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  1. If you’re gonna light up in a crowd, it only seems right to invite others to join you. I always take a 10ct herfador with me. I used to pack a bunch of different good stuff to try to cater to whatever someone might want. I thought starting guys with quality sticks was the way to go. After a lot of trial and error, I now bring two good sticks, and 8 Jose L Piedras. I smoke one of the regular, I have one other in case there happens to be someone else there who appreciates good cigars, and the Jose L Piedras get handed out like candy. The JLP, believe it or not, been the most verbally appreciated sticks out of everything I’ve given out over the years. I think it’s because they’re pretty mild and approachable, so even new guys take to them pretty well. And, everyone likes knowing they’re smoking a Habano.
  2. A giant salamander is only $41?! SHIPPED?! ...time to bomb some friends a giant salamander.
  3. I always thought the idea was cigars aging against paper resulted in flavor not as good as cigars aging against wood, or wax paper. Something about the oils being absorbed by the paper (same with cardboard boxes acquiring a “papery” flavor) but not being absorbed by the wax paper, and the cigars absorbing some strength from resting against fragrant wood.
  4. In the bathtub. My wife was sure the bathroom vent fan would be enough to remove the smoke and wanted me to light one up in the tub. So I did, and she was wrong. It took days to air out.
  5. I got a Casio! It’s customized with silver hands and a sapphire crystal, so it’s worth... less than a monthly payment on most of your watches. But I love it!
  6. You guys have a way cooler nickname than we do. SEA just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And you guys can still smoke in your El Gauchos, which I’m also jealous of. Welcome!
  7. “What will it be, Leslie, hunting or fishing?” “I really want to shoot something.” “Fishing it is.” “I want you to bring me all your bacon and eggs. ...wait! I think what you heard was ‘bring me a lot of bacon and eggs.’ What I said was, bring me all the bacon and eggs you have.” “Give 100%. 110% is impossible, only an idiot would recommend that.” “I think there’s been a mistake. You’ve given me the food that my food eats.” “I love vegetarians. Some of my favorite foods are vegetarians.” I also used #2, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” in a meeting once. My manager at the time asked us all to bring a motivational quote. That was mine. She didn’t think it was funny as everyone else did.
  8. They outlawed them in Washington state, but there are a few scattered about on tribal land. I’m fortunate that two of them are within 15min of my house, though I only get to them 2-3 times a year. Both are quite nice but down to earth. One has poor ventilation though. Most of the time I smoke on my patio or in my garage.
  9. I used to subscribe to “one rott” but realized these were often complete waste of $5-10 and my time. So I let them rest and smoke something else.
  10. May e you’re swallowing a lot of air in the process?
  11. Man, it all depends. Generally it’s in the evening when the kids are in bed. But during the summer it’s in the evening while everyone is playing and I’m sitting on the patio in a lounge chair. Also, I love when I’m coming back from a meeting and can smoke in the car in the middle of the day. And one of my absolute favorites is a morning smoke with black coffee while the wife is still sleeping when we’re on vacation.
  12. You... mean to further the ridiculousness of the action, which in turn enhances the analogy. That's what you mean, right? Right?!
  13. Not me. I hold my pants out with both hands, jump, and pull both legs on at the same time. Booyah.
  14. When you're talking makeup air, do you have to have an equivalent fan? In other words does the exhaust fan and the makeup air fan need to be the same?

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