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  1. Wife and I was at Silverstone today... came in from NYC, fun race great venue but was disappointed in the safety car start (UK weather sucks!!) as we had seats in Abbey which would have been great for a standing start.. Oh well, but we saw all the action in front of us with just about everyone going off in the wet.. Max is for real and slowly becoming my favorite driver on the grid.. Red Bull has caught Ferrari and will surpass then within the next few races. Ferrari is making to many mistakes with setups and strategies. Can't stand seeing so many Lewis fans in 1 place, lol, he was almos
  2. It appears that Nico was on the wrong engine setting during his start procedure and it went into harvesting mode which explains his lack of speed through turn 3 and also his rain light flashing.. Lewis was closing quickly, Nico saw this and made a push to the right obviously to keep Lewis from overtaking.. Both pushed hard Lewis made a move and so did Nico, I do agree that this was a racing incident and I don't expect either driver to give an inch when the Championship is still up for grabs. Love the fight
  3. Legendary drive from Max.. awesome race today
  4. Well Ken your views may change when a country 90 miles away requests your biggest adversary at the time to deploy dozens of ICBM's and point them directly at you.. At least the US is trying to restore relations, ask Turkey and Russia how their relationship is going? I'm an American and our **** stinks just like everyone else's. I'm not saying the US is right but come on man it's not like we are talking about spilt milk here, as you said this is still a very sensitive discussion. The blame should be on Communism and the Castro regime not the US.. We never have and never will support any Comm
  5. My simple solution: don't buy or read the magazine
  6. Though the V10/V8 engines sound unbelievable to revert to them would be a huge step backwards.. Other than the lack of noise and yes for now reliablity the new hybrid units are really damn impressive. The fact that it took Honda so long to figure it out is a testament to how advanced they really are.
  7. I store my boxes at the RH I smoke at which is between 59-61rh.. no need to dry box unless the cigar is extremely oily then maybe a day or 2 tops..
  8. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is a great way to go... takes up little space, easy to use and maintain's steady temps like a dream... I own the 18.5" version and easily cook 4 - 9lb pork butts at a time.. Load it up with Kingsford blue bag briquettes, favorite smoking wood, water and your ready to go.. I do a lot of overnight smokes (12+ hrs) with Pork shoulder and Brisket and the Weber holds temp all through the night. I sleep like a baby knowing this thing is rock solid... Once you get the smoker dialed in you will be smoking some amazing food. Only rec is that you get a digital thermomet

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