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  1. Christmas drinks with mates. Couldn't resist.
  2. Enjoyed a few nice ones last night. a pale ale, an IPA, a breakfast pastry stout but the pick of them was the West Coast IPA from One Drop. Seems to be a trend back towards WC IPA after we've been bombarded with so many hazy variations of late. Still love a hazy but good ones are harder to find. Need a Hazy Google Search Engine. Ha ha!
  3. Old fashioned here too. Also Manhattan. I know it's sacrilege but I like dark rum on ice with a dash of coke and bourbon on ice with a dash of coke. Also like a woody whisky (not sweet or isla) highball on hot days. Espresso martini for sipping with cold water on the side.
  4. That Alex lanceros looks incredible. Lucky in Australia, we have reduced numbers of cases and wont get the vaccine until March. Mostly for nurses, doctors, aged care and those over 70 at first. It will give us a chance to select the best vaccine I guess. Was just wondering. I think I've had covid in January when visiting Texas and Mexico city. Mrs was very ill and couldn't breathe well. I started coming down with it and felt same symptoms. Doctor thought it was flu and gave us Tamiflu which we thought worked well. But it didn't feel like flu. How do you know if you've had it and will you need a vaccine to travel when we open up again if you've had it? Probably different regulations country to country.
  5. I like the Serie V Melanio but not maduro in Oliva for me. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. I can only comment on Australian Rules Football. There is a draft system where the lower you finish the higher in order of draft picks you get. So, if you finish last you get pick 1. Probably very different in International Rugby. But following my side Richmond who were a powerhouse in the late 60's, early 70's and early 80's then imploded through arrogance and a ruthless culture of sacking coaches and not paying top players well enough. 37 years until we won again in 2017. How they did it was build the club from Admin up first to ensure the club's future. CEO Ben Gale joined the club in 2010 and launched a fighting Tiger fund for supporters to contribute to so they could upgrade training facilities. This was the start. He also made the brash statement that we would win premierships and have 70,000 members in 10 years. We have 3 premierships and 100,000+ members (members pre-pay the club for the season's games or have it taken from an account weekly, that way more money goes directly to the club). They also then spent money on great support staff, recruitment, line coaches, development coaches, fitness, physio, psyc, ect. This set the framework to make the Tigers more of a destination club for good players and recruits. In 2017 they employed Neil Balme as director of football. He had success at other clubs who won premierships. He was also an ex Tigers player. They found the money and he went about changing the culture from negative to fun. It has changed the way AFL clubs now look at running a club by making everything enjoyable and a learning experience. It went from a team of individuals in 2016 worried about their spot in the team and playing for themselves and individual stats to a whole club attitude of rewarding the team things where players were willing to sacrifice their own game for the betterment of the team with positive reinforcement. Before a game Tigers players have a smile on their face. They have won the last 2 premierships all through honesty. The coach admitted he was doing it wrong in 2016 and the CEO and President backed him and re-signed him for 4 more years. Brave move. They moved on players that were on the back end of their careers and just going through the motions and kept the guys in their prime who were leaders. They also recruited wisely from other clubs by identifying players that would fit into the culture and the new game plan. The state government announced yesterday, in a grab for votes, that they will give Richmond $15.5 million to further improve their facilities, with the focus on inclusion, diversity and indigenous programs... as well as a training oval redevelopment to make it the size of the mighty MCG! Should only make the club stronger. With rugby I guess you can take learnings from keeping good eggs and tossing a few stars in order to blood some new players but it's important to keep leadership on field. You can't just toss them all and start again. It's amazing what a culture change can do. The band aid just needs to be ripped off sometimes unfortunately.
  7. Melbourne Storm win Origin yet again... 😂 C'arn the Vics, go Munster you good thing.
  8. This scene from my favourite movie - love the music and the Oboe when Tuco discovers a lit cigar, hot on the heels of Blondie (Clint)
  9. Don't like walking with a cigar. Did a little bit walking through the streets in Havana and didn't enjoy it. Standing in beer gardens or bars with a drink and chatting with mates while smoking was great... when we were allowed to.
  10. Now that's a beer. One of my favourites along with the KBS.
  11. Consistent Smoking Enjoyment. 1. JL #2 2. Connie A 3. Best value (bang for buck) 1. N/A 2. 3. Your best smoking experience of 2020 1. Esplendidos 2. Liberatador 3. Partagas Presidente
  12. Although I haven't tried these marques for a while, I remember Diplomaticos and SLR to share some similarities, mostly the woodiness/cedar maybe. These two when exhibiting some initial grassiness then at their best, cream and sweetness are sort of like a Coro IMHO.
  13. Hats off to the climbers out there. I was dating a girl from San Franciso back in the day and we met in Peru and hiked to Machu Picchu. I had come off a football season but was totally exhausted. I remember being that high up and thinking, Nah, I'm an ocean guy. Absolutely amazing but way out of my comfort zone. And that wasn't really climbing as such. We also climbed the Colca Canyon which was tough. Later, I went to Patagonia with a mate and we hiked to a glacial lake and on that day a woman scaled Mt Fitzroy which is in the background of the pick. I remember thinking how on earth could she have achieved that.

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