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  1. I'm not so sure the Conni B is well classified as a robusto. At 54 X 5 7/8th its huge compared to a D4. Any way, all of these vitolas that are an eighth of an inch different than the next closest one seems like shameless marketing to me. I suppose making 10 vitolas in each marca and making every cigar a great one would be bad marketing. I know I could get by with 4 vitolas. That would be a good survey. What 4, or 5, or whatever reasonable # of, vitolas could you live with for ever?
  2. I think it's great. And Robert Brown was quite a guy. His work is widely collected. There's a fair amount of interest in face jugs made by slave potters in the USA before the Civil War like the one posted below. Many of these pots can be very well done are highly collectable.
  3. I think it's the best vitola. PP, Mag 46, and the Siglo IV all have a place in my smoking rotation. Not too big, not too small, not too fat, not too skinny. And when someone stops by my studio its takes just the right amount of time to smoke, about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.
  4. Because CJ is published in Miami it would seem to me that they must cater to the USA for advertising revenue. They probably can't advertise Cuban Tobacco products and they don't want to alienate their advertisers. I haven't paid attention to and USA cigars ratings in years.
  5. For me, it would come down to how many cigars you have and how much you trust your vendor. If the cigars are well sourced and you have a big collection so that you aren't always thinking about that particular box, hang on to them for a while. I have a fair # of cigars and I only smoke two or three a week so waiting 4 or 5 years isn't hard. If I had three boxes and I was burning through them pretty quick I'd spark one of those babies asap. That's just me.
  6. This memorable cigar was one of the last of a box. Not the best box of Cohiba I've ever had but a few construction issues were more than made up for by flavor. I cracked the box in July '19 and burned through it quickly. Usually I savor a box of Cohiba and it takes a while to smoke them all but the poor construction of many of the cigars in this box made me feel that other cigars would be better left to rest while the COROs burned. With more than six years of box age the cigar was proof to me that Cohiba demands aging. If you like them young I won't argue but I think they come into their own at about five years of box age and only get better as time passes. I'm glad I sold many of my RE and EL Cuban cigars a while ago and put that money into regular production Classic and Siglo series Cohiba, especially since prices have gotten so high. This CORO was exceptional. The draw was perfect, a bit tight on a solid cigar, there were no soft spots. Once lit it was pure Cohiba. Grass and citrus laden tobacco burned with out a harsh note anywhere. I spent an hour drawing slowly to savor the flavors as I blew the smoke out of my nose. Sometimes when a cigar is very good I find myself taking small, slow draws while I retrohale and and sort of envelope my face with the smoke. That's how I smoked this cigar. It took about an hour and I found I wasn't paying attention to the football game I was watching because it was so good.I'm going to give the CORO a very good rating.
  7. I think by the time it get's to me in the States England will have quite a bit of data about efficacy and side effects. So I'll get in line ASAP. There are some serious research scientists/doctors here in the summer community I live in. I'm close to Boston and the big medical centers. I've spoken to a few and the anecdotal consensus is that the world wide cooperation and lack of profiteering for this vaccine has been fantastic.
  8. Punch Punch, RAE DIC 14. Nothing fancy, just really good.
  9. One cigar for a year? I'd go for the Siglo IV. It's my favorite vitola and the one I like best. Hey Fugu, Good to see The Dirty Ashes back. I stoped reading when you detoured into the Scotch Whiskey world. I've enjoyed your cigar reviews for a long time. Looking forward to catching up with your blog.
  10. I had two cabs or RASS,MUR, 2/13, I think. I"m at the end of the one with lighter shade wrappers. I think the lighter cigars have distinct flavors that the dark wrappers lack. And I don't care for any shade of RASS young. If I'm smoking a young Robusto it's most likely a PSD#4.
  11. Once a box is on I generally smoke it pretty quick, 12-18 months or so. I'm way past my 20s and I think 10 years is an excessive aging goal. Here goes anyway. Cohiba Esplendito CORO Cohiba Siglo IV Bolivar PC Punch Punch Monte Cristo Especial #2 Partagas Lusitania Partagas 898 RASS H Upman #2 I find it tough to come up with ten cigars. I usually like the cigars I'm smoking right now best. Yesterday's a memory, tomorrow's a dream. and today is a present. Don't groan too loudly. I think most Cuban cigars are apt to expire faster than they were 20 years ago so I would seriously consider wrapping any box of cigars that is over 5 years old with some type of air restricting barrier. I've been using 5" industrial strength mini hand stretch wrap on special aged boxes for quite a while with good results.
  12. Sad to see him go. RIP Sean. Besides Bond I loved The Name Of The Rose and The Man Who Would be king.

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