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  1. I agree... to me it does not look fake. There are certain movements that cannot be easily be acted out but cannot be solely due to alcohol (possibly a mixture of powerful stimulants with booze: the alcohol would make him loose coordination, while the stimulants'd keep him from dozing off as soon as hitting the floor). For some reason, I only find the video interesting... I don't find it funny.
  2. Damn man! That's a real beauty... I also dream that one day I'll be able to indulge in not only having one, but in filling and keeping it full! Congratulations and enjoy!
  3. Let's change the name of the currency to Great American Peso... Given the **** that was allowed to run for the seven years prior to the crisis, Bernake has done a bloody monumental job in keeping the currency at the level it is... a devalued US dollar is of advantage to an economy with structural problems, to promote local production and consumption and kick start innovation. Those loving imports will complain... but if you buy locally produced goods, no probs (no quite that simple though)... The US corporations growth in profits over the past decade has been achieved using a two prong appr
  4. Congratulations! Wish you both a great wedding, and a wonderful and prosperous life together...
  5. Ha! I love the new maracas-style humidification devices... and the R&J Cohiba Esplendidos in glass tubes... Mexico always gets the very best of Cuba as exclusive products...
  6. Perhaps it is aimed at the Monte Open "man"... the mandarin and coriander man...
  7. Sorry to hear about yar troubles mate... we all hope things will turn brighter rather sooner than later... and keep a stiff upper lip
  8. Mate, you need to get permission to display a link in your signature... See Sigtag rules for FOH before any of the mods cane you
  9. Humility is the hallmark of the wise... (I did see that doco while visiting in LA a few weeks ago... fascinating)
  10. Woah!... I forgot that cigars do go well with Ice Tea (probably, 'cause it is bloody cold here on the western end of oz right now)... but in summer, it is really hard to beat Ice Tea and a cigar. I am addicted to the lemony sugary powder form of Ice Tea...
  11. I find a that a light-to-medium strength black Russian Caravan tea goes with almost any cigar... same goes for a light-to-med English Breakfast. They seem to work quite well primarily as palate cleansers (rather than accompaniment, as I would regard coffee). IMO, green tea is a big no-no with cigars, and so is earl grey and other aromatic teas.
  12. Good to hear you are better now mate! Was it worse than the garden variety of seasonal flu? Did you take any antivirals to get over it?
  13. Hmm... you see, after a brief read of that old document, it seems (to me) that during the drying process only water would be used and only when the weather conditions are drier than the optimum required to maintain leaf integrity (which would be compromised by the breeding of bacteria on the leaves if rum or honey were used)... however, that book purports that the specific petuning solutions used in Cuba (in the late 1800's, at least) prior to the fermentation process were closely held as secret by the vegueros... On the other hand, it seems that petuning solutions have mostly been used in l
  14. Interesting read indeed. BTW, no need to purchase, it is in the public domain: you can download a PDF copy here
  15. Sounds like PK & MR would be running the country like B1 and B2 (in Banana's in Pyjamas), turning Cuba into a real Banana Republic!
  16. Oh, chocolate cake! I can't possibly imagine a simple chocolate cake without some sort of icing/frosting. Some masterpieces of delight have oh so many layers. The complexity can be enjoyed in a single bite or, as my son does, spreading the complexity in the time domain (eating each bit separately). Another analogy: Cigars are like cheese. If you are used to industrial cheeses (e.g., sprinkle parmesan or spray-on cheddar), you may not enjoy the complexity of a real Parmigiano-Reggiano and would surely be repelled at the first sight, smell and taste of Roquefort. IMHO, and although we can su
  17. Cool article! In my case, and as Colt said, I greatly enjoy this crowd and site, but have no interest in other social networking sites...
  18. Get some rest mate and get well over the lurgies...
  19. Interesting read Jimmy. IMHO, and thus far, his new apparel seems to indicate that he is well, primarily, and that he has resumed duties as a "regular" citizen (plain clothes, not business suit nor military attire). I doubt that he will try to officially re-engage in the running of the country, as doing so would destabilise the transition of power, embolden opposition and endanger the perpetuation of the system. Photo released by Cuba's newspaper Juventud Rebelde, Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, right, and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa meet in Havana (Friday, Aug. 21, 2009). (AP Photo/Juvent

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