It might be worth creating an event on Facebook. I'll do it if no-one else knows how
  2. Great review guys. Got a box of HQ ones sitting in the humidor
  3. Some HQ Winstons from the overnighter DSC_0002 by kidgloves007, on Flickr
  4. Quintero Favoritos but I've grown to love PLMC so I can see more purchases in the future
  5. Evenings and weekends for me. Dictacted by the weather really. Thank god for robusto's and half coronas when the Autumn and winter set in
  6. Had one of these today after just a couple of months rest. Absolutely beautiful. Rich, dark chocolate taste. Suites my palate perfectly. Very impressed.
  7. Received this as a Christmas present. Single jet flame. Seems ok so far
  8. Love Punch Dc's and VRDA but didn't enjoy the 2 Lusitania's I had at all.

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