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  1. law student. no income so I have about 60ish cigars down from a high of about 1,200 two years ago. going to work over winter break will probably purchase 100 or so to get me through the spring and summer. only have time for 1 or 2 per week =(
  2. picked up 2 boxes in 2014, and it was the best cigar i had all year. however, the size borders on obnoxious and i just dont reach for it because of it.
  3. If Mets win game 6, they will win game 7. Royals have to win it game 5 or 6. Royals dont want to be in a game 7 where their best hope is ventura/young vs syndergaard
  4. flavor wise, the CoRo Supremos is number 1 for me. Best tasting cigar I had all year.
  5. Jets fan. Was really upset when they beat the Titans and severely decreased their top overall draft pick equity. Still hoping for 3-13 to be enough to land Mariota.
  6. Thinking of trying the CoRo Supremos today. Everyone has been raving about it.
  7. sup from long island but a suny albany graduate!
  8. First two thirds were awesome, was a real let down in the last third.
  9. This will pass through Congress. Big businesses want to be able to operate in Cuba without being fined and once that lobby money starts flowing into Republican pockets this will pass pretty quickly

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