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  1. Sancho Panza Belicoso RAT DIC 20 PSP With Flash Without Flash Two of the labels came unglued in transit. I moved those out of the box.
  2. Glad to have Punch Punch back in the humidor. TUE OCT 20 PSP Enjoying the front porch and getting some tomatoes and peppers used to the sun for next week’s planting
  3. It is basically the same list I would have given back for Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Memorial Day last year and the year before... 1. Trinidad Fundadores 2. Partagas 8-9-8 3. Monte No. 2 4. Alex Puntilla
  4. I buy about 6 boxes a year and smoke 3-4 boxes a year, so I only have modest growth. I’ve tried to pick up the pace with 2018-2020 stock like I did in 2013-2014. I don’t think I bought a single box from 2015-2017. It helps I added about 40 boxes of space with my Aristocrat End Table pick up last year.
  5. My understanding is there was a switch in the main person that does the engraving before my visit back in 2018. Yours looks similar to one of mine that I picked up at Nacional.
  6. Ajay posted a box of Sir Winston BST ENE 21 on IG.
  7. If we go by single factory/single code, MOL could now be MTS. Both have come up with Espys, Sig VI and Winnies.
  8. MTS is an interesting one. Some common sticks like Monte No. 2 and Epicure No. 2, but some of the more coveted or rare ones, too. I know people have seen a lot of Trinidad from MTS. On 24:24 last year, MTS showed up for Sancho Panza Belicosos, Cohiba Siglo VI, Cohiba Esplendidos, and Monte Media Coronas. On 24:24 this year, MTS has also been for: Partagas 898 (Jan 8th) (although 24:24 said TLE, mine from this date are MTS) Cohiba Siglo VI (Jan 18th, Jan 29th) Sancho Panza Belicoso (Jan 27th) Monte No. 2 (Feb 11th, Mar 3rd, Mar 5th) HdM Epicure No. 2 (Mar
  9. Jorge took us on our way to Santy’s for a late lunch of langostina.
  10. All these years later and I still think about how great that run of Connie 1s was in 2011 coming out of PLM
  11. I have a box of Punch 898 REs that are LTO. A lot of the CCEs on 24:24 have also been LTO.
  12. Half off Siglo VI and Sir Winston 24:24 tomorrow!!
  13. Shoooooooo, Tribute is way out of my whiskey budget at this point. I think the early 90s 8/101s still have a lot of value at their secondary prices. The CGFs are amazing. The one I got was signed by Jimmy, and I got him to sign my 92 8/101 last time I was up there. I get a lot of dampness and rustiness in it to go with a cola sugariness. Speaking of funk, I’d say United Distillers OGD, Johnny Drum 15YR and Maker’s Mark Black Label are loaded with it. The JD15s may be my favorite.
  14. Never heard cream cheese for dusty Turkey before. Makes Cheesy Gold Foil have a whole new meaning. I’ll need to crack my dusty Turkeys and look for that. I still have an 89 CGF and an 86, 89 and 92 8/101 open.
  15. Twang for me is barnyard and earthy notes. Partagas Presidente and Rafael Gonzalez Perlas
  16. The 5164A is my grail watch! I think it is just perfect.

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