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  1. Got this is message from a good mate... it showcases a true feat of engineering, and is illustrated with beautiful pictures. In fact, you can get more up-to-date news in the site dedicated to its construction: [The Hoover Dam Baypass] Also, up-to-date views through an, apparently, live webcam feed are also available via: Hoover Dam Baypass Webcam (you may need to turn your pop-up blocking option off) ----- Creeping closer inch by inch, 900 feet above the mighty Colorado River , the two sides of a $160 million bridge at the Hoover Dam slowly take shape. The bridge will carry a new s
  2. Hey... since Habanos are into value added special limited reserva ultra-collectors exclusive crop edition blah blah blah... let's ask for a Cohiba VUVUZELA!...
  3. I unhesitatingly second that... you're a genius indeed sir...
  4. Thanks for a great review... it now makes sense why I didn't quite enjoy any of the sticks in a box of '99 Bachilleres that I got through Czar's PCC vintage release programme (to be honest, I thought them duds). They did have that pungent manure aspect, salty-sweet carrion meat character that you have so accurately described as a mix of haggis and lamb mince. They were indeed complex and unique, with a stinging ammonia kick... they were just not my kind of flavour profile. Again, thank for a great review.
  5. Great idea Oz... I am in mates. The weather has been shocking recently, but once it warms up a tad we should be alright for a regular smoking get-together (as dicko suggests).
  6. Great review mate... the PLPC just get better and better with age, which reminds me that I haven't one in while and I should start saving for a cab.
  7. Great review and great photos ... Trini Reyes (and the Parti Shorts) tend to be the most addictive half coronas. In my limited experience, they seem to be more consistent and flavourful than the Cohiba Siglo I's.
  8. It is amazing how much of a dent on one's smoking jollygoodtime children put. I have two under seven. Whilst the natural upside is that one's stash ages gracefully, one doesn't... Well, for starters it was a rather chilly arvo, 15C around here… going from clear to overcast. Tied the kids to a couple of posts of the back pergola and proceeded to have good look into the humi… hmm… took out the 6th puppy out of an STL ENE 07 box of Trinidad Reyes. I have been sampling these almost once every six months since I got'em, and they have been bonza rippers from the word go. Full bodied beauties, late
  9. Best wishes for a prompt and definite recovery... keep a positive outlook, pray and enjoy the company of your loved ones. We're all barracking for you mate!
  10. Am I going crazy? or where the hell have I been?.... but I have never heard of Cohiba petit piramides (and they are noit in the Trevor's site nor in the Habanos site... perhaps is a private release
  11. He only took advantage of the situation (e.g., speeding where there are no police/cameras or always driving 5km/hr over the limit)... However, how the foul was handled is a refereeing error (Suarez reacted quickly to the situation possibly knowing the consequences, like driving after drinking and no mate to give youse a ride). The referee should have used the advantage clause (that prevents a team gaining advantage from committing a foul) and awarded a goal to Ghana... as HAL9000 said "It can only be attributable to human error". Infallibility and absolute wisdom ain't human qualities... Bu
  12. All's well mate, thanx... work is a beast that can tame one's time... Those funny engineers at Apple decided to drop the full featured gyros from the iPad, retaining instead a 3-axis accelerometer (possibly integrated with a 3-axis compass... similar to this one (yeah... really boring link ), the 3-axis accelerometer chip being similar to the one in the Wii remote... given the intended use for the iPad (and apps available), this is a fine solution.
  13. Just a a follow up to Mika's iPad post, this is a look at a single element in the iPhone and iPad. It is often not difficult to come up with new concepts at the micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) level, it is far more difficult to reproducibly and reliably integrate a complex system into an every day item... here is a nicely illustrated example of an advanced system in a mass produced item... similar systems are also integrated in the iPad, and are incorporated in other manufacturers' recent products (again, reproducibility and reliability of integration are the key... and undoubtedly App
  14. I agree 100% with your view... for a homogeneously humidified cigar with relatively homogeneous construction (that is, the air intake thru is homogenous), burn rate is limited by oxygen diffusion. That is why cigarrettes and tripa corta cigars do show the conical shape (the angle being determined by the draw rate). Also, a dry boxed cigar will tend to be forced to form a cone, as the wrapper and outer layers are drier (and more easily combustible).
  15. Amazing... terrifying... mindboggling... Massive sinkhole swallows city building [Image source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/01/2915443.htm]
  16. Bunch of midgets running a bloody great country... we get to chose between midgets and more midgets... reminds me of:
  17. Damn! Thanx Trevor for the heads up... what'd like to know: Will/Did the opposition agree to allow this to happen? When will, or did, it come into effect? Bloody hell...
  18. Oh boy... that fellow does not realise that were there to be real justice, there would also be innumerable claims for restitution for damages done by the US and its pals and puppets (as well as other "powers")... but then, he perhaps perceives that under the current system, "justice" is only an illusion imposed by the strongest... perhaps like the smoking section in TAROM flights of the very early 90's, "this seat is smoking, this one next to it its not smoking... that one is smoking..." and, believe me, you would not want to argue with the scary looking crew.
  19. Well, its about time that we even out the population in Australia or we will capsize too... too many people in the east coast! "Democracy" more often than not is sheer demagogy... and the herd votes along party lines or their favourite tune (or ad) anyway...
  20. Yeah... thanks for that chart ("colour in what you like"). That 60 RG at nearly 2.4cm diameter in the mouth, holly guacamolley! IMO, That ain't comfortable nor refined...

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