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  1. I didn't buy these based on the look on the faces of Rob and Smithy when they first reviewed the cigar. Both looked as if they could puke at any moment as the strength of the cigar kicked in. By the time word was out that the RACS had come around it was too late for me.
  2. I've tried to get into the books a few times. I just can't do it. I don't know why they don't grab me. Once in a while I start a book that I just can't get past page 25 or so. BUT, the HBO series is great TV and I expect they will end the thing with a battle and a half. Anyone care to comment on the allegorical themes in the show? If winter and the Night King/White and his army are seen as climate change and the Seven Kingdoms are humanity the show can be watched with new perspective. Will the game for the Iron throne upset the unity needed to defeat the Night King and his army?
  3. joeypots

    24:24 TUESDAY

    $800 Is a lot of ching for a box of cigars even if one does have the resources. When cigars are smoked blind it is amazing how few people can guess what they are smoking.
  4. And many of them will not believe the cigars are garbage. After I pointed out to a guy who bought fake Cuban cigars a long time ago he said, "But they are still good Cuban cigars even if they're not exactly legit." I just let it go.
  5. HDM DC in 1998. My first Cuban cigars came from a friend who brought them to me from Canada. I had no understanding of storage or care of the cigars, I just smoked them as soon as I got them. Then one day I smoked said DC and the world shifted. It was on and I was in love. It took me about a year to figure out how to source the cigars on the internet and I quickly lost interest in any but Cuban cigars
  6. joeypots

    Long & Skinny

    My limited experience with Fonseca is that the Marca is rather mild. A good intro to the L&S world could be the MC#1, not too long and not too skinny. Very good cigars. At 42 RG they are not quite as skinny as a true long and skinny 38RG cigar, but they are getting there. The Lonsdale, or Cervantes, is a tried and true vitola despite the fact that It's out of style in favor of very fat cigars.
  7. HdM DC. Big cigars so you 'get' a real cigar experience with each one and they are good young.
  8. I've long been a fan of the Corona Gorda, or what ever else the 4X 5.6" viola is called and try to stay stocked with the Marca that is smoking best at any given time. EI#1s, Mag46s, Siglo IVs, and the PP are commonly available now so it's not too hard to sort through recommendations to get regular production cigars that are smoking well. There used to be loads of this vitola, I think Punch made 3 when I started smoking Cuban cigars. They came in 50 cabs too. WTF, I bemoan the loss of the 50 cab, but that's another subject. Another aside, the old Super Selection #2s were the bomb even if they took a very long time to come around. Sunday afternoon's cigar, PP, GUT ABR 13, was exactly the cigar I needed for a smoke that was hampered by the tail end of a wicked sinus infection that has been an absolute bitch for about 15 days. Strong enough to have flavor cut through any residual olfactory disease and smooth enough so as to not irritate, the cigar was typical Punch, medium bodied and flavored. I'm not too good with flavors, though there was a little leather in this cigar, so I'll rate it as good. Plenty of creamy tobacco for sure, a criticism of the cigar is that the excellent draw resistance at the start became a bit loose towards the end and the cigar became a little spongy, though not to the point of being any kind of distraction. So, a good cigar for me, I'll give it a 90. I'm glad I have more.
  9. LTB MAY 12 Siglo VI Nuff said
  10. joeypots

    Monte 4 Tubos????

    I've had a few glorious Petit Tubos. Buy and hold.
  11. I have bought a couple of cardboard packs that were aged. Those were lousy. It could have been storage but I'll never leave cigars in cardboard ones, threes, or fives. Just to be on the safe side.
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