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  1. PapaDisco

    Baby names help

    Baby name rules: 1. An elegant long form (for when she's signing multi-million dollar deals, treaties, declarations of independence, that sort of thing) 2. A handy short form (nickname) 3. The initials can't form anything derogatory So that means that Punch Immensos Stump89 is off the table . . .
  2. I saw a Scientific American article a ways back that analyzed this and you are correct that generation mix matters. At that the time of publication (I think 15 years ago?) using the U.S. as a guide the analysis said that generation mix in the U.S. made an all electric vehicle about as clean as a hybrid. Gas and diesel vehicles were very far behind. It's likely that this situation has only improved for the electrics and hybrids as they've gotten better, and as U.S. generation capacity has cleaned up (not just the addition of renewables but even the cleaning up of fossil plants; scrubbers on coal, etc.). And of course think of how clean electricity is in places like Germany with a major commitment to renewables. I will miss my internal combustion engines as hobby toys though. I grew up overhauling and modifying and dearly love it, From a reliability and operational point of view though, electric is much better, and man o man the acceleration! Married with autonomous driving (which I agree is further away than pundits predict) and you can imagine a future with all electric, self driving someday. It would be interesting to compare the economics of that with rail, and see if some rail intensive countries might be able to replace those networks with cheaper (?) road and robots? 🤔
  3. PapaDisco

    The $100 Cuban Cigar Bribe

    Dang! Aren't you the affordable deal!
  4. Depends on the breeze. Indoors with no fans going, I'll light the foot with a soft flame or long match, going for that perfect cherry just as the jet flame guys aim for. In any other situation with a disturbing air flow I'll default to the jet alone, or even a puff or two if necessary.
  5. PapaDisco

    CNN. The secret world of cigars

    I don't believe there is a strict code at Club Macanudo in NYC. I go there 7 or 8 times a year and see a fair number of folks dressing down. It's still mostly suits, but I'm guessing that's more about the after work crowd. They might not let you in wearing shorts, flip flops and a ripped t-shirt, but I've seen plenty of golf shirts and jeans. Any of you news hounds catch the Fox News tape last Thursday: "Trump cancels aid to 3 Mexican Countries"? Hmmm? Go CNN!
  6. PapaDisco

    Campers....I need a hand

    My solo backpack runs about 40lbs for a week. It would be lighter but after winnowing down the weight to bare minimums, I then selectively throw back in a luxury or two: a small two man tent instead of a bivy sack, a couple of fresh eggs, a potato or two to liven up the lentil stew. You can get crazy far on 40lbs! 👍 Since the boys came along, we've been strictly car camping: gigantic, stand-up tent, 12V inflatable mattresses, propane grille, and a cooler full of bacony goodness! 😋 It's about time I showed them how it's really done! And most of my tents over the years have been assembled for the first time at night, on the trail, usually in the rain. It's a manly tradition Rob! 💪
  7. PapaDisco

    Campers....I need a hand

    Oh shoot that really would be confusing. Just about everything the kids try to grab is a "Put out your eye" thingy.
  8. PapaDisco

    Worst Airports?

    I think you have to split the rankings into some sort of classification for it to make sense. Big International Airports, Regionals, and, what would you call the third category? 'Adventure Airports?" Big American international airports are pretty bad, but mostly when compared to their foreign counterparts.
  9. I'd give the basement a go when you expand to your next coolerdor, and feel free to leave your current stash upstairs and accessible. Probably the only thing I'd prioritize is going to something with better insulation to slow down your temperature swings. So if you're keeping a few things in a thinly stocked tupperdore, maybe consider switching that to a cooler. Although, truth be told, a damn big tupperdore stocked full of boxes will have enough mass that it will be quite slow to swing the 7F that you're seeing upstairs. Anyway, I'm a fan of stable temps, whatever your choice of specific number. Most of my cigars are in a 65/65 cellar, in big Tuppers well stocked with 65rH Bovedas, and with a dehumidifier for the room standing by in just in case. I also have cigars stored at a much higher ambient temp in SE Asia, and they were all a bit off for the first 6 months or so and have since settled down over the years and now smoke fine. I prefer the stogies from the cellar, but the ones here are good too. I just think that aging in a calm, cool, collected environment is better for the aging 'chemistry' just my theory, no science to prove it. Cardboard packs in the heat get stained and discolored quite a bit faster than in the cool storage, so I take that as a sign that I'm losing tasty volatiles to some small degree in the heat. But if you've got those puppies boxed up in cedar cabs, in tuppers, then those volatiles have fewer places to go. Anyway, just my rumination on it.
  10. PapaDisco

    Worst Airports?

    Of course they count as subsistence! That's practically Fine Dining! Quit yer whining!
  11. Lately it's been Punch Punch, Epi 1, and Upmann Mag 50. I used to bring churchill formats, but they seemed to have a tougher time burning right in high heat and humidity conditions.
  12. PapaDisco

    Worst Airports?

    I've gotta agree on LAX, it's the pits. In general I think the developed world, and American in particular, is over represented in the "lousy airport" category. Some of the smaller regional airports (MSP, RDU) are fine examples of well turned out regional fields; but our big international airports can't compete with the quality being built in Asia. HKG, SIN, ICN, are spectacular examples of terminals (and the transportation to them) being done right. In the U.S., even when we spend $$ on an expansion or retrofit it still seems inadequate. IAD (Dulles) had a multi-billion dollar addition to finish the original terminal (which I still love the Saarinen design) and replace the moon-buggy transports. Unfortunately the designers didn't seem to remotely take "human scale" into consideration and you'll walk a damn mile to the train on one end only to walk another mile when you get off. It would have been shorter to just lay in a foot trail from the terminal to the midfield terminal and have us all walk out. And personally, I miss the boarding from the moon buggies 🤓 I think the updates to the terminals at LHR (Heathrow) are great, but you can walk a half-marathon getting to your gate there. Still, I find their security quite user friendly and super tight (it flagged an empty perfume cartridge in my wife's luggage once), but despite the high security they always seem to move the line along. I'm not a fan of any of the NYC airports. In Europe Brussels is one of the most disorganized and you find a sea of flights that are gate holding in order to collect all of their passengers. It's clearly a situation they are well used to and everything runs on time-plus-50-minutes.
  13. PapaDisco

    Hidden Talents

    Any hidden talent? Or just ones your wife doesn't know about??
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