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  1. Glorious weekend in the great white North (Toronto, specifically). 21C today, so I figured I’d bite on the review contest. Stocking up the last of my Salomones singles that I picked up at a hole-in-the-wall B&M in Hvar, Croatia two summers back. 2014, but I didn’t get the box code off it (Or I was too inebriated to commit it to long term memory). This thing was built to perfection. A little slow to light on start up as the flame stretched out the wider ring gauge. Early draws reminded me of biscuits with a serious spice kick. Water was an insufficient pairing so I sw
  2. glad to see someone else taking this side. Jose stood up looking for a fight and Odor beat him to it. I'm glad he got clocked. - also a jays fan
  3. I'm hoping that sticker is just replacing the ID recorded one - I've received the same
  4. Smoked all 5 the same week I received them - they were great and had I had the whole box I would have smoked through all 25. Also, I remember Tom saying that the Partagas LE 2014 were a 'go deep' cigar. I've tried a few singles and was very impressed. Am currently looking for a few boxes of these.
  5. You sure? Could have sworn my bottles had differing numbers but they're all gone now
  6. Definitely a nice stick. Can't go wrong with them.
  7. About 6-8 a week. Every second day I'll have a couple

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