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  1. joeypots

    Long Term Aging

    Storage conditions have a huge effect on how well a Cigar ages. Duh. Some people get very technical and some people just put cigars in their original packaging in a some what air tight container like a cabinet humidor or a coolerdor. Temperature regulation is important. Keep the cigars below 70 degrees F to prevent beetle hatching. If you don't expose your cigars to a lot of fresh air and high temp they'll change over time. Other than that, enjoy the process of figuring out what you like. Searching this forum you can find loads of info about aging and storing. I'm partial to good quality regular production Cuban cigars and have found that 5 years is when most have lost the rough edge of youth and still have enough power to satisfy. Some are OK at 3 years and some take a bit longer than 5. It depends on the individual box. I've been smoking Cuban cigars for something like 18 years and I'm still surprised by the change in the cigars as they age.
  2. No particular order. "13 RASS "13 Punch punch '13 HURR '12 Siglo VI '06 Por Laranaga Lonsdale
  3. Way, but if you want to smoke them you'll need to get the moisture content down. Putting what you want to smoke in a 60%RH environment for a couple of weeks will probably do it. Even 5 year old cigars. that are too wet can be bitter and harsh.
  4. I got a regifted an out of date stale can of Poppycock.
  5. joeypots

    Top 5 Boxes of All time

    '04 Siglo 6 '06 50 cab RASS '08 Siglo 4 '06 MC#2 '11 MC Edmundos
  6. joeypots

    The Cuban Cigar Curse (IMO)

    I tend to burn through a box that's on pretty quick. The curse is the $$ it takes to develop such a collection so that one is always smoking cigars that are on.
  7. joeypots

    Flagship cigars

    Remember that there can be vast differences in the flavor of Cuban cigars given different boxes and the age of the cigars. Add to that the conditions in which the cigars are kept and you are shooting craps until you have the experience to know what you like and how to get it. Cohiba- Robusto HDM- DC MC- #1 Partagas- SD#4 HU-SW RJ- Haven't had any recently.
  8. joeypots

    Green men and squid.

    A bit more perspective. To get to the star closest to our sun, Proxima Centauri, in a ship that travels at a million miles an hour will take something like 3000 years.
  9. Doesn’t work that way. Reported it to Apple, my carrier, and the police. I’ll wager it is in pieces being sold as new in repair shops.
  10. I’d like 5 minutes with the thief who stole my new IPhone Xs last night in London.
  11. I was just by the Ritz in London. Mr. Ritz coined the phrase, “The customer is always right.” Or so it is said. A CORO in the smoking lounge in that fine hotel is 47 Pounds. For that kind of coin the customer and the proprietor can both afford to be right all of the time.
  12. I’ll watch it. I’d love to see another movie with a gun fight like the one in Open Range. That was some western style shooting.
  13. Worth it or not is a personal decision. You might like it, me not so much. They just haven't done it for me for more than ten years. I'll take good regular production over the REs and LEs most days. Put a box of Cohiba Lines Classica, or most other quality regular production, away for a while and compare it with the similar vintage RE or LE of choice. Nine times out of Ten, I'll wager, the regular production will come out on top. There are exceptions, of course, but I'd rather take a better bet and go with what i know I like.
  14. joeypots

    How lucky is she

    Why was she going so fast into the turn. Mechanical failure?

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