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  1. Here's a good summary of the issue. Massachusetts has done a good job of containment since the terrible early outbreak.
  2. The horrible reality is that it only takes one infected person to start an epidemic in any given area. One. I look at this website. Apparently Johns Hopkins hospital uses it in their calculations as well. Total deaths in the USA? According to the above website, 130,798 deaths in the USA since February 1, 2020. That's in just under 20 weeks. I do hope that the recent surge in cases here does not result in a surge of death but death is only the worst consequence. There are more and more reports of people who have been severely injured by Covid 19 and are looking at long lasting if not permanent damage. So, I'll wear a mask until a respected authority on the subject says it's safe to do otherwise.
  3. It was a tie this June. MC #1, BUM ABR 15, and Siglo IV, LOA FEB 13. Both of these were 4 star cigars and if I hadn't let the RH rise in the desk top they'd a been even better. The #1 is one of those cigars where once the box is on it's hard to not just smoke them one after another. Damn the rotation. The Siglo IV just hit the spot.
  4. Why is money called dough? Because we all knead it.
  5. If there was a sampler I'd try all three but i shy away from such short fat cigars. Even robustos annoy me at 5 X 50, but that's just me.
  6. I've enjoyed the stay at home period. I live in a bubble, a summer resort area that is now opening up to visitors. we've been mostly unaffected by Covid, few cases and fewer horror stories but now as traffic increases we could see an increase. For 10 weeks it felt as if the world slowed down. And not in an un welcomed way. Yesterday I got a wake up jolt, though. My BIL had the virus in march, got better, and now is suffering with breathing problems. It's not good. I'm hearing too many stories about people who seem to have long lasting effects from the virus and it put me in a mood yesterday. So little is known about this thing and I fear it could be a long difficult path back to what will be a new normal. And the fact that it isn't just about death, it's about the possibility of being hobbled for a long time, if not life, got to me yesterday. Be careful people, it's no joke.
  7. I have been a fan of and have inventoried my cigars CCWS for quite a while. I'd love to trade but getting email addresses is tough. PM me with yours and Ill reciprocate. Joe
  8. I had a 50 cab, probably '06. I probably put them down for about 5 years before I paid attention to them. It wasn't a well constructed batch of cigars there were a few that I chucked because they were plugged and a few with a very wonky burn. I remember giving a handful of them to a friend who took the cigars on a mens camping weekend. He raved about the cigars. Over time I remember they were rough and strong when I started smoking them. As time wore on the Bolivar leather, earth, and tobacco came to the fore, and as the supply diminished they became brilliant, probably around 2014 or 15. Once a box I have is 'on' I tend to smoke through it. I remember the last two were smoked with a buddy on Sunday after noon. I know I got a pretty good nicotine buzz and at the halfway point I remarked that I couldn't believe I gave away the last cigar in the cab. They were that good. It'll be interesting to see how the last years production do at auction.
  9. Last night's beef short ribs after about two hours. 250F for 5.5 hours in a 22" Webber with a Slow and Sear. Salt and pepper over night were the only seasoning and I spritzed with pomegranate juice. They were very good.
  10. No, he wasn't a fluffy and I never thought he had a long coat. I have a three year old Cardigan as well. I think he's getting the idea that Spike is gone.
  11. Spike went to heaven today. He was a good dog and we loved him. An undoubtedly cute pup he grew a handsome fellow with a nice suit. Eye brows and side burns stood out, everyone wanted to meet him. If you love dogs you know there are too many stories to tell about them. He'll be missed.

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