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  1. I picked the Connie A because I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off Coro that good for 3 years. It would be doing them an injustice. But I know I could plough into the Connie A from the get go.
  2. Well, the Grand Final was a bit of a blowout. Great if you're a Tigers fan like me (just getting over the hangover now) but probably not much of a spectacle for neutral supporters. It was great being in a huge crowd of Tigers fans all going crazy, although not the best of views from standing room. Now we move to the crazy trade period, then horse racing, cricket then horse racing again then back to Footy! Go you mighty Tigers!
  3. I quite like the small bar on the ground floor of The Palace Hotel. Expensive but very good.
  4. If you fight your way through the jellyfish, the stone fish and the sea snakes, then you'll find the sharks and crocs aren't venomous.
  5. With the warmer weather on the way, I picked up a bottle of one of my favourite rums. A good match for Cohiba and El Rey Del Mundo and Upmann mag 50.
  6. Tigers average winning margin for the last winning streak is around 27 to 30 points. I think with the couple of injuries to the Tigers and GWS defensive contested stoppage style, I'm tipping Richmond by 24 points but I hope you're right Ken and we blow them away.
  7. Ken, I reckon the Giants are a real chance to win. They are getting two stars back. At their best, I think they play the best football. But they will only play as good as they are allowed to. So I hope the Richmond system stands up again under finals pressure. Very nervous. I was lucky enough to get tickets, albeit not very good ones. But I will be there to the end no matter what!
  8. Thanks mate, it wasn't looking good at half time but I was hoping last week's game took it out of the Cats and my Tigers would run over the top of them. And that's the way it panned out. Very croaky voice this morning from barracking with the Tiger faithful at the mighty MCG. Now we wait to see who we play. Personally, I'm sweating on getting tickets. I'm in the ballot and will find out Monday. I reckon one of the best efforts to come out of the game was Jack Graham, who dislocated his shoulder then got it strapped up and played on so we wouldn't be down on rotations off the bench, meaning we could run over the top of the Cats. He may not be able to play next week but his efforts will be remembered for a long time. Go Tigers!
  9. Not a new brand but I liked the blend of the E.P. Carillo that won cigar of the year in CA.
  10. The mighty Mitch! A mate posted this on social media.
  11. And then there was 4. Unfortunately for Brisbane they continued with their lack of accuracy and composure going forward and lost by only a few points. The Eagles seemed affected by the loss of Willie Rioli the day before the game because of a urine test where he tried to fill up the jar with sports drink. It's almost inconceivable that he would try something like that. Totally ridiculous and will cost him his career and the Eagles a shot at a second premiership in a row; although the cats bounced back well. Joel Selwood and Dangerfield were superb. Now it's do or die - Tigers v Cats and Magpies v Giants for a spot in the Grand Final. Very hard to pick a winner. I got tickets to see my Tigers so hopefully they get over the line. If Collingwood make it to the GF as well, it might just be a modern record crowd, although I think 1970 (Collingwood v Carlton) GF is the record with 121,000. Anyone else going along or watching, let us know your thoughts.
  12. Visited the Fixation Brewery. Especially liked the Space Cake Hazy IPA (pictured) and the 86 Hazy IPA.
  13. Fell asleep then went to bed. What session would be best to watch? I recorded it.
  14. Oh no, I wake this morning to find Mitch has taken 4 scalps with the ball.

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