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  1. You know how your dad said things to you during your youth that hit you between the eyes when you were old enough to understand? "There is no such thing as a simple real estate transaction." Attributed to the late great Francis X.
  2. Most of the construction issues I've had with Cohiba have been mitigated with time. OK, so some will say that having to wait five years for a cigar to be ready to smoke is ridiculous. And I can't say I disagree. But, I've had problems with young Cohibas, draw, uneven burn, and bitter taste and I've rarely encounter those issues after the box had five years of age. I don't smoke them young, I have other cigars that are better fresh. And I don't smoke a lot of them, they're too expensive. Just my .02$
  3. If you want to carry 5 or ten cigars the Xikar cigar cases aren't bad and will protect your cigars.
  4. Different series of cigars as people have mentioned. CCE vs MC Especial #2 is apples to apples size comparison and the CCE may be good but the MCE #2 can be an utterly brilliant cigar for significantly less coin. Siglo III vs MC Tubos is again apples to apples and I've smoked too few MC Tubos to make an educated comparison. But again, both are good, Siglo III can be the bomb with some time down.
  5. High praise indeed. I think the MC marca is almost my favorite being just a hair behind Cohiba. Factor in cost (Has anyone noticed price hikes recently?) and Monte Cristo is a no brainer for me. They age well and the 42 RG ones are great sizes, the #1,2 and 3 being my favorites.
  6. We had quite a few 90+degree, 95% humidity days around here this summer. Currently it's about 63 with 86% as the tail end of Ida rolls north east. Obviously, not a great environment for my cigars. I've been drying out beads in bags for the desktop.
  7. Toss up. I have five stars for Siglo IV MUL NOV 14 and Punch Punch RAE DIC 14. It's been unbearably hazy, hot, and humid here this summer so I've had to work to keep my cigars from getting too moist for my tastes.
  8. Just to get the blood flowing. Had the Stones earworms on full blast all week since Charlie's passing. Sleazy rock and roll at its best.
  9. For me Charlie's passing is the end of an age. I've played drums, poorly, since I was in grammar school. I've always loved the Stones and the way Charlie Watts played the song rather than the drums. The songs hold up. Here's a bit of humor that sums up Watts and Jagger. Can't say they don't have a sense of humor.
  10. These are the boxes I'm working through that are "on". MCDE Siglo IV and III PP MC#2

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