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  1. beautiful 26 celcius here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Just finisihed a Bolivar Libertador. Bit windy but bloody special with a stout or two. Hit the beach tomorrow at the magnificent Mornington Peninsula camping and do some diving for lobster. Best time of the year here
  2. Nubbed a fresh PSP JL#2 with a cherry stout. Superb. Later had a CORO that maybe needed a little more time for flavours to come together. Worked ok with a triple NEIPA with a fruity profile. Lovely.
  3. I did love the boxing around the time of Marvellous Marvin Hagler, who was my fav, being a fellow southpaw. Sugar Ray, Hearns and then Tyson was exciting, although i always wanted Mike to have a big fight with an equal. At the time, I remember just thinking he was just fighting chumps. Then when he bit the ear, it all got silly and I lost interest. Us Aussies had Jeff Fenech to cheer for which was good. I love Canelo Alvarez and will watch him if it's free to air but I wouldn't pay for boxing ATM. As far as MMA goes, I was always fascinated by Bruce Lee stuff as a kid and the mystical talents of kung fu. Even made some nunchuckas and practiced, with a few bruises for good measure. Haha! Also as a teen watched Bloodsport and Kickboxer and thought it was the best so set up some pulleys in the garage to do the splits - so funny looking back now. Had a mate where we went for summer holidays who was an instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu and was taught by, apparantly, the only grandmaster left in the world, who lived in Melbourne Australia where I live. Whether true or not, the story is, the when Bruce went to the USA, he went to Australia. Anyway, my mate taught me a couple of silly moves that I could never actually use to affect in a real fight without training and practice - inside instep kick to the knee, phoenix eye punch etc. All this lead me to watch a lot of UFC. Early days of the Iceman and replays of before that with the Gracies then onto the Anderson Silva era and Jon Jones which was pretty exciting. And then Rhonda. Lost her title in Melbourne and went to pub to watch it. Totally packed out. Great atmosphere. At another pub when McGreggor decked Aldo. Huge amount of Irish backpackers at the pub. Atmosphere was awesome. Although, the lead up fight on the card was better. Only now watch what's free to air on my cable TV channels. Not the same atmosphere without the crowds, the last couple of years but have watched 'The Contender' series a bit. Yeah, I'm a fan but not totally full-on. Just love sport and the contest and how fit they are. This could be a good thread to chat. Thanks for posting. Cheers
  4. Well, Ken with 4 scalps in the first innings, we'll see. Aussies still have to bat on this pitch though. And the Poms aren't done yet. Happens a lot lately, with a lot of swings and roundabouts in tests. That's why I've always loved it over the short games. Only test matches live in my memory. Can't think of many one dayers to be honest. Good to have some sport back nonetheless. Go Paddy!
  5. Probably get rained out at the GABBA but here's hoping we get a result either way. Cheers
  6. I love the Libertador but if value is your main concern for deciding then you most probably won't enjoy it emotionally I guess. You'll always be questioning your decision instead of enjoying. Can't go wrong with BBF. Been fantastic. I'd purchase a couple of singles of Libertador if you can and save for a special long sitting. And get a box of BBF. Smoke half early and let other half age for a bit for a more rounded, less rustic experience IMHO. Just opinion of course. Cheers. All the best.
  7. As someone schooled in the dark arts of advertising/marketing, I see the value in harnessing the value of said promotion. Undeterred, we could always evolve it to appease the client and utilise Tik Tok or the video feature on your mobile device to post your/or other's Nudie Run to commemorate this momentous run of undressed boxes.
  8. Gut performance pre and pro biotics anitoxidants and collogen great for coping with bloating and indigestion for me. Magnesium at night after gym. Normal protein powder. Zinc and echinacea if I feel a cold coming on.
  9. Lick and Sniff. Partagas Chicos La Saliva LE, the only machine made cigar made with all-natural spit. A little taste of Havana, available at all good tobacconists.
  10. Enjoy the A when PSP quality with at least 6 months down to settle. I feel there are some weaker flavoured A's around. Because they are smooth, elegant and complex at their best, I feel they need the richer, darker, shiny wrapper to bring out the flavour profile. I've had a couple of sticks with matt lighter wrappers and they seemed to lack the flavours I was looking for. I had a connie 2 on Monday when still fresh. Too much mongrel at this point. I think they will develop and settle in 12 months. Will have to get some more JL#2 and Boli PC to get over the wait.
  11. Just wondering if there will be a bundling option or simply 25stick packs per vitola etc? And are Aussie purchases allowed? Thanks.
  12. Godfather 2 and Terminator 2 brilliant and in that order for me then ESB. Rocky and First Blood sequels not really up to scratch IMHO and include Predator sequels. I think Tarantino left it open for a sequel to Kill Bill when Uma killed an assassin in front of her child and said, "If you feel raw about it, I'll be waiting". BB v Nikita might be a bit cheesy but maybe not in the hands of Q. I am very much looking forward to Top Gun 2, just for the cliche's and the footage. Although, not really sequels, love fistful of dollars, few dollars more and good, bad, ugly. I thought the Bladerunner sequel was pretty good. Aliens was good too.

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