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  1. What are my American mates enjoying for Thanksgiving? Always one of my favorite holidays of lounging, relaxing, and being gluttonous. Here in Chattanooga we are expecting 70F and partly sunny weather. I have been saving a NOV 2010 Monte Edmundo gifted by @wineguy a few years back to have a 10 year old cigar. Might start the day with a 2014 El Principe and cap it with a 2018 Fundadore.
  2. Been digging the NLU Tourist Sauce Oregon series. Looks like you have gotten a lot of the same good weather those guys had a few months ago.
  3. Could also be HdM Escogidos If not regular production it could also be ERDM Tainos RE Formosa.
  4. I avoid the Murdoch and Sinclair portfolio like the plague. Other than that, no, I like to stay informed of current affairs.
  5. Reminiscing on past trips brought back to memory through a Sancho Panza Non-Plus for the DDRW review contest.
  6. Sancho Panza Non-Plus AME MAR 15 (DDRW) Still looking for a Sancho Panza Belicoso, but I have been loving this box I picked up on the Island that already 3+ years just sitting there on the shelf. Seeing certain cigars meet a discontinued fate is one thing, but seeing an entire marca bite the dust is another. I hate to see Sancho Panza and LGC thrown away in recent years to squeeze in fat vitolas in the high end brands. This isn’t as salty cream as its Beli cousin, so I hear, but this box has been loaded with dry wood and chocolate. The former dominating the first half then trading places with the latter in a nice gradient that keeps things interesting. What does this cigar taste like to me? It reminds me of Hunting Island, SC. It too is a bit out of the way, not the common destination, can require a bit of adventure to experience and is loaded with driftwood from the sea. I need a box of the Belis, and I wish I had room for the other 3 boxes I left back at the Libre. 93/100
  7. Por Larrañaga Montecarlos LGR OCT 17 The epitome of Mr. Consistent. I had no issue picking a cigar for this contest review. I was inspired to go with consistency for all aspects. On a gorgeous Halloween, what better than to sit in the sun and enjoy all of your favorite consistent treats? And what could be more consistent than the following? - Por Larrañaga LGR Montecarlos - Guinness - Swiss timekeeping - A 1977 Mississippi Half-Step The cigar was caramel, chocolate, toasted tobacco and graham cracker. Almost Twix-like. Five and a half boxes left, and I think I needed to go even deeper. 94/100
  8. Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 ATE NOV 17 Dry Review Dusting of mold common with tubos Aroma at cold is all toasted tobacco Draw is perfect, cherry cordial 1st Third - Interesting. Cherry and nougat predominant. Finish is toasted tobacco. Few puffs were marshmallow. Good smoke volume but smoke is thin. Surprisingly strong. 2nd Third - cedar taking over, burn started to turn 3rd Third - Need touchups, very loose draw, every puff tobacco or chocolate but roasty Score : 91/100 Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 ATE NOV 17 Wet Review Dusting of mold common with tubos Aroma at cold is the same After patting dry the cigar feels like it has better structure than before Draw is tighter 1st Third - lacking flavor, tastes like short filler but construction and draw are ideal 2nd Third - here we go, great flavors, roasty chocolate and shortbread with cherry jam 3rd Third - Really more of the same as the 2nd Third but a little sour from it burning hot Score : 90/100 FINAL RESULTS I wish I could take the 1st Third from the Dry and combine it with the 2nd Third from the Wet. That would have led to one flavor packed value for a $5.50 cigar. I doubt I will do the water dip unless I have a cigar with a fragile or brittle wrapper that could use the boost of humidity and structural crutch. I chose the Dry as my favorite because the flavors were most consistent with the marca.
  9. WOW! How cool. Thanks to everyone for posting such great photos. They brightened my day each time I saw new ones and helped with the fact that we had to cancel our trip this year.
  10. H. Upmann Sir Winston TRU JUL 18 Enjoyed after watching Liverpool beat Chelsea with some Guinness, the US Open and sublime weather. 1st half was all Bear Claw - lots of dessert dough and almonds 2nd half was more spice and chocolate, which paired nicely with the roasty Guinness flavors Didn’t get harsh until the very end 94/100

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