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  1. Looks like it might be a good ski destination.
  2. Some Cuban cigars are ready to smoke very young. The PSD#4 comes to mind. Others need time, I think, and I sample boxes until I think the cigars are good to go and I burn through them.The price difference between a box and 5 tins would matter to me and a box and two tins sounds ideal. I've always thought Upmans benefit from time more than, for example, Hoyos but who knows these days, It's really a matter of taste.
  3. Keep it in round #s and call it the 60-40 rule. Or 70-30 if you like. I have found that persistence with Cuban cigars has been key to my enjoyment of them. You can't just buy them and smoke them. One has to love them like the moths in Buffalo Bill's basement. I think this is true of all Cuban cigars and I've heard loads of people say they don't get Cohiba or Cuban cigars only to find out they have never had an authentic one that had been properly stored. My nephew recently tried to give me a cardboard pack of MC Edmundos that he bought in the Bahamas then left on his dresser for 2 years. Anyone getting one of those wouldn't get Cuban cigars. Just sayin'.
  4. Samantha Fish. Lady can play and sing. And she is a virtuoso cigar box slide guitar musician.
  5. I like them, a lot. The Linea Classica and Siglo lines are great. I've not been introduced to the Behike or Maduro lines. I had bad experiences with Cohibas, like most Cuban cigars, until I waited for them to get to a good RH with a little age on them. That said, recent prices are too steep for me. So, liking them and buying them are two different things. I'll take a nice cab of RASS with some change, for example, over a box of CORO all day.
  6. My first online purchase of Cuban cigars was in '01 and I just smoked the last '01 a few days ago. I have a couple of '03s and a few tubes of cigars I was given that are '04s. other than that most of my stuff is under 7 years old. I smoke the cigars if they are good and don't think they gain much after 6 or 7 years.
  7. I hope I never lay in my deathbed. I'd like to move on in the throws of some enjoyable activity, in or out of bed. My buddy Jeff died on his bike last summer. Pulled over for a minute to have a drink of water and a breather and he collapsed. Dr said he was dead fast, not more than a few minutes after he went down. Not a bad way to go considering the deathbeds to which I've been exposed. I've got a Siglo VI in a tube that I've had forever. that would be as good as anything else, I suppose.
  8. Nice review from a dedicated cigar connoisseur and Canadian. -6C/20F outside with a nice looking heater.👏👏 👏Well done.
  9. Anything approximating a corona gorda suits my taste just fine and I wouldn't turn my nose up at a dalias either.
  10. My experience? I had one recently that was a gift and it was epic. No idea when and where it was made. I've gone through a fair # of Especials and Lanceros. Great cigars but they are a little too skinny for me. I love the MC#1.Ya gotta smoke a laguito # 2 slowly. Suck it down too fast and it'll get unpleasantly hot.
  11. Skiing? There are many great resorts in North American and I have been to quite a few. Best? Vail is right up there but it's a bit glitzy for me even though the skiing is 1st rate. The all time favorite "let's go f'n skiing" is Big Sky Montana. I got there last yearend we ripped that place for 6 days. Jackson Hole is right up there and the resorts in Banff provincial park in Alberta are awesome. I'm not taking into account travel concerns. From the Boston area Utah is very convenient.
  12. I have a 5 count box of this code and date. I bet we got them from the same vendor! I'm going to burn one given the great review here. Thanks for all of your reviews, John. Your posts are one of the highlights of this board. Happy New Year!
  13. The one and only would be great. SNL style would be a good follow up.

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