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  1. A big screen TV with stereo sound would be good to get extra customers looking to watch sports. Great afternoon with friends watching football or perhaps a paid event like boxing or UFC.
  2. The last few years have brought about great change in the way we do things. Everything from working at home and ordering online to connecting with friends on video chats. For some, it’s been catastrophic while others have flourished. Has it brought us closer together or merely exaggerated the divide with haves and have nots? Maybe a bit of both. For those of us who are lucky enough to live comfortably, the challenge seems to be to adapt or fight against the change. For me, it started with getting sucked in to the media narrative of passing blame and found myself being fundamentally unhappy to
  3. Just a quick question - if you purchased singles, say in a 1/4 box or a sampler, and don't know the year, can you still enter the comp? And, if so, then what info should a member provide other than - Hey guys, this is a RASS! Ha ha!
  4. What a great pick up. Congrats Bubba. All time classic aged 12 years. I would probably have them all smoked in 10 days. Ha ha!
  5. Some ripper ones already. I can add: Hey Lama, what about a little something for the effort. I drank your milkshake... Too old is he to begin the training Steers and queers The uzi 9mm...blah blah in 40 watt range tonight you're the greatest hockey team in the world And from Kill Bill Vol 1 - hatori honso presents sword to Uma and also Lucy Lou cuts the head off a crime boss and speaks in English. Rudy gets a talking to And Eminem winning rap in 8 mile But the Brando in Apocolypse Now - You're an errand boy sent by grocery clerks and Rut
  6. the soundscape when Dirty Harry is seeking out the serial killer in the first movie - o wah a wah waaaaah. The good the bad and the ugly theme, pinging watch in Fistful of dollars, simple piano note in Godfather part 2 when hitman is going to kill the old dude in the hospital, the music soundscape when you first see Lee Van Cleef in GTBTU and also used by Tarantino when you first see Bill. First Kill Bill when Lucy Lou is walking down the corridor with the crazy 88's. Top Gun. America F$%k yeah! The ringing phone at the start of Once Upon a Time in America. The harmonica in Once Upon a Time in
  7. Still in bloody lockdown mode. Not much to do but watch sport and drink beer. Ha ha! Hey, at least I won $500 on the races last saturday. here's a few beers from Carwyn Cellars magnificent 7 pack of the best of the best collabs and festival beers that they've served this year. Not a dud among them in styles I wouldn't normally reach for like Barley Wine. Cheers
  8. A few beers from the last 2 weeks.
  9. Recently separated so on a few of the dating apps. If it seems too good to be true, it is. My mates got hold of my phone when I was a touch inebriated and started connecting me with all these strange women. Pretty funny though. Just don't drink and swipe. ha ha!
  10. Just a question, did the Behike range use a blend of medio tiempo and ligero as filler? Was it aged considerably before rolling? I really liked the flavour profile, even though I only ever tried a couple. My thinking would be that they would age well again and be great with 5 years down if you could wait that long. Great thread and very informative. Cheers.
  11. In Briiiiiiiiighton in Melbourne, we are all waiting for the Pfiiiiiiizer darling!

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