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  1. As long as one has a choice, everything is fine and dandy... but, damn it, once it is dictated it is just a bloody shame (even if you would have made that choice freely). Just make sure you do not sign any thing that would waive your right to sue
  2. Thanx Ellery for the insight... We were recently offered a "place" in the H1N1 vacine trial... "hell no" was our reply, I know they'll have to test this stuff on someone but hell it ain't going to be me or my family... yet there are some brave souls out there, good on them.
  3. In the message/reply window, on the lower right-hand side you'll see a browse and upload buttons (as shown below): Hit the "browse" button to choose a file in your file system. Once you have chosen a file, hit the green "upload" button. Do that to up load as many files as you want... (but the max. single upload size is 2MB). Once you have all your pictures up loaded, you can insert it at the present text cursor position using the link within the attachment pull-down menu (as shown below): Note that the same pull-down menu allows you to delete uploaded files (that you don't want to include
  4. Cool... that is what I'd want ... the crating, shipping and installation costs might end up being more that the price of the system.
  5. It's darn hard to leave home... Best wishes for the future mate... may you live long and prosper (as Spock, would've said) whether in Nashville or elsewhere.
  6. For me, 28 mins for this vitola would be a tad quick... I had a Reyes (Jan 07, dry boxed overnight) on the weekend that was truly scrumptious, espresso with a hint of dry-grassy vanilla (if that makes any sense) and sweet mushroom notes, on the fuller body side of medium... it took me about 3/4 of an hour to nub.
  7. Thanx Jimmy for the cool pics... and congrats on the new job!
  8. The people are starved of education, the media manipulated and the legislative and justice system corrupted... whether left-leaning or right-leaning, a tyrant is a tyrant. Such tyrants will never be able to advance a nation or its people... they only advance their own interest and of the few monsters propping them up...
  9. Tough day indeed... yet you're some fortunate fellow as, thank goodness, all went well for your son and for you! Get well soon wishes to your son, and Congrats on the job.
  10. Damn... I was hoping I would live to see one of these...
  11. No... it was actually Bruce Springsteen that said that... no, wait... I think it was Buzz Lightyear... wait, wait, maybe it was Pauline Hanson... That is some cool stuff nevertheless
  12. Well... that's progress: As it is more hygienic to wash it off, than smear it thinly with paper...
  13. Agree completely... as it defies the laws of physics, it must be a manipulated video. (additionally, notice how the object slides down smoothly over the wavy sections of the tobogan... )
  14. Hmm... it is fascinating that smoking bans are phenomenon that has flourished primarily in democratic countries, where freedom of choice is supposed to be paramount and where, unfortunately, the hosts of "the righteous" will manipulate opinion and the government to get what they want above the wishes of the free man (and subtly undermine the very foundation of democracy)... Similarly fascinating, is that many so-called capitalists forget that higher aggregate profits are generated by using relatively modest margins AND moving merchandise quickly (rather than by huge margins and low volumes)
  15. Did you know that a fighting bull has a chance of making it out alive?... occasionally, a matador or the audience may feel that the bull has fought with extraordinary bravery, and they may petition the president of the plaza (on certain events, the King himself) to grant the bull a pardon (indulto). The bull’s life is then spared and allowed to return to his glorious life in the ranch where it came from (and this is indeed a great honour to the ranch where it came from). When the pardon is granted, the president waves an orange handkerchief, and a ritual symbolic death is simulated using a ba
  16. Nice story Oz... we're all beasts and spirits... we love glorifying our beast, 'cause the spirit makes us look weak in the eyes of other beasts... and thus it goes that to the beast: generosity is stupidity, and kindness weakness... but here, we're all mushy, we just look tough
  17. I hope all's well from now on... keep that positive spirit!

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