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  1. joeypots

    Only Suspect Cohibas from Havana Trip

    A simple tell of authenticity is in the "C" in Cuba. If the top loop of the "C" touches the bottom loop the label is counterfeit. There has to be a gap between the loops. While there may be very good bands on fake Cohibas there are no fake bands on authentic Cohibas.
  2. I've had good luck with this cigar. Nice review, thanks.
  3. I have some '01 and '03 Esplendidos. They are holding up well and I probably should smoke them. There are other cigars in my humidor, mostly stored in tubes with 10 + years. Often , if i have a very good box, I put a few of those cigars in tubes and forget about them. But for the most part I don't collect cigars. When a box is on I smoke them.
  4. It is Connery then every one else but Daniel Craig is the closest second.
  5. joeypots

    $500.00 us

    Ten count boxes could get you a good variety of cigars. Lusitanias P2 Epicure Especial Mag 50 That will set you back about $525.
  6. John, all day long. The soul in that English voice still makes me stop and listen. i think Rolling Stone Magazine had a poll and Lennon was voted #5 all time greatest R&R singers. I was 20 when he was murdered. Pistols, ugh.....
  7. joeypots

    Current Fitness Routines?

    Crossfit, but you wouldn't know it to look at me. I scale everything. I was not athletic as a kid and never worked out much until I hit my fiftieth birthday. I use Crossfit as a HIT regime. I lift and do the metabolic workouts as best as I can but I don't do anything that hurts or is too strenuous. The variety of exercise and the group atmosphere is great. I ride my bike once or twice a week when weather permits. I hate that it's diet and exercise. That is, diet is first, exercise second. I have lots of discipline but that evening snack is a hard one for me.
  8. joeypots

    Support Group Please Help

    Good cigars are expensive, duh. I don't smoke anything like one a day and estimates for what one needs to bu to establish a collection, for me at least, are too high given my consumption. I smoke about two or three a week. That works out to just over 5 boxes a year, 2.5 X 52=130. When i started to buy more than I smoked about 18 years ago I probably bought a box to age for every two I smoked. over time I bought more eventually I was buying something like one box to smoke and one box to put away. I had a pretty good stash in about 5 years, On another subject, My father in law funded an IRA for my wife starting when she a teenager and could earn enough to qualify to contribute. He was not by any means a wealthy man but he understood the value of dollar cost averaging over time. It's true that the money invested was worth more then and one must, if contributions are made for a teenager, wait a very, very long time for that money. More than 40 years. That said, you wouldn't !@#$% believe it.
  9. 3 degrees F is nothing, imo.
  10. Don't expose your cigars to big variations in temperature.
  11. HDM EPI #1 Tubos from '14. Sometimes they do put dog shit cigars in tubos. Flat, lifeless, and uneven burn that refused to stay lit. If this had been my first rodeo I'd a sworn off of Cubans.
  12. joeypots

    Your favourite aged cigars.

    I think the Ray has a point. Cuban cigars smooth out as they dry out and they are often way too moist when I get them from the vendor. Is it time or diminished moisture that is knocking off the rough edges? When I put a fresh box in a cabinet humidor it could take quite a while for it to dry out enough to make noticeable changes. So when I read about cigars aged less than 3 years I tend to think that change in the cigar is attributable to RH, not age, I don't smoke too many fresh cigars and I think smaller cigars come around faster than large cigars. 3 to 5? Partagas Series D#4. 5 to 8? Almost everything. 8+? Bolivar, Cohiba and some specific cigars like Sir Winstons.
  13. Nice review, thanks very much. I hear these have the legs to go long term. And the sealed jar doesn't hurt.
  14. joeypots


    A good test of authenticity is the C in Cuba. If the top loop and the bottom loop of the C touch the band is wrong. There must be a gap.

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