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  1. Well it is good to be back posting again ,thought i would start up this thread ,about what members have been up to lately.

    I my self have been absent for a little while from the forum as of late ,mainly due to work commitments and a couple of bouts of bad health bad Virus...

    Hey Oz, it seems we've suffering from the same too-much work virus... same story here, work+travel has been draining the time out of my life... Though I am taking a break till the 10th (and hence my reappearance here), the sad part is that I can see the clouds gathering for a similar overdose of work in this year's horizon. But then, I remind myself, that no-work is the same as no-cigar.

    To all those of us who have taken a big hit on the health front (and those who have been alright as well), I hope the new year brings us all better health and prosperity and better cigars :lifepreserver:

    BTW Oz... that is a bloody sweet watch you've got yourself. Congrats!

  2. Most of my end-of-year parties and family-get-togethers tend to have lots of children under the age of 10 (two of mine included), this fact together with the heat reaching the upper 30C mark in the near-south-western front of Australia, forces me to smoking late at night when everyone is asleep, specially the kids, and the air has cooled sufficiently.

    12.55am. Not a soul in sight (or earshot), faint warm and wet easterly breeze, 27C… I chose a cigar that I haven't touched for a while: a minute Montecristo Joyita. They went painfully dry and rough about a year ago, so I let the last nine have a long nap. This stick ended being dry-boxed for four days; I had initially hoped to have it for new years eve, but due to lack of opportunity then it ended with an added couple of days.


    I must admit that the stick chosen didn't look the best (those are long-gone) as it had a rather bumpy aspect, particularly near its cap, with hint of oil on the dark-colorado wrapper. It was relatively firm to touch.

    At cold, it gave a fragrance of sweet leather and toast… clipping the cap, it revealed a nice not-too-easy draw that left a faintly sweet hay taste on the lips and palate.


    After gently torching the foot, it opened with a well-rounded leche-con-cafe (milk with a dash of coffee) with hints of cinnamon, quite mouth filling and creamy in texture.

    About half an inch into it, the sweetness nearly vanished, leaving a dry macchiato core - with burnt citrus rind and cinnamon. Medium body, but with stinging white pepper through the nose (didn't try that again).


    Ash was nicely ribbed and whitish-grey, quite flaky, but the burn was perfect up to this point.

    After 1 inch, the coffee built to a chewy espresso and vanilla on toast, becoming drier with citrus rind on the linger. Hints of cream seemed to come in and then wane, more as a texture than a taste, mixed in with dry citrus peel.


    Just past midway, the vanilla became spicy whilst the espresso gave way to a sweeter but weaker coffee core more akin to lightly sweetened long black… the spice and dryness slowly strengthened in the midst of the coffee core, leading to a minty feel on the tongue and lips.


    With 1 inch left: mint leather and espresso, well-balanced and smooth, hints of sweet anise on the linger, which slowly transmuted into strong cinnamon spice and thick espresso.

    Nubbed 'til it hurt.


    30min smoke. Quite amazing transformation with nearly a year's undisturbed rest. The mongrel spirit appears to have died in these, leaving a well rounded smooth smoke. If its siblings are similar in character, they will not last beyond the first quarter of 2011.


    (third review of cigars from the same box).

  3. Are they serious?


    "NEVER add water directly to your beads. HCM beads can become very hot and melt their bag. It's not a chemical reaction that causes the heat, it's the friction created by the water rushing into billions of tiny pores at an incredible speed."

    Sorry... that "friction created by the water rushing into billions of tiny pores at incredible speed" sounds like BS to me, some chemical reaction is going on (chemically inert substances do not "absorb" ammonia either, as they claim)... unless they've had a breakthrough in nanofluidics and have found a way of overcoming capillary forces and surface tension... if that's the case, a Nobel prize in physics is surely forthcoming...

  4. The good news is that bikers don't give a **** about cigar smoke! A lot of guys were smoking and there were not a bunch of jogger style babies in strollers with people drinking mineral water and taking their pulses! No vegan food was served and there was absolutely nothing heathy about the event!!! The bikes were loud and not kid friendly! The burgers were greazzy, the coffee strong, the tats colorfull and the chicks did not wear much... and they should have!!! -LOL There must have been 3 or 4 hundred bikes and it was a fun parade, looking at the parolees... I mean bikers!

    That's what I call an EVENT!

    BTW...Bloody rad bike mate!

  5. 1 - Unless you are lucky to have indoor smoking space, don't smoke in extreme weather conditions (too hot, too cold, too windy, too humid... and not under the rain :peace:). You won't enjoy the experience and the cigar will perform poorly, and you'll want to finish it asap (getting it too hot in the process). - yeah, I have tried smoking a cigar in 40C and -5C weather

    2 - Train your palate... try to savour spices is foods and desserts... and don't waste a cigar by smoking it when your palate and taste are compromised (cold, flu, under dental anaesthetic, etc), it will be insipid and lacking in character. - yeah, I have tried smoking a cigar with a cold, the flu, and with dental anaesthetic lingering in the system... no matter how many times I've tried, it'll always tastes cr*p

  6. Unfortunately, Tony Abott is scared of all types of insects (specially ants) and was last spotted with a can of Mortein spraying around his neigbourhood. The greens were also last seen trying to develop cannibalistic behaviours in both ants and grasshoppers.

    Moral of the story: Polititians are no messiahs, they will divide society for a vote. However, vote and bear some guilt like any responsible citizen... if you don't vote, don't bloody whinge and blame others!

  7. I have however also used a nice tall plain mason jar with a silicone gasket and couple of cedar sheets. I have dropped this one in a lake before, dare I say it, along with the boat keys! It bobbed about a bit before it was rescued, cigars unblemished. It is just a thought for those on a budget.


  8. Thanks for the good wishes. My wife deals with me daily...surgery is a walk in the park :huh:

    Yes, I have the final say on the leaf breakup. We are currently experimenting with the Ligero (full leaf/half leaf/region etc).

    Hope it all goes well with your better half's surgery...

    On the other hand, though I suspect that it won't happen until the bend is finalised, when are they expected to be rollin'em Czar customs?

  9. i think that it would kill the NC market. If you could get cubans in the US... why would you want to buy anything else? even novices in the cigar world will choose cuban just based on the stigma and exclusiveness that surrounds them now. I also think that as soon as the ban gets lifted, CC's will sell like crazy here because of everyone that has heard so much about cubans and never had the resources or opportunity to try one. NC's will have to get a lot better and a lot cheaper in order to compete with Cubans in the US.

    Unfortunately, once the embargo gets lifted it is quite likely that a great flood of fakes will be mixed in with dinkum CC's (replace the NC band with a CC band, and voila!). Though I suspect that Habanos would have already projected how they will release CC's in the US (through network of authorised retailers), the B&Ms may (in)advertedly sell the fake stuff...

    I really hope that the end of the embargo coincides with more freedom and prosperity for the generality of Cubans, and that it will not result in the obscene extremes of wealth and poverty that have followed the dismantling of communist regimes (where in many cases former communist elite became new capitalist oligarchy).

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