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  1. Looking forward to celebrating the arrival of my son (9/15/21) once we get through the first few weeks. Going to celebrate with a 2001 Partagas Churchill from @HarveyBoulevard and some big pours of Jefferson’s Presidential Select 18.
  2. Vegas Robaina Clasico SEP 10 Enjoyed with a La Fin du Monde while watching my VOLS lose Rafael Gonzalez Perla APG SEP 13 Enjoyed with a La Fin du Monde while watching Iowa v Iowa State and waiting on some BBF to arrive
  3. Punch Punch TUE JUN 20 Paired with a Wiseacre Oktoberfest Gemütlichkeit Marzen Enjoyed with the Solheim Cup. GO USA! This and the PLMC are my go-tos. So twangy. Hopefully I can try the Punch DC some day!
  4. Cohiba Coronas Especiales SOP JUN 20 Enjoyed the day after arriving and slightly underfilled. The result is mostly toasted tobacco and ash. Will try again after 60 days but probably let them rest another year. EDITED TO ADD: Finishing up now. Just a mediocre cigar, but promising signs. Definitely just a matter of letting them rest a year or two.
  5. Por Larrañaga Montecarlos LGR NOV 17 Paired with Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest and enjoyed with Grateful Dead 9/3/77
  6. Cohiba Coronas Especiales SOP JUN 20 From our host…Nice to have a bit of age on them and…my first box of Cohibas!
  7. Trinidad Fundadores MUP OCT 18 Purchased at Habana Libre in late 2018. I remember being so excited to see a mastercase of these sitting on the shelf. Paired with Highland Brewing Pilsner Enjoyed with golf and the pup after yard work and actual work most of the day I packed this for a vacation 2 weeks ago and did not have the time to get around to it. Just now finding time for a cigar
  8. A box of Sir Winstons, a box of Punch Punch, and a good 6-pack of beer
  9. This might be the best looking box I’ve ever seen…
  10. Punch 898 with some 2014 William Larue Weller
  11. Got a few more I’ll follow up with, but this has been the cigar of the year. Bar. None. 98/100. 10 mile hike in the Western NC mountains, back at the cabin 3,500 feet up, perfect 72* weather, delicious IPAs brewed at 4,000 feet elevation, Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship, Belted Kingfishers catching minnows in the mountain creek below, and a dog tired Beauceron all to go with H. Upmann Sir Winston TRU JUL 18. Sweet spiced doughnut bread batter, RC Cola, chocolate Moonpie, candied almonds. Class for days.

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