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  1. In case it is helpful, here is a Google Maps screenshot. Top of the photo is North. The circle is Alex’s LCDH. The arrow points to Melia Habana, which you can just see in the shot.
  2. You aren’t going to buy more than 999 boxes this year!? 😂
  3. HDGSN

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I just did the same. My box should be either LGR OCT 17 or LGR NOV 17.
  4. HDGSN

    Melia Habana Hotel

    We ordered Euros for pickup at our local bank office for 3% fee and then with the fee in Havana to convert Euros to CUC saved about 5% - so $50 per $1000 - compared to the 13% fee in Havana on USD, which really adds up. My $.02, that’s an extra night of lodging or the checked bag fee to haul back a bunch of rum and cigars or a nice dinner out in Havana or even a box of cheap and cheerfuls for every $1000 brought down. I say it is worth it if you can order foreign currency for pickup through your online banking. Now, exchanging with Travelex is probably a neglible end result.
  5. This - though I might tweak the last bit to say buy as many Dunhill Cabinettas as I can to leave just enough coin for a few drops of Bear's finest as well.
  6. College football is the best version of American football and is light years better than the terribly run NFL.
  7. 2018 Reynaldo Robusto - purchased in December, probably rolled November or December - one of 22 singles that I hand selected out of about 75 in the drawer - a lot to live up to as it was the best thing I smoked in 2018 and the burn was razor flawless down there. Paired with a bourbon and Diet Coke. Just over 30 days rest at 62RH Wrapper is perfect shade, velvet to the touch. Not as glorious as down in Havana but my humidor at 62 is probably lower than what these were resting at Cold draw - tighter than perfect but not enough to grab the PerfecDraw. Well packed. Medium body 1st third - Partagas spice and Upmann nuts with some yeast roll breadiness then Juan Lopez citrus retrohale. 2nd third - Heaps of sourdough and flashes of meaty mushroom Last third - Heaps of sourdough again In case its not obvious I’d peg this as a cross between Partagas and JL Smoke time: 1hr10min 91/100
  8. Got 2 new flavors today. Retrohale on a 2015 Fonseca Delicias: Gumball 2018 Partagas Serie P No. 2: Goat cheese and chives (!!!) - both the flavor and mouthfeel of goat cheese
  9. HDGSN

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Super Bowl Weekend Lineup: Yesterday was my first ever Monte 1 (BUM APR 15 HQ), thanks to a trade with @wineguy, and another Sancho Panza Non-Plus (UBA MAR 15). Today is: Fonseca Delicias (ELU FEB 15) for the dog walk 2018 Partagas Serie P No 2 24:24 tagalong post-lunch Reynaldo Robusto Super Bowl pre-game. Can’t decide whether to review the Serie P or Reynaldo for the WRC:SSS.
  10. “Hey, look over there, is that a box of the new QdO Coronas!?”
  11. HDGSN

    Melia Habana Hotel

    The Melia Havana has an awesome open air garden lobby with a fantastic little LCDH. The selection wasn’t the greatest, but you are really there to buy bundles from Yolanda. She had a bunch of great almost dalia / coronas extra when I was there and is famous for piramides. Hotel Comodoro is a short walk away through a kind of shopping center pavilion area where the locals drinking strange pitchers of beer and blast music with street food vendors for quick food. I don’t know of much to do in that area other than the two hotels, that shopping center and maybe a walk down 5ta Avenida to check out all the mansions. Good news is that you are right in the heart of some of the best custom rollers down there. Alex and Yolanda do not work on Sunday.
  12. Grabbed a bundle in December. Haven’t touched them yet, but PL / Monte Especial sounds like a nice blend. I’m all for sacrificing ligero for more seco.

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