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  1. Bill Hayes

    Are you a GoT lover?

    I think you're right but in red wedding style I hope Cersi wins, just to show the world really isn't fair and happy endings are for fairytales. Then again, this an adult fairytale. Not sure how the face changing youngest daughter will fit in. It will be interesting and can't wait.
  2. Bill Hayes

    Are you a GoT lover?

    I think the whole series was built around the young prince being crippled so I think he has to play a major role at the end otherwise they would of killed him off. Personally, I'd like to see Cersi to marry the Night King and destroy everything 😉
  3. Bill Hayes

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    The Great Escape for me. The outlaw Josey Wales. Dirty Dozen. Apocalypse Now. More recently, really liked Zero Dark Thirty. It got a bit preachy but also liked the feeling of The thin red line.
  4. Bill Hayes

    Left or Right?

    I would take the left because I don't really age my cigars too long. I would smoke the left and age the right.
  5. Connie A, Monte 4, (Cohiba Esplendidos I can't seem to age because I smoke them and are still my fav even if they are young) I would also be interested in peoples thoughts of Party P2 when young?
  6. An old photo from the archives. All gone from my humidor now unfortunately. 2001 Party SDC 2
  7. Watched Roma the other night. I, too, found it boring with a boring storyline and very self indulgent in its direction. Some of the shots were hard to achieve but I don't think added to the 'lack of' story. The sets were very good and believable and the acting was restrained from the main character which made me feel something for her plight, but not sure what that was. I, therefore, think it will win best picture or best director perhaps. PS. I hate dog turds
  8. Bill Hayes

    pick your Ashes squad

    Warner Harris Khawaja Smith S Marsh Head Paine Cummins Lyon Starc Hazelwood Burns Labushagne Patterson Richardson Zampa Pucovski
  9. Bill Hayes

    Super Bowl Predictions

    The major football contest here is the AFL Grand Final - according to us Victorians, South Aussies and West Aussies at least 😉
  10. Sir David Warner has a ring to it. 😀
  11. I read on another site I've purchased some NC's from that Cigar Journal cigar of the year is Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro. Not Cigar Officianado I know but interesting. Not to everyone's taste but I personally quite like RP Edge - not very complex but they are good for a change every now and then IMHO. Although last night I enjoyed a Monte Especial #2 that I dry boxed and it was nice to have a skinny.
  12. Bill Hayes

    Your 2018 a picture.

    A much needed holiday with the missus after both of us working frantically all year.
  13. Bill Hayes

    meme of the week

    My selfie pose is better than yours.

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