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  1. Mate, a lot of people are at the end of their chains today for a lot of reasons. Smokes are replaceable, some of them anyway, but living in misery is time lost, but sometimes spent in necessity. Chin up amigo and enjoy the cigar you are smoking.

    If it does not offend you, my friend, I will say a prayer that things get better for you and your wife.

    Cheers. -Piggy

    Hey Graham,

    I strongly second Mr. Piggy's sentiment and offering... I could not have said it any better.

  2. Quite true the problem is not specific to any particular country. At the risk of being labelled a *gasp* communist, I'd sum it up this way....

    Thanks for sharing that... it is brilliantly illustrated and eloquently exposed. There needs to be a socialist renewal within capitalism for it to recover its balance. And a a hard meditative look at the German model may prove to be valuable in providing innovative answers.

  3. X2 for me be upfront Insurance companies always look for loop holes to not pay.

    Don't t give them any would be my advice

    If I had to pay L/I I would be upfront and pay the extraî•

    X3, I am with Colts and Oz's advise...

    Why risk it? It may be even better not to pay for any...

    if in the end the insurance co won't pay up on the basis of misleading info...

    you won't be even alive to argue your case (or SLB)!

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