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  1. PapaDisco

    Hanoi: The Metropole

    A little good news update: Angelina at the Metropole, which had gone to "Cigars only allowed late after the dinner hour" has now cordoned off the first anteroom with curtains to better control the smoke and once again allow smoking during all opening hours.
  2. PapaDisco

    common misquotes...

    Yes, obvious question on the "actual quotes," it is interesting though, the contrast between the 'quoted' material and all the rest; so that makes the read fascinating. 😉
  3. PapaDisco

    common misquotes...

    Apparently our man John is dually qualified in both Geek and Greek! 🤔 Ken: long on my reading list, but not completed, is the full set of Gospels (the Agnostic Gospels they call them in the U.S.). Fascinating thinking through which were included and which were excluded. Besides the obvious issues of author (my Presbyterian Minister likes to discuss this point and rattle off that "this one had 5 authors over 300 years" etc) I also think it's enormously intriguing to read what's colloquially called the, "Jefferson Bible" (Thomas Jefferson called it the "Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth") and it was a project he completed during his presidency in his spare time. Like our esteemed Mod, Jefferson could read Greek (and Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, and some German, Welsh and Arabic) and he took an early Greek version, Latin Verson and English edition of the New Testament and stripped out everything except for the actual quotes from Jesus. Gone are all the miracles reported by third parties and related commentary (one of the principal criticisms of the work) but the remaining content is remarkable in it's clarity and universal message. Quite brilliant. It is a modest book by size, but a worthy read. One of my dear friends, when I suggested she read it, responded, "Screw that! I'm not signing up for any religion without miracles!"
  4. PapaDisco

    Friday Funny: Target marketing?

    Well, at least that's better than a sharp poke in the eye . . . . . . er, maybe not . . .
  5. You need another shed . . .
  6. I'm no statistician, so I'm gonna weigh in here with authority! Those of you who actually know a thing or two please correct me as needed . . . If I'm reading this right, the conflicting results of the various studies are due to the different outcomes from an overall mortality analysis versus a cause specific mortality analysis. And to me it's interesting that for this drinking analysis the results are the opposite of cigar studies That is: with overall mortality stats you get a bad outcome for drinking, but a good outcome for cigars (I'll quote the Surgeon General on that in a sec); whereas for a specific mortality analysis you get a good outcome for drinking (glass of red wine prevents heart disease, etc.) but a bad outcome for cigars. To my mind, the hardest analysis to refute is the overall mortality data; because you don't manipulate it in any way. You just look at live/die, not "did they die because of a car crash or because the two inch ash fell in his lap just before he crashed?" sort of thing. That's where the Surgeon General's report comes in: in overall mortality cigar smokers who smoke 5 or fewer cigars per day live as long (or longer ) than non-smokers; considering death from all causes: cancer, stress, bad marriage, mafia killings, etc. What this new drinks study seems to say is the inverse: that regardless of the positive benefits of red wine (puts Ken in a good mood for example ) in total, those who drank anything at all died younger from all causes: shark attacks, infectious phlebitis, hangnails, grouchy disposition. Attached is the relevant page from the Surgeon General's report Cigar Surgeon General.pdf
  7. Ha! You know you're a well stocked collector when you start forgetting cigars! They make for a wonderful surprise though, and before you know it everything is 5 years old or better!
  8. I went through a couple of years where I'd leave my traveling sticks in my hotel room, with the A/C on all day, in a ziplock, with a 65% Boveda. Those were the sticks that seemed to struggle out on the deck for an evening smoke at 80/80 (more like 99/99! ). I never tried something even lower than 65%. My supposition was that, once out in the humidity, the wrapper was sopping up humidity much faster than the filler could. However, if that were true, then all those guys licking their cigars and rinsing them under tap water should have a tunneling problem no? Ah, the mysteries!
  9. The sticks that struggle the most are ones that I take straight from 65/65 to smoking on a hot and humid deck in Saigon. If I smoke them in the A/C at the bar it's all business as usual. When I "acclimatize" them, I leave them out in my hotel room with the a/c off while I'm at the office, so they quickly nudge up to 80F and 80rH conditions. Do that for 3 days or so and they smoke very evenly, although they go out quickly. Could well take less than 3 days, but I've not bothered to do a comparison.
  10. The short answer to the first question is yes, the post El Cornichon referenced does nicely explain that ziplocs are permeable; they'll hold liquids just fine, but will (very slowly) pass small molecules and water vapor. This was only interesting in the context of LT storage for the "Air is Bad" crowd, so if you think "Air is Good" and you're not storing for the next millennium then no worries for you The post also pointed out that Saran Wrap was functionally impermeable as was tin foil (if you can tape the seams) and so these would be preferable for Long-Term-No-Air-Exchange Aging. As to your second question, I too am curious about the speed of moisture absorption by cigars. I've posted before on here that I find my 65/65 cigars burn erratically (tunneling mostly) when taken out into hot and humid conditions; whereas acclimatized cigars (3-5 days in ambient conditions) burn much more evenly (although more relights are required as you would expect). Seems like the wrapper is absorbing local moisture much faster than the filler, but that's just an unscientific impression.
  11. PapaDisco

    Best Law Firm names

    Not a law firm, but at my business school one year the class mailboxes, arranged alphabetically of course, yielded the following run of names: "Loos, Lovely, Lusty"
  12. PapaDisco

    NYC Herf?

    Same here. I'm there the 2nd week in September and the 1st week in December.
  13. PapaDisco

    New Tobacco Rate In Oz

    that's gotta be a typo!
  14. I frequently confuse you with George Clooney . . . . . . man that girl must have been smashed already when she walked in!
  15. PapaDisco

    Taste this............

    Well, I guess it all depends on how well soaked and slicked with saliva the business end of that stick is. Does it have that well-chewed look? Or is it just your basic slimy-brown-tobacco-juice-slurry look? Either one says "come suck on this" to me into

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