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  1. I concur with the Captain. If they turned Atomic Blonde into a franchise I'd watch every film that came out. Expanding diversity in film should be more about letting the women create fitting roles, rather than try to cram them into an existing legacy.
  2. Big benefit to tubos is that rich flavor from limited air circulation. However that limited circulation also means that they are more at risk of condensation from big temperature swings. They go into the tubo all warm and moist in Cuba, and then get chilled somewhere (airplane cargo hold, storage in Canada, etc.) and you get tiny water droplets which sets off the mold bloom. So I like loosening the caps for a few days in my humi and then popping them back on for the long nap. Once their rH matches your storage, and IF you can keep their temperature stable you'll have no problems.
  3. Hey Brian, You're most likely OK if you can maintain those temps and it's shorter term storage anyway. The real disaster scenario is a beetle outbreak in longer term storage that you don't catch right away. I used to freeze everything as per the Japan Tobacco chart that BUCK POSTED (no need to yell ). I started freezing everything after finding a single hatched out beetle in a PSD4 tubo from Germany, so things to get through the freezing rooms in Cuba. However it's a pain in the ass and I've slowly fallen off the wagon. So now my LT storage is in water tight tupperdores (risk control just like Buck does), in a temp stable cellar (65F). I fill a new tupperdore and let the cigars settle to their Bovedas (65%) for a month and then saran wrap and close up the Tupper for a nice long nap. But freezing everything would be safer. As to the proper use of the chart, knowing your freezer temp is crucial. Some home freezers aren't all that cold, so measure yours first. If you do the ASININE REFRIGERATOR ADVICE then use the Acclimated larval chart (24 hours at -10 rather than 12 hours). I think most of us who have done the freezing thing have tended to do 2 or 3 days anyway.
  4. 5 year old stock, in good condition, should get a premium but not a huge one. Figure about 7%/year appreciation for good marcas. El Pres has been helpful in the past sourcing older stuff. It's a bit serendipitous of course but he will keep an eye out for you and screen out the junk.
  5. Ha ha . . . active humidification . . . . . . <duck and cover> sort of kidding, and certainly there are some problems that only active can solve, but passive systems with lots of 'mass' for lack of a better word have been working best for me. Staying away from anything that can mechanically fail, or input very short term spikes in liquid moisture is the biggest safety in my mind.
  6. I always thought of the Regionals and the LCDH's as cigars "made to their order" and that was the uniqueness, not that you could only buy them there. From that point of view I never felt that the branding exercise was devalued by me being able to source Pacific Regionals or LCDH offerings from outside their respective areas.
  7. Has there every been a logical evolutionary theory to explain why the rest of the world evolved into "death by big predator" while isolated Australia evolved into "death by smallish bitey things?" Great Whites excepted of course, those buggers seem to be all over the place.
  8. Y'all are such optimists In 50 years I think we'll just be getting started on the "Simplification" and it will be several hundred years before Brother Francis finds the bomb shelter . . .
  9. Bwaahhahahah Good story. But . . . 1. Better add some additional rinse time to whatever that washer is doing, it's clearly not doing enough, AND 2. That residual soap was irritating your outsides? Imagine what it's doing to your insides! Modern dishwashers are designed to use much smaller amounts of water, but is it enough to rinse everything off? 🤔 Also, they're finicky about water temperature and the modern soaps often need higher water temps than the dishwasher can put out. Here in Vietnam you have to turn your water heaters on manually, they aren't on full time, and if you forget and send cold water to the dishwasher (modern Electrolux) you'll be rewarded with undissolved soap sandblasting all your glasses to a dull finish! 3. Lastly, U.S. cities have been consistently upping their chlorine input over the last several decades; under the thinking of "more is better." 😛
  10. I like less air circulation for aging, rather than more. So a cab has less opening area than a dress box, and certainly lacks the paper wrapping of a dress box. However if you never open the thing, or even better, shrink wrap it; a cedar cab of 10 ought to be about the same as a cab of 50 in terms of aging with the difference being in the 'recipe;' one has more cigars, less cedar and vice versa. This is all subjective on my part. Wish I could figure out some compound to measure over time that would objectively track aging.
  11. lol I've typed and erased a half dozen follow up jokes, but just can't bring myself to post. Seriously funny faut pas on the original title! But an excellent looking cave by the little one can see! Love the wood paneling!
  12. Baby name rules: 1. An elegant long form (for when she's signing multi-million dollar deals, treaties, declarations of independence, that sort of thing) 2. A handy short form (nickname) 3. The initials can't form anything derogatory So that means that Punch Immensos Stump89 is off the table . . .
  13. I saw a Scientific American article a ways back that analyzed this and you are correct that generation mix matters. At that the time of publication (I think 15 years ago?) using the U.S. as a guide the analysis said that generation mix in the U.S. made an all electric vehicle about as clean as a hybrid. Gas and diesel vehicles were very far behind. It's likely that this situation has only improved for the electrics and hybrids as they've gotten better, and as U.S. generation capacity has cleaned up (not just the addition of renewables but even the cleaning up of fossil plants; scrubbers on coal, etc.). And of course think of how clean electricity is in places like Germany with a major commitment to renewables. I will miss my internal combustion engines as hobby toys though. I grew up overhauling and modifying and dearly love it, From a reliability and operational point of view though, electric is much better, and man o man the acceleration! Married with autonomous driving (which I agree is further away than pundits predict) and you can imagine a future with all electric, self driving someday. It would be interesting to compare the economics of that with rail, and see if some rail intensive countries might be able to replace those networks with cheaper (?) road and robots? 🤔

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