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  1. I have never had a friend come home from Cuba with loose cigars the were authentic. There was a Spanish source who was rumored to mix fakes in with authentic Cuban cigars like 15 years ago. That's the most conspiritorial example of crooks who sell fake Cuban cigars that I know of. There are vendors in Central America that are flat out crooks. I only use a select few vendors and am sure I have never had a counterfeit from them.
  2. Storage is key with aged cigars, 5 years +. The twenty year old Cuban cigars I've smoked had a kind of finesse that echoed the young cigar but was a bit milder and much, much smoother. I count under one year old cigars as fresh, up to 5 year old cigars as young, and cigars 5 + years old as aged. ( I think of vintage as a date) I think most cigars in my humidor hit their peak at between 5 and 8 years. Young cigars are great but they need to be at a stable RH for a good while, 90 days will usually do it. I've made the mistake of buying old cigars that were kept in cardboard packs. Each and
  3. The Churchill or more precisely, Julieta #2 at 47X7. It's a fantastic vitola. I submit there's a reason the size has been made for so long.
  4. Another vote for exercise. Putting on a good sweat works wonders for my mood. Covid has been, or still is depending where one lives, a horrible event. When my gym closed I got on my bicycle and it's been a life saver. The rides get me out side away from distractions and I always feel better after 20 miles. I'm a rock and roll drummer and have been playing original material in a four piece band twice a week. Believe me, the music might not be great but we are having a fantastic time and band practice has given me something fun to look forward to for the last 8 months. Add two or three good ci
  5. My experiences smoking cigars ROTT have been mostly dismal. I let the little fellers settle. They're sensitive and they have jet lag. Too wet or too dry, doesn't matter. I want them to be about 62%RH, though I'll refrain from getting hysterical about a few points either way. I know the those who don't have a big stash are antsy to have at the cigars asap but bitter experience has shown me that letting them acclimate makes all the difference. So if you need to smoke them right away, buy more than you can smoke and begin to amass a cigar cellar. as the collection grows you'll develop patience. I
  6. Best? I don't know. But Lennon's Watching The Wheels is up there. There's a first class version by Willie and his sons here. Guns in the US, breaks my heart, John Lennon, OMG.
  7. Does anyone know what % of Cuban rum production gets into the States?
  8. I grade one to five stars over at CCW. These two cigars are from boxes that are "on" and have been five star cigars quite a few times. MC#2 LUB MAR 14 Siglo IV MUL NOV 14
  9. "Fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell Why is money called dough? Because we all knead it. Money is like manure. Left in one big pile it stinks to high heaven, but spread it around and everything grows.
  10. "Cigars will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no cigars." For me it would depend on how well I like the cigars. And don't forget, you'll pay commissions on BR.
  11. Punch Punch 50s are gone so these will have to do. And 25s in dress boxes take up less room in the humidor over the long term.
  12. And I've found that once the cigars are 4 or 5 years of age the #s of duds decreases dramatically. I smoked a HURR from '12 a few weeks ago. First truly compromised due to poor draw cigar I have smoked in a while.
  13. I assume that the PCC program holds back cigars that they select that they think will age well. If you're looking for 5 year old cigars I think you'll do well buying from that program. I had a box of Edmundos from PCC and they were fantastic.

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