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  1. Bloody hell of a storm! Got some major damage at home... shattered roof tiles and water leaks everywhere, shattered glass, and complete destruction of the garden (as if a shredder was ran through it, all mulch gone, retic displaced, etc)... car's a mess, dented shattered... thankfully we did not flood, and all the kids are alright... oh, and my cigars are fine!
  2. Sad news indeed! Thoughts and prayers for him and his family
  3. Damn! Sorry to hear that Magnus... Man, as OzCuban said, this state is booming, and you should land a better one soon enough! Keep the good spirit... and Best wishes mate!
  4. Hope you have a successful procedure and a speedy recovery...
  5. Earlier today, it seemed to be just like before the blackout, but when I tried to login it did not recognise my username and requested me to register again... bad sign !
  6. Happy X-mas and Prosperous New year for youse all at Czar and for youse all FoH mates!
  7. Happy B-day and best wishes Guy! Live long and prosper mate...
  8. Actually, in a purely statistical sense, buying a ticket does increase your chances... if you buy the minimum one entry set of numbers, your chances increase from zero probability to an infinitesimally small probability (an enormously large percentual shift in probability space). To some - like myself - it may even be seen as an extremely speculative derivatives position (such as land in Dubai) To maximise the potential reward on my investment, I don't buy a ticket for any draw of less than 60 million (notice how the chances are the same but the potential reward could be at least 1400% more
  9. Felicidades Ingrid y Jose! Les deseamos un porvenir lleno de dicha y fortuna y libertad!
  10. Well, it is really cool to see that more than one of us is doing it... Though I may not as be as successful at raising funds as your team, I am a registered Mo Bro growing an Alatriste-style moustache I'd post my link to my mospace, but it'd be inappropriate for me to hijack Mo Bro Ellie's thread (it is all going to the same cause). So.. Dig Deep and donate to Ellie fellas!
  11. Now that's a real operating system to do real work ... Microsoft should adopt a variant of the old venerable Unix at the core level, just like the Apple guys have done with OSX; 'cause the higgledy-piggledy way Windoze system is shonkily integrated is the root of the problems. Most of us with a bit of programming background tend to figure out workarounds without even thinking about it......
  12. Very nice textured background effect, and superb seemingly-metallic copper tone on the Trini band... ...
  13. Hmm... very interesting indeed... it goes against the sacrosanct belief that it is not just the seed but also the soil. Nevertheless, I hope your efforts are rewarded with some real ono cigars...
  14. I am sure this will resonate with more than one of you... --------------------------- Description of common tools. DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get to it. WIRE WHEEL: Cleans paint off bolts and then throws them somewhere under the workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprints and hard-earned cal
  15. Happy Birthday, and wishing you very many happy ones ahead! Oh... and that picture is just awesome!
  16. Whoa! That's some angry geek... did his vista do that to him? well, hopefully windows 7 will fix'im up...
  17. I have often wondered about the value of investing in cigars; that is, cigars intended to be sold to someone else later. Here, I speculate that some 10 years from today, I would probably decline to buy at perceived market value from a source other than a trustworthy purveyor, for I would be concerned with the provenance of the cigars, and with whether they have been kept in optimum storage conditions. But then I have no experience with such dealings, and the voices in my head are all of paranoid demons ("just because you're paranoid doen't mean they're not after you")... so, this leads me to
  18. Though I have no suggestions for a place, I can juggle my schedule to fit in a cigarthering... so count me in! Thanx Oz for the initiative!

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