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  1. The WAFL is so bloody under-rated! Awesome sport... seen NFL live, seen round ball football in various countries... nothing more thrilling than a Footy game live!
  2. Oi! The ball in play may not me spherical, but Aussie rules football can only be played having real balls...
  3. Happy B-day mate... may you live long, healthy and prosperous!
  4. I'm with you... its a bizarre thread about Obama getting pwned by a crippled Cuban... or something like that...
  5. On'ya Stalebread... cool painting... my wife wants me to paint, unfortunately it is just the fence...
  6. Whenever I feel like smoking an NC (usually while on business trips in the US with no CCs on me), I choose a Padron or a Fuentes of sorts... I have even ventured to try some of Olivas... but I will not try a CAO, as I find their marketing off putting... way too gimmicky for my tastes. To me, CAO is like an ugly-rude woman with too much make up.
  7. Great idea... At work we have been using Skype for teleconferencing and, though it generally works well, a couple of times we have had a tad of annoying lag. It would work well as a live review forum with Q&A from the audience... and, hopefully, later uploaded as a video review (as not everyone would be able to tune in due to the usual time zone differences).
  8. Thank you for sharing, and my sincerest sympathies to you and your family.
  9. Ah... Complexity! Take note, it is not just the soil that makes a Habano a truly complex cigar!
  10. Yeah... the US should put an embargo on China too... they are just as totalitarian as Cuba... oh wait, I forgot that China is "democratically" a special interest case...
  11. My perception is that we have fared relatively well in the Western Australian wastelands... and are now on the upside. Long term projects on the up means that there are people with relatively secure jobs for the next five years. The housing market is gathering steam again, people are shopping, having their teeth whitened... building is gathering momentum. That is my perception, but then I may be in the cushy end of town not able to see the devastation... I would be interested to hear the opinion of other sandgropper fellas.
  12. I received this from a very good friend of mine... his son is currently studying law. Apparently... and I have not checked so myself, the following exchanges come from a book called Disorder in the American Courts; they are, allegedly, things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. ________________________________________________________ ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS: Yes. ATTORNEY: And in what ways d
  13. It is impossible to make generalised assessment on the basis of a single sample... it is as meaningless as a poll involving one single person. What you have found out is that you did not like the Monte 2 that you smoked... or as Don Quijote said "Señor, una golondrina sola no hace verano" (Sir, a single swallow does not summer make). To be able to make a better assessment you need to test a more significant sample... different brands, different vitolas... and more than one of each. Yes, it'll take some investment of time and money... and what you like will depend on your own palate, not on th
  14. Goodness gracious... that is what I call prosperity! Congrats on a great collection and may you be able to keep it growing!
  15. Nice reviews... makes me want to get some!
  16. Let me see... in iraq anyone can own a weapon, there is no police protection, there is no such thing as liberties to suspend, sounds like iraq would be THE place to live... not! There we may not see such chaotic scenes of youth violence... but then there where none under Stalin or Hitler... such linear thinking would suggest that we need a totalitarian government...
  17. Has Corey moved into your neighbourhood? Some one or something is attracting those idiots to the neighbourhood... install an electrified fence that you turn on for such occurrences, or move to Coober Pedy...
  18. Congratulations!!! I am certain that it is a well-deserved honour, earned on the basis of vision, hard work and responsibility! Best wishes and many successes for the future.
  19. Like a normal dinning room or kitchen, perhaps?
  20. Dang! One mustn't complain if served shîtty food or get pîssed off with the service... Imagine the names for their dishes: "craps" on the breakfast menu, etc... hey, the beer would probably be aptly called "piss draught".

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