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  1. joeypots

    Daily Quotes

    Mr Natural said. "Life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have the less shit you eat." I won't ever post it again.
  2. joeypots

    Question to the board

    May be the yes or no choice of failed or not failed is a little severe? How about a flawed product and to what degree. I have a box of El Laguito CORO and the stamp is so light it's almost impossible to see. The cigars are epic, the packaging is faulty. I'm keeping them and I do think they would be trouble on the secondary market.
  3. joeypots

    They just keep coming

    I've been buying Cuban cigars just long enough to remember bandless cabs. I think bands suck and wish there were bandless cigars available now.
  4. joeypots

    Maintaining RH

    If you just want to remove moisture:
  5. joeypots

    Maintaining RH

    Heartfelt beads. Lots of them.
  6. joeypots

    Large ring gauge

    I think a lot of taste is about early experience with anything. You know, mom's pot roast, the pizza of your youth, and the music of your adolescence will always have a hold on you. So it is with cigars. There weren't double extra fat cigars when I started, a 50RG robusto was about the thickest I remember. The corona gorda was classified as a thick cigar when I began to smoke cigars. At 46RG by143MM it's hardly a jaw breaker and was in many forum surveys the most popular size. Creates fashion.
  7. joeypots

    Large ring gauge

    I hear guys talk about big fat cigars like the fatter they are the better they are. I've been at it about 25 years and can't get into the real fattys. There are some good fat cigars. I love me a siglo VI, I think it's a 52RG, even that is a bit too much for me. A double corona is 49RG and it used to be that when I brought one out it was a big fat cigar. My, how times have changed. When I started smoking cigars I read an article in CA that stated the corona was the king of cigars. I know, CA, lol. The proportions were said to be perfect and I'm either used to those proportions or they are perfect. I love 42 to 47 RG and tolerate the larger and smaller because there are great cigars that don't fit my definition of the best size. I once gave a fat cigar loving friend an old lovely Siglo III. He wasn't impressed. Every cigar from that box was outstanding and this guy said, "meh." Was it the cigar, the guys preference, or was he just too contemptuous of a 42 RG masterpiece to get it. If you think fat cigars are the best I think it'll be pretty hard to fall in love with the lowly corona no matter how good it is.
  8. joeypots

    Daily Quotes

    "There is no such thing as luck. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." Vince Lombardi, and I don't think it's always true. "Money is like manure. Leave it in a big pile and it stinks to high heaven. Spread it around and it makes everything grow." Don't know who said this one. "Never put off until tomorrow that which can be put off until the day after tomorrow." Me
  9. joeypots

    Daily Quotes

    I forget exactly when, sometime soon after I was out of college, I’m in the car with my old man. He says. “The world is full of bull shit artists.”
  10. joeypots

    Regional Releases

    The ‘06 Lonsdale are some of the only REs I keep. I love them. Different strokes I guess.
  11. joeypots

    Regional Releases

    No, I don't . I do think the German regionals have been pretty good but I'm done with most of the REs and Els. I'd rather have a standout cab or two of PLPC from our host.
  12. joeypots

    Hi from Boston

    Lots of NE representation here. Welcome
  13. In my little business I often see the same people year after year. I'm in a summer resort area and people often come every year at the same time. Many years ago I had a good repeat customer who was in for about the fourth year in a row. One year his lovely wife was clearly sporting a baby bump under her muumuu. "When's the baby due?" I asked. "My wife's not pregnant." Came the answer. One only does that once.
  14. In no particular order. These are all available in 25 boxes except the PLPC. Some are good young, some need a little time. Punch Punch PSD#4 PLPC HDM DC MC#1 MC#2 RASS BBF Siglo IV R&J Churchill
  15. I understand showing off the cigars but I don't think the cabinet looks anywhere near as good with glass. Also, glass doesn't absorb and release moisture so I think that the humidor is more stable with a wood door. I like to have my cigars comfortably sleeping in a nice dark, private room all their own.

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