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  1. I'm in! Been looking for so long for a replacement to the Party SDC range. Great initiative. If you build it, they will come!
  2. Looked like I might have been wrong about the Wade selection. He'll keep his spot. Now the Aussies have the conundrum whether to bring in Starc and replace Bancroft. Will be interesting. I guess Starc really needs the ball to swing then reverse swing later.
  3. I'm from Melbourne but if you've only got 2 weeks I would fly into Sydney and skip Melbourne. I would also fly from Brisbane to Cairns and hire a car and drive the hour or so to Port Douglas and stay there. You can use your car to drive up to the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. And you can also do all the Great Barrier reef diving from Port Douglas. All the best.
  4. Thanks Ken, that seems to make some sense as to why they chose Bancroft ahead of Harris. I don't understand the Wade selection. Personally, I find the guy all full of misplaced enthusiasm/aggression which seems to be a waste of mental energy. I would of thought they'd go with Labushagne. Only saw the first session but Warner seemed very affected by the booing/criticism and Bancroft seemed to be squared up a lot and was only a matter of time until he nicked one. Even Khawaja looked nervous. I'm not over there but it was strange they picked Siddle and no Starc. I guess they figured Siddle would get movement off the pitch with his off-cutter.
  5. Cohiba 1966 - A gift from my missus for my 50th birthday a few years back. Wow. To those who bought boxes, congratulations.
  6. Crickey, when I was growing up, Flipper was a dolphin. 😃
  7. Not a big fan of tequila but I have consumed my share of Patron XO Café coffee infused tequila and paired it with cigars. But it's really just for sipping on. Apparently fashionable 10 years agao to add a coffee bean and heat the tequila in a shot glass in the microwave.
  8. Anyone know if there are any changes to this list from 2016? I will be in Havana after Christmas for a week and looking to purchase some customs.
  9. Cigars: Cuban Maduro Other: Selfish, entitled people who, either walk in couples or are looking at their phone, who do not give way or make enough room to pass on the foot path (pavement).
  10. It used to be Yamazaki 18yo but it seems the rest of the world cottoned on so now it's quite the opposite - the big peaty flavours of Lagavulin 16yo.
  11. Spent the last week in Far North Queensland with the missus. Here, we visited the Daintree rainforest and went drift snorkelling down the Mossman river. The water is so clear and fresh you can drink it - which I did to try and recover from a hangover from a long lunch in Port Douglas the day before. Great trip but back to 13 degrees and rain in Melbourne. Wish I could retire!
  12. He also did some good work in Rio when at his prime.

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