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  1. Just giving this a bump hoping someone will chime in.
  2. Just got back from Israel and got a good recommendation for a cigar stor in Tel Aviv, now i'm off to Caen France Saturday for 11 days. Anybody have any recommendations for a few good cigar places in the area to enjoy a smoke and pick up a few boxes to take home. Thanks,
  3. Excellent I'll give Freddie's a try. Thanks so much.
  4. I'm in Israel this week and I was wondering if anybody knows of any good cigar shops in the area I can visit and pick up a few cigars. I'm staying in Netanya and working in Caesarea. Netanya is about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Great review thanks for sharing. I smoked one last night as well. Mine was slightly over a year old. Very well constructed with an excellent burn all the way thru. Although still young very complex, I determined that this cigar is going to age really really well. They are down for at least a couple of years but really looking forward to what they become. I'm hoping I can forget about them.
  6. There was no real surprises in Robs list for me. I'm don't think I would have guess all of those listed, but when I saw the list I was like Ya that looks right.
  7. Disagree with this on so many levels. But that's just my take. But today IMO is most definitely not better musically or artistically, and questionably culturally. Medical and technology has certainly advanced or gotten better. But it can be debated that lots of modern technology is contributing to a downfall in society and culture. And some medical technology is keeping people alive much longer than they should be from a quality of life perspective.
  8. Not much of a Dylan fan, his voice sounds like an annoying whining preteen in a restaurant. But you can't argue that he was one of the most significant influential artists of early rock and roll. His lyrics and song writing are amongst the best in and era of the best.
  9. Agree that demand will most likely double over night. I suspect, and robs observation seems to confirm that Cuba will not be ready for it. IMO prices will skyrocket, quality goes to sh$t for at least the short term. Maybe American interests try and move in and aquire the industry. With all that in mind I think that what might be in our favor (present CC appreciators) is that Americans have become an instant gratification society, the upspike in demand by the millions of casual smokers is going to be short lived. These people are not going to have the patience to age cigars, one, two, or five years. After the initial wave your going to hear people saying "I don't under stand what the big deal is with Cubans" the fact is many young Cubans are not as good as aged NCs. Also the inconsistency in quality of Cubans is not going to improve during this period. Many of the serious Connoisseurs are already buying Cubans and understand the process. The golfer, out with the guys at a bar, backyard outing, type of smoker, which is a huge buyer base is going to lose interest quite quickly. These people are not going to want to drop $18-20 on a cigar that was rolled last month and smokes like a ****. So I think there is going to be a huge spike and all our fears will be realized but it's going to be short term. Will there be a larger market no doubt, but I bet it settles at much much less than the initial bump.
  10. Couldn't be more wrong IMO. There has never been an era and probably will never again be an era withso many excellent band and song writers. This was an era of change, a culture revolution was going on world wide. For the 1st time the younger generation was questioning authority and the regimented lifestyles and family structure that everybody was molded into. Government was being question, Vietnam was being protested. The young generation was visualizing a different world, the song writing reflected that. The fabric and structure of the present day society was being questioned. Music and song writing reflected all of this. There is no era in music that has even come close.
  11. Red wines: I think red wines pair nicely with cigars. Cab or Merlot with a Partagas, Trinadad Zinfandel with a Cohiba or h. Upmann's, LGC White wines: not a fan Port wine: Partagas, Trinadad, Scotch/gin martini: H. Upmann's, LGC, San Cristobol, Trinadad, Partagas, Cohiba Water/vitamin water with all marcas Black coffee: Por Larranga, H. Upmann's, San cristobol, LGC
  12. Absolutely priceless no question about it. You'll have that all your life I bet. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Also if you can I would vacuum seal using one of those food sealers if you have one instead of the ziplock method. Just be careful when sealing you don't crash the boxes. I usually let it suck the air out and then manually press the seal button to seal it off. I don't let it go thru the whole sealing cycle. Everybody has there own method but I don't do the fridge for the day then room for the day thing. I freeze for 72 hrs. My freezer is -14 degree F then I pull out leave on counter until they defrost 1/2 day or so. Cut out of bag and put in humi. Let then come up to temp before breaking the vacuum seal so you don't get condensation.
  14. I be attached a photo of a chart a brother in another forum posted a few months back. It's a freezing schedule. I.E what temps for how long for killing beetles at various stages of their life. Hope it helps.
  15. I also freeze everything, doesn't harm or change the cigar in anyway and it s a nice piece of mind.
  16. 2014's have been excellent for such a young cigar. One of the best young ones of the year along with the Bolivar PC and H. Upmann's #2
  17. Bolivar PC from our host. I nub them every time I smoke them.
  18. I agree with this. I didn't like scotch years ago many of my friends did. I kept at it, a sip here and there until one day I actually enjoyed it. Then I started picking up the nuances of different ages and and different brands and now I love scotch. Same thing with gin martini's, my parents loved them when I was growing up. I thought the tasted like Christmas trees. I would sip from theirs here and there, make myself one, and again one day I enjoyed it and have never looked back. It's an acquired taste and takes time to realize the subtleties of cigarS, pipe tabacco, wine, scotch whatever. In the end it maybe "heaven forbid" he doesn't like Cubans.
  19. All I can say is oh oh now you've done it
  20. Johnny- O or AM custom. Hate wasting something better when I can't sit down and really enjoy.
  21. Fantastic news Hunter that is awesome. Not only should you be proud of him but take a bow yourself for doing such a fine job in bringing him up. Congrats to you both.
  22. I know this can turn into a touchy subject but I wanted to share this story hoping everybody remains respectful to one another's beliefs. It doesn't even have to turn into a debate but maybe others have similar eerie stories they'd like to share. Many of you know my dad just passed way, until a few weeks ago he was the primary caregiver for my mom who is in advanced stages of altzimers. We wanted to keep my mom at home so hired a couple of other caregivers to go into the home 3 times a day to help my dad with her care. When my dad went into the hospital 3 1/2 weeks ago we needed to add what we thought would be temporary around the clock care for my mom. The 2 woman who were the original caregivers were friends of our who do that for a living. The temporary help came from an organization called Visiting Angles. We had them mainly for overnight care. So my dad was unable to recover from his condition despite the efforts of the doctors and nurses at the hospital and we had to make the call either feeding tube the rest of his life with a mental state getting worse (delirium) or let him pass. We decided it was time and he would be pissed if we chose the other option. So dad was admitted to hospice care which is a end of life care. He was admitted on Tuesday and we were told he has less than 24 hrs. He had not eaten or drank anything in 2 weeks. He finally passed 5 days later Sunday morning at 1:05am. At 8:30 Sunday morning the caregiver shift was changing and the have a 15 minute crossover where they fill the person coming in to events and condition of my mom from the previous shift. The caregiver said everything was quiet except around 1am my mom started screaming out my dads name. Neither the care giver nor obviously my mom knew of my dads passing. My mom doesn't know any of us and barely remembers my father at this point in the diseases progression. Now in not a very spiritual man, I have more questions than answers, skeptical about "ghosts" etc. but as an engineer and logical man how do I explain away that at that time my father passed away in home, in a different city, my mother who is advanced stage altzimers wakes from a sleep and starts yelling his name. Very very eerie.

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