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  1. Smoking 2012's and they are great! Although my last box was 2013 and I went through it in about six months! I like them first thing in the morning, what A nice wake up!
  2. This morning A PLMontecarlo A very nice box, not one dud so far with only six left! I'm going to try and order the same box code, hope I get as lucky!
  3. Great to finally start feeling better. Went for A long walk up Freemont st. had A Partagas Lusitania first one in A long time! This particular one came from Lance with some age excellent, nubbed it. This morning A Cohiba Sig.#2 very good with A year and A half on it.
  4. I have A box of 2014 LGC Imenso what did you think of it, same box code I have them in deep storage just wondering if they are smokeing good now!
  5. All the years I've been smokeing cigars I have never had A Dip. #2. I think maybe because I read somewhere Dip. was A ( cheaper, less expensive version of Monte.) !? Monte #2 and #4 are two cigars I have never been out of for years! Have A sampler of Dip#2 on the way I always try and buy A few before A box. I'll cast my vote then! There seams to be a lot of members who like Dip.#2 got me courious.
  6. Second cigar this week A Part. Short verygood! Getting sick then getting A relapse just put me on the carpet! Finaly starting to feel better! Now I have A month of catch up! Oh well I'll getter done!
  7. I went on Cigar Bid and bought A cedar lined hard case leather covered case the best I've ever owned! I just keep it in the humi, with the cedar lining it will keep the cigars just right all night, in this dry climate! It cost me less than $20 shipped! Perfect for A night on the town!
  8. My second cigar in A week A H Uppman petit carona, A young cigar but lots of potential, still A very satisfying smoke! Thanx Airtrade
  9. Very good review, excellent cigar! I haven't been out of these in A couple years! Right at the minute I cant remember what the box code is early 2013 on the ones I'm smokeing now.. Next box will be ULA ! I keep A few older Bolivar tubes in my humi, when headed out and about I load one up! Love that med/full Bolivar profile!
  10. Just wondering how the 2014 LGC is I have A half box in deep storage. I was thinking of fireing one up Super Bowl Sunday.
  11. I have smoked two pre embargos in my life, while a lot of people might find them good they lost what I look for in A cigar! I guess if I was to buy one I would try and find something that is full body! I guess if I just won the lottery I would try the Monte #2! Been over 25 yrs. since I've been to S.F. great resturants! I can feel my self gaining weight just thinking about it! Have Fun!!!!
  12. I still have about half A bottle of 12 yr. old. A friend of my daughters who is A liquor distrbuter here got it for me A year ago! Another one is Four Roses which really wasn't that popular has really spiked in price! The El Cortez here in Vegas sells A shot of Pappy 12 yr. old for $70!!!! I'm working on getting A bottle of 20 yr. old! Very hard to get in this town you have to know somebody and then it's sketchey!
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Greg from SIN CITY hope you have A most excellent day!

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