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  1. Coffee, stout, El Dorado 15yo rum, Manhattan - all with ice water on the side. Probably because I prefer bolder cigars to subtle.
  2. Happy Easter stockpiling everyone.
  3. Hey mate, nobody is snubbing you, many don't look at this part of the forum. Infact, this forum is very welcoming. Here's a few things I copied from here for a trip I did in the Christmas of 2019/20, on the eve of COVID. Some things would of most likely changed by now. My advice would be go with the flow. Get a tacky open car from the 50's and let them drive you around first up. It's all cool. I think on this section of the forum there is recommended drivers that can take you to other parts of Havana outside of the tourist zone. Don't be fooled by the touts that come up to you in the tourist a
  4. What craftsmanship. Looks like someone has made a temp fix to their radiator hose with gaffer tape. Ha ha!
  5. At the point now where I want to make a change but very undecided. After 25 years in advertising, I'm well past my used by date in that industry but I'm stubborn like a limpet to my own detriment. On the upside, I have just come off a long freelance contract working on the digital side of things which adds a lot of strings to my bow. I've had to evolve as apposed to change but the writings on the wall, which gets me to the point of this pointless rant, what to choose. Any advice helpful. My ideas - love the ocean and recently single so no obligations - Abalone diver, volunteer marine biologist
  6. Yep, I worry about my niece too. She is going in to high school. She's always been a very wise and considered observational person but with a bit of a temper and quite emotional. She's very smart but I worry that she won't know what to make of the world or have to try and act like an Instagram influencer because she is tall and strikingly beautiful. Sometimes acting mature and looking confident and in control and looking older can steal their innocence and childhood. PS. And don't get me started on a princess who has a petting zoo and saves chickens complaining when the majority of the world i
  7. Cheers mate, or should I say 'sup bro'. Haven't checked in for a little while. Been working hard trying to make up for lost time during COVID 2020. Low End Theory was suggested by my friend too. Thanks.
  8. Christmas drinks with mates. Couldn't resist.
  9. Enjoyed a few nice ones last night. a pale ale, an IPA, a breakfast pastry stout but the pick of them was the West Coast IPA from One Drop. Seems to be a trend back towards WC IPA after we've been bombarded with so many hazy variations of late. Still love a hazy but good ones are harder to find. Need a Hazy Google Search Engine. Ha ha!
  10. Old fashioned here too. Also Manhattan. I know it's sacrilege but I like dark rum on ice with a dash of coke and bourbon on ice with a dash of coke. Also like a woody whisky (not sweet or isla) highball on hot days. Espresso martini for sipping with cold water on the side.
  11. That Alex lanceros looks incredible. Lucky in Australia, we have reduced numbers of cases and wont get the vaccine until March. Mostly for nurses, doctors, aged care and those over 70 at first. It will give us a chance to select the best vaccine I guess. Was just wondering. I think I've had covid in January when visiting Texas and Mexico city. Mrs was very ill and couldn't breathe well. I started coming down with it and felt same symptoms. Doctor thought it was flu and gave us Tamiflu which we thought worked well. But it didn't feel like flu. How do you know if you've had it and will you need
  12. I like the Serie V Melanio but not maduro in Oliva for me. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. I can only comment on Australian Rules Football. There is a draft system where the lower you finish the higher in order of draft picks you get. So, if you finish last you get pick 1. Probably very different in International Rugby. But following my side Richmond who were a powerhouse in the late 60's, early 70's and early 80's then imploded through arrogance and a ruthless culture of sacking coaches and not paying top players well enough. 37 years until we won again in 2017. How they did it was build the club from Admin up first to ensure the club's future. CEO Ben Gale joined the club in 2010
  14. Melbourne Storm win Origin yet again... ? C'arn the Vics, go Munster you good thing.

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