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  1. Who has $2500 to spend on cigars in their 20’s? ...I should have worked harder in school.
  2. Others have recommended basically the same thing, but rather than getting the double “rabbit ears” one, get TWO of these inexpensive propane tank top heaters. I tried electric heaters and also have a tall propane patio heater too. Nothing works as well. For less than the one fancy pants patio heater, I got two of them to provide heat from both sides so it feels all encompassing. I can literally sit on my porch in just a shirt during the winter and be reasonably comfortable.
  3. I have wanted this one due to its delightful tackiness. Winner winner, chicken dinner!
  4. If there’s a sign, there’s a rule behind it. If there’s a rule, someone did something to warrant the creation of that rule. I worked for a major bank about a decade ago and the ADA training featured a segment on rules to follow when interacting with people. One of those rules was “never pat a person in a wheelchair on the head in a patronizing manner.”
  5. Warped La Hacienda around the campfire with my kids on our second camping trip as a family last night. I’m not saying it was the best cigar I had this month, but it was the best cigar experience for sure.
  6. I would miss them, but there is a world of really good cigars out there. Illusione, Foundation, HVC, Warped... lots of killer cigars with great blends in the same wheelhouse I could and would continue to enjoy.
  7. Two 28bt Vinotemps with drawers and shelves. I don’t run them because I didn’t like how the humidity went haywire when they ran. They’re basically pretty coolers.
  8. No expert and certainly unqualified to weigh in, but hey this is the internet. I’m sure I’ve read elsewhere that beetle larvae can survive a year. I don’t have the space or desire to quarantine each individual purchase that long. That would be a nightmare. I also don’t trust anyone else’s system or process because I don’t have any idea what happens in transport or who the middle men are or whatnot. Also, freezing has no ill effect on my cigars, and I let them rest for a long time anyway. So I triple bag everything that comes through my doors, freeze, then let them re
  9. If you’re gonna light up in a crowd, it only seems right to invite others to join you. I always take a 10ct herfador with me. I used to pack a bunch of different good stuff to try to cater to whatever someone might want. I thought starting guys with quality sticks was the way to go. After a lot of trial and error, I now bring two good sticks, and 8 Jose L Piedras. I smoke one of the regular, I have one other in case there happens to be someone else there who appreciates good cigars, and the Jose L Piedras get handed out like candy. The JLP, believe it or not, been the most verbally apprec
  10. A giant salamander is only $41?! SHIPPED?! ...time to bomb some friends a giant salamander.
  11. I always thought the idea was cigars aging against paper resulted in flavor not as good as cigars aging against wood, or wax paper. Something about the oils being absorbed by the paper (same with cardboard boxes acquiring a “papery” flavor) but not being absorbed by the wax paper, and the cigars absorbing some strength from resting against fragrant wood.
  12. In the bathtub. My wife was sure the bathroom vent fan would be enough to remove the smoke and wanted me to light one up in the tub. So I did, and she was wrong. It took days to air out.
  13. I got a Casio! It’s customized with silver hands and a sapphire crystal, so it’s worth... less than a monthly payment on most of your watches. But I love it!
  14. You guys have a way cooler nickname than we do. SEA just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And you guys can still smoke in your El Gauchos, which I’m also jealous of. Welcome!
  15. “What will it be, Leslie, hunting or fishing?” “I really want to shoot something.” “Fishing it is.” “I want you to bring me all your bacon and eggs. ...wait! I think what you heard was ‘bring me a lot of bacon and eggs.’ What I said was, bring me all the bacon and eggs you have.” “Give 100%. 110% is impossible, only an idiot would recommend that.” “I think there’s been a mistake. You’ve given me the food that my food eats.” “I love vegetarians. Some of my favorite foods are vegetarians.” I also used #2, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” in a meeting once. My manage

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