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  1. I've stored cigars, obtained from all over the world (but not Cuba directly), for more years than I can remember and have never frozen any of them - nor have I needed to.
  2. The man has class: a great cigar accompanied by the perfect libation. Dates don't get much better than this...what more could one ask for?
  3. Such "authority" is purely gratuitous and can be gratuitously denied.
  4. Decreed by whom? By what authority? I agree that some Indians speak "The Queen's English" very well. Aussies and Kiwis alike would probably concur that some accents found in parts of England itself (not to mention areas of the US) would grate on them and would, therefore, be the worst for them.
  5. Doesn't it cut both ways? Kiwis think the Australian accent is worse than theirs. Who's to say they are right or wrong? How is the Oz accent "better" than the NZ one? Isn't it a subjective matter of personal preference/prejudice? By what criteria can the topic be judged impartially? Should the "Queen's English" be considered the norm, with other versions of English, wherever spoken, relegated to the inferior category?
  6. I'm delighted you weren't offended, Ken. People say (and I would be the first to agree) that my sense of humour can be rather peculiar.
  7. I knew that all along, and was just pulling his leg. I hope Ken wasn't offended!
  8. Yes, there are those who would be prepared to pay that much (I certainly wouldn't!) - but the authentic version would fetch far more.
  9. If you mean the original BGM (not the later ersatz version), you'd be right - but I wouldn't sell mine.
  10. Who are the "so many"? How can they use a gadget that isn't available yet?
  11. КУРЕНИЕ УБИВАЕТ means SMOKING KILLS (I think). What the hell does that have to do with smoking? Nanny state in Russia, as elsewhere (including Cuba), wants to protect you from yourself!!
  12. I remember the original BGM (discontinued in the early 1990s) - one of my favourites. The flavour of its successor was/is vastly different, worse so. The interloper masquerading under the moniker is a shocker. Its deletion elicited no tears from me; one of the few sensible things Tabacuba has done.
  13. Many thanks for that useful information. I have seldom smoked that size (a bit too small for me), but I shall have to re-consider if the El Principe measures up. In the meantime, some Distinguidos have to be sampled to see whether they deliver that strong roasted peanut flavour I am seeking.

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