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  1. My second choice from the Aussie muscle cars of the 70's and 80'3 - The Holden SLR 5000 Torana. It even has it's name on the side, just in case you forget. 😀
  2. Unfortunately the Winery Walkabout Weekend in Rutherglen, which would of been in a couple of weeks, has been cancelled because of covid. I have been going up there for over 25 years. Will miss it. Let us know how this aged fortified tastes. The area is mostly known for muscat and tokay but I quite like the port from there.
  3. Poor man's MJ - a siglo 2 and airmax 95 😀
  4. Used up a Christmas voucher at the bottle shop. Happy times. Manhattans all round!
  5. This Imperial Blueberry Sour was fantastic on a sunny day.
  6. A nice Berliner Weisse, sour with a hint of pineapple. Went OK with a siglo 2.
  7. Yep, they are one of my favs too. This was 2018 but very quaffable and delicate. It was very affordable too. Found it on special at my bottle shop.
  8. A local Mornington Peninsula pinot. Light, lively and floral/fruit driven without heavy tannins. It was a surprisingly good match with a JL#2. I enjoyed two glasses before the cigar and then one during and two more after.
  9. My first big holiday in the 90's was to Isla Mujeres. Loved that place with the sunsets on the beach and I did my scuba course there. Great memories. For take-away I love Jamaican Jerk Chicken but can be hard to get true flame grilled over the coals. I also love a good Japanese pork ramen. Enjoyed some great authentic styles in Japan. There is a few good ones in Melbourne City.
  10. First thought was a siglo 5 then I realised how big his hands are. Esplendidos I reckon.
  11. Thanks Ken, that was a good read. Fidel was a good spearfisherman so I expect he'd like the fish in mango sauce recipe. Cheers
  12. Went back to an old favourite on the weekend.
  13. I liked Reynaldo's lanceros. 5 year aged leaf. He is famed for his large ring gauge cigars but I found they needed to be dry boxed so when in Havana I smoked mostly his lanceros. Coming from Australia where we have so many taxes, I couldn't believe how cheap they were for such a high quality product.

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