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  1. Bill Hayes

    Large ring gauge

    When smoking a large rg 54 and above I use a 'cat's eye' cut. That way I don't have to stick the width of the cigar in my mouth.
  2. Bill Hayes

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    A man's gots to have office scotch.
  3. Bill Hayes

    New Cutter

    You should patent the El Presidente thumb nail cigar cutter.
  4. AFL Grand Final Day 2017. My two favourite things combined. Football and spearfishing. I never thought my Tigers would make the GF so booked a spearfishing trip to Tonga. GF day we were spearing wahoo around a live volcano then raced back to catch the last half of the football. A beer was plunged into my hand as we hit the resort where the game was on and my Tigers were in front. Tonga is 2 hours in front of Australia so we had been spearing all day. Demolished the beer as the Tigers went on to demolish Adelaide. PS. I'm off to the Qualifying final tonight! Go Tigers!
  5. Richmond Tigers AFL - My uncle Max played for them in the 40's and 50's and my cousin played as well in the 70's Melbourne Storm NRL - I'm from Melbourne Chicago Blackhawks - Wanted to follow a team that was from a city I wanted to visit and was cold plus like the logo and also wanted to annoy a Canadian mate who follows the Canucks as madly as I follow the Tigers in the AFL. It also made sense that the captain Toews is Canadian. Miami Dolphins - I liked Miami Vice so chose them. LA Lakers - When I was young they were great with legendary players. Seattle Mariners - Wanted a team that probably isn't on everyone's radar plus I love the ocean and fishing and want to visit Seattle. Chelsea - When I grew up everyone who played soccer at school was either Greek or Italian. To me, Gianfranco Zola was what a football player should look like. It helped that the only Englishman in the side was Dennis Wise.
  6. Bill Hayes

    Supplements, do you take them?

    Be careful with the creatine. You need to drink lots of water. From what I gathered it uses a lot of potassium in your muscles so make sure you don't get dehydrated, especially if you've been drinking alcohol. It does put on muscle mass and basically helps you recover quicker. I personally think a simple whey protein drink after a workout is enough. Taking magnesium at night can help muscles relax and recover and sleep easier I've found. All the best.
  7. SLR DC or Cohiba Esplendidos
  8. 78 degrees gin from Adelaide
  9. I found the Padron to have a bit more complexity toward the middle third. But I quite liked the old dried cow pat flavour of the Rocky Patels for some reason. But would much prefer a Party D4 or a BBF.
  10. I am new to NC's so over winter here I have been trying a few while my CC's get some time down. I didn't really want to match the CC experience so I have tried a few ridiculously large maduros, mostly Rocky Patel Edge. Also some Padron maduros and My Father and Oliva. I didn't really find much that rivalled CC's for the experience, taking into account the flavour profiles would be different and new to me. That being said, I got what I wanted out of them. But now looking forward to Spring and some CC's. Hope your experience goes well for you. Cheers.
  11. $219 at Dan's in Victoria plus 6.50 delivery. Couldn't help myself. Just ordered one online.
  12. Bill Hayes

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I think I read that it is a collaborative with another company and is meant to be maybe more in the line of traditional London dry gin. Would be interested in a review. Sounds like it might go well with a lemon and tonic or in a negroni perhaps.

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