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  1. Got a few more I’ll follow up with, but this has been the cigar of the year. Bar. None. 98/100. 10 mile hike in the Western NC mountains, back at the cabin 3,500 feet up, perfect 72* weather, delicious IPAs brewed at 4,000 feet elevation, Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship, Belted Kingfishers catching minnows in the mountain creek below, and a dog tired Beauceron all to go with H. Upmann Sir Winston TRU JUL 18. Sweet spiced doughnut bread batter, RC Cola, chocolate Moonpie, candied almonds. Class for days.
  2. Based on that, Monta came to my mind. https://montawatch.com/collections
  3. Nudies N3 Enjoyed with a Four Roses mint julep and golf. For the simple syrup, I substituted out half for a lavender honey syrup.
  4. Christmas Day 2018 in Havana. A Reynaldo Robusto that is still probably the most flawlessly constructed cigar I’ve ever had. Burned like this the entire way.
  5. 73F, Sunny, Light Winds, Clear Skies for me. Mint Juleps all afternoon. Kentucky Derby. Grilling. Probably will go with: Partagas Lusitania Alex Puntilla BUP JUL 19 Puntilla circa DIC 18
  6. @LLC Had a MSU MAR 18 Superiores this week that was also outstanding
  7. I was actually drinking a Coke, which lead to meaty flavors, but I get cola in a LOT of cigars. Had a HUSW that had a sublime RC Cola flavor.
  8. Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 MOL JUN 17 A box of tent poles until the past few, which have been strong with orange chocolate and anise with a touch of toasted tobacco. Even beefy when paired with Coca Cola.
  9. My three favorite cigars in my regular rotation are: H. Upmann Connie No. 1 PLPC Partagas Shorts
  10. I pull up the Relisten app and try to find a Grateful Dead shows from the “This Day in History” feature.

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