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  1. Not a box I had been enjoying, but maybe this one is an example of the box making a turn for the better at almost 2 years. Enjoyed on a sunny, 70* day watching the Maple Leafs try to win a playoff series for the first time in 15 years. 1st Third - Lots of cherry - maraschino and dark cherry with whipped cream and cedar 2nd Third - Cedar moves to the front, with quality toasted tobacco and red fruit - cherry and pomegranate Last Third - Toasted tobacco and sweet spice moves to the front, with some anise and cedar Smoke Time: 1 hour 88/100
  2. A 2004 CoRo. The “life-changing” aspect was I decided then to only buy Cubans, to buy an Aristocrat and to spend more money than I would have ever imagined. Funny thing is I have not had a CoRo since.
  3. Because he was a US Permanent Resident working in the US for a US company and the US Government intercepted communications about his torture and death and let him walk into it anyway then played along with the SA in its various levels of initial spin?
  4. Rafael Gonzalez Perla for me.
  5. HDGSN

    Worst Airports?

    I second all of this. EWR is the worst airport. CLT can have the longest time to navigate between gates - end of E to end of A terminal may be a 20 minute sprint and 35 minute walk.
  6. Sancho Panza Non Plus UBA MAR 15 followed closely by a Trinidad Fundadore MUP OCT 18
  7. 1. H. Upmann 2. Partagas 3. Por Llarañaga 4. Trinidad 5. Cohiba Honorable Mention: Sancho Panza
  8. HDGSN

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sancho Panza Non-Plus UBA MAR 15 Enjoyed with my best friend, Frau, and several fingers of El Dorado 12 Year Rum on a warm, Spring weekend. Cigar of the year so far - flavors, draw, burn all perfect. Heavy on the driftwood like all the others from this box, but this was the first to show those great salted flavors of salted cream, salted chocolate with a touch of brown sugar, cappucino and some anise at the very end. 97/100
  9. Good and scary article: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/failed-certification-faa-missed-safety-issues-in-the-737-max-system-implicated-in-the-lion-air-crash/
  10. HDGSN

    Quickie...but important.

    Is it possible to know who was banned in case that person hangs around other forums?
  11. I have a box ELU FEB 13. I have had 3 so far - 2 have been enjoyable and 1 had to be butchered with a PerfecDraw. I use them for dog walks - 45 minutes of consistent cream, tobacco and a slight hint of toasted marshmallow.
  12. HDGSN

    H.Upmann Sir Winston

    That is concerning to hear - I have a box of TRU AGO 18 that I picked up in Havana. I haven’t smoked any yet, but they all feel just right when pressed. The proof will just have to be in the pudding when I light one over the summer.
  13. PLMC and then some Monte 1 PSP singles in a trade PLMC LGR OCT 17 PLMC LGR ABR 18 (PSP) Side by Side
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