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  1. Reynaldo Robusto on Christmas Day 2018 on the balcony of our Habana Vieja Casa
  2. My Cuba list would be any of: Reynaldo Customs (easy shop to access) Upmann SW Trini Fundadores Punch La Isla RA Superiores or Upmann Royal Robustos
  3. RIP Robert Hunter 😢 Such a long, long time to be gone And a short time to be there
  4. Same exact boat for me on the Sir Winstons (though there were 4 boxes in there when I grabbed mine on Christmas Day). Not allowed in on 12/23.
  5. You mean one isn’t the volado, one the seco, and the other the ligero!? 😜
  6. Last time I told myself I would not touch this box again until it hit 3 years. Well, months later, I could not resist checking in to see if things have gotten better. You see, this is my 10th stick out of this box and the first 9 were all tent poles. After 5 minutes with a PerfecDraw, the stick is passably smokeable. The wrapper is velvet. Aroma at Cold - Cedary tobacco with a zest and acidity Pre Light Draw - Rather acrid and hot through the nose 1st Third - Toast, those fruit slice gas station candies, Coca-Cola Lime 2nd Third - Milk coffee, cake donut and Coca Cola Last Third - Mostly toasted tobacco Score: 86/100. Just couldn’t get the smoke production I like and had to be careful not to overheat it
  7. RASS MUR OCT 13. Only 3 left. This seam is very similar in quality to the HUC1 PLM MAY 11 seam.
  8. Jorge took us there on the way to Santy Pescador. Great place.
  9. La Puntilla DEC 2018 Friday afternoon vibes. Delicious Pilsner and a JRAD concert on the speakers to go with my first ever Puntilla. Bits of Por Larrañaga and Trinidad coming through this first third. ETA: If only every cigar could be like this at 6 months’ age. This cigar is FIRE! Cigar of 2019 for me so far. Already a 96/100 through the first two thirds. 2nd third was a Policeman’s dream - all sugar doughnut dipped in black coffee and buttered toast. Still got mostly Trinidad DNA
  10. Sounds like our apartment in Bratislava last summer. Literally 2nd floor of the tower looking down the center of the big bar street. Had no idea Bratislava:Stag Parties::Nashville:Bachelorette Parties
  11. 2015 SLR Regios (thanks to @Astar20) - tastes like a Strawberry Toaster Strudel
  12. 2019 Last Appearance: 4/2/19 ($172) Cardboard 5x5 Cheapest: $167 Clearance 24box Priciest: $182 PSP 24box Oldest: May 2016 Cardboard 5x5 12box: None

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