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  1. This seems like a good guide line to me. All three can be exceptional cigars. I've had some pale, rough, and just plain ugly BPCs that were phenomenal cigars at about 3 years.
  2. I've always wondered, why do we have a tourist season if you can't shoot them?
  3. joeypots

    50 cabs

    Oh to have the Bolivars back. Corona Extra and Corona Gigante. Some of my best smoking experiences were from those cabs.
  4. Is that the 48 plus or just the standard? I got the 48 plus 48 plus
  5. joeypots

    For 2019

    Metal. It's a nice gift for loyal customers even if it has been used as a gift by other cigar merchants.
  6. My Cuban cigar stash, it's not a collection, has grown with my appreciation of said cigars. I want them to have a bit of time on them when I smoke so I need to have more cigars on hand than when I was smoking fresh cigars. I'm a regular production guy holding about 1000 cigars. That's good for about five years if I go through 200 a year. Two or three a week for me and one to share. It's taken me a long time to get here but has been worth the expense and effort.
  7. I know a few. They are the same everywhere and in the end all money flows to them without any flowing out except under duress. It's a miserable existence as far as I can tell. I had lunch years ago with three women from a community group. A cheap lunch. When the check came one particularly miserable companion divided up the check to the penny and made sure she didn't pay one cent more than she ordered. I'm talking about less than ten bucks each. And she isn't hurting for dough. I might have grabbed the check if she hadn't taken it and started to do the arithmetic to the penny.
  8. joeypots

    the left field.

    He may have the palate of a a billy goat.
  9. joeypots

    Maduro class is in.

    I thought that maduro wrapper leaf was made, not grown. If the heat produced by fermentation is allowed to run a little hot fermenting bundles of wrapper leaf get very dark. I haven't smoked any maduros in a while but I don't remember them being particularly strong or sweet. I do remember some high end Padron maduros were pretty tasty.
  10. And of course Southpark broke all the rules of civility. And to think these guys won 5 Emmeys, 4 Tonys, and a Grammey.
  11. The Simpsons were great in the early days. Like this.
  12. I'm with Vortigen. I've seen a few who were always saying put me down before I get to the place where there is no quality of life. Then when they got to that place they said this ain't so bad. People change when their mortality is no longer a hypothetical issue. I'm not being critical of living wills or what people think now. I have seen tough talk turn to pleas for help when the reaper arrives. May we all die in our sleep at a ripe old age.
  13. Way to go. Wow, 3 Esplendidos? Nice prize!
  14. joeypots

    Petit Robusto V Corona

    I'm biased against the petit robusto as well and have only smoked one, a HDMPR. I do have a MCPE that was given to me. I'm resisting smoking it on principal no matter how good the cigar is. And by the way, the Hoyo Petit Robusto was brilliant. My loss, I guess.

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