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  1. There have been a few good REs and Els in my humidor but for the most part I had to admit that they ones I had were either bad or I just didn't like them. Since I came into the hobby in like '99 the Els were just coming into the market and I had some of the very early ones. I got sick of buying cigars that were supposed to be great that were not to my taste. Its a while now but I eventually sold all of the special production cigars in my box. I bought some Cohibas with the proceeds and have continued buy, store and smoke regular production Cuban cigars.
  2. Just an aside on Ben. True, he made some terrible movies after the success of Good Will Hunting. But in my mind he redeemed him self with Argo, Which he directed and for which he received a best picture academy award as a producer. I also thought The Town and The Accountant were pretty damn good. He remains the youngest writer (at age 25) to ever win an Oscar for screenwriting. That in itself is a stunning achievement. BTW, he was 2004 California State Poker Champion. Just sticking up for the Boston guys.
  3. I guess I'd like to have a Dupont lighter but I doubt I'd pay for it. The Vertigo lighter pictured is the best torch I've ever had and I'd have a hard time buying anything else considering the crap lighters I've had over the years. Pricey or not. $14.54 for two currently and the two I got three years ago are still going strong.
  4. my favorites. Too many great characters to choose a best. A few of my favorites.
  5. I don't usually select cigars by box code but when I saw three packs of CORO Tubos allegedly from the El Laguito factory I grabbed one. I think aging cigars in tubes gives them a special something and if the cigar is good to begin with a nap in a tube may turn it into something very special. I also feel that the Cohiba gains so much from age, and by that I mean 5 years +, that smoking them young can be a waste of an expensive cigar. Maybe the recent run of Cohiba can prove this wrong but I haven't smoked any of those yet. This cigar was a bit pale and had a draw that was just a hair loose. But
  6. Nice first post. I wake up and try to remember that I'm lucky to have been born in a prosperous, stable society rather than some lawless, impoverished social disaster. I'll refrain from naming countries that are failed societies but they are easy to find. This puts things in perspective for me. I'd rather be lucky than smart.
  7. I was smoking Fuentes and AVOs in the late '90s. A friend who worked in Toronto started to bring me gifts of Cuban cigars. It too me a while to "get it" because I was keeping my smokes at too high a RH, but when I got it I was sold for life. Back in the old days people used to talk about sources in hushed terms, like they were buying contraband that could get them arrested.I finally got a couple of good sources and my wallet has never been the same. I still use one tried and true source and this place exclusively. It's been a great journey.
  8. Big Sky Montana. Probably my favorite ski resort. We were there the week of 3/20-27. There wasn't a lot of snow the first three weeks of March but just before we arrived there was a good dump. Then we had 3 to 5 inches for 5 nights and days and one blue bird day. What a trip.
  9. 50 boxes is enough for me. At my rate of consumption I have something like 6 to 7 years worth of stock. My acquisition plan is to but about 6 boxed a year of primo regular production.
  10. Many times. And don't ask about the cigars I sold. But then again, I've done the best i could at the time in question and I do have some very nice cigars.
  11. A dog trainer taught me this. It's important to toss the band aid box just before or while the pooch is barking or charging the TV, or doing anything else that is objectionable like chewing the woodwork. Never correct the dog if the dog has ceased the bad behavior. The dog lives in the moment and will think the bad thing happens when he stops what he's doing. This has worked great for me and about 4 dogs so far.

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