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  1. Very cool experience! Thank you for sharing.
  2. fabes


    Thankfully we’ve been able to use science to debunk the plume myth.
  3. Has anyone actually done any blind/double blind tastings of the R/GRs? I can’t help but think the band & known price-point is an influencer.
  4. fabes

    Sancho Cristo

    Love it. You have to ask, what makes the cigar? Is it the bands? Is it the box? How can you be sure? Far greater similarities than differences. This should be a wake up call for those that hold fast to marcas as unique and independent from each other.
  5. fabes

    AP Regional Help

    I propose a QdO Lonsdale. Second choice, QdO Corona Gorda. Both capitalize on the QdO hype and are vitolas I enjoy. Don’t care how many in a box, just want SBN box at a reasonable price.
  6. fabes

    Qdo 54 hype

    I was referring to the upcoming 2019 LE (a hermosos #2), not the most recent French RE.
  7. fabes

    Qdo 54 hype

    This is definitely what’s happening. Pull the vitolas that don’t sell, wait a couple years, then bring them back with a shiny box & second band and charge double or triple. The new QD LE is roughly the same vitola as the Imperiales, but with a gaudy box and inflated price tag.
  8. fabes

    Qdo 54 hype

    I feel the same way. I also wonder how many people fawning over the 50 & 54 have ever tried the corona?
  9. This little thing caled honesty has worked just fine for me.
  10. Figure out what your tastes are first. You will save money in the long-run. We could all rattle off boxes we would jump on in the blink of an eye if we came across them, but who is to say you would even like them. For example, I could tell you a handful of rare vinyl records I would buy if I ever saw them in a shop, but who cares if you don’t like the same music as me. Learn everything you can if you’re inclined to put in the work. Watch things unfold over time. There is real scarcity, boxes that will never come around again. There is manufactured scarcity, essentially the majority of the RE program. You can also come across boxes that are rare, but are sold and resold over and over changing hands many times and nobody is actually smoking them (wonder if they’re any good?!).
  11. fabes

    ERDM Demi Tasse?

    I enjoy them. These and the Hoyo du Maire. They are not 15min smokes. More like 30 if you rush them, but I can get 45 min easy out of these. They need to be smoked slowly to get the best out of them. That said, like previous posters have said they are pricey for the size. A box of minutos is roughly the same price for more tobacco. Can’t help much with recent boxes as mine are from 2013. If you’re looking for 15min cigars, look at Cohiba/Trinidad Shorts & Partagas Chicos.
  12. To answer your question @JohnS I had to go digging for this picture. These are a pair of RyJ Petit Coronas boxes both coded EAG MAY 2015 both arrived same time from our lovely host as part of a heavily discounted 2-box deal I could not pass up. One box with lifeless yellow-green wrappers, the other with oil-laden rosado wrappers. I decided to smoke the “ugly” box first, the lifeless yellow-green wrappered box. Having recently finished that box I will say they were phenomenal cigars with many being creamy cherry bombs. Flavor for days! A great smoking box all around. I have yet to crack into the rosado box, but plan to later in the year likely in May for their 4th box date birthday. Will try to remember to re-hash this thread with thoughts. All in all, to anyone who managed to read this, appearances can be deceiving. A cigar can only tell its story when smoked. Ugly cigars often have wonderful stories to tell to those willing to listen.
  13. I buy boxes like the one on the left (top on mobile) to smoke. I buy boxes like the one on the right (bottom on mobile) to flip a few years down the line to pay for more cigars. 😉
  14. Highly recommend smoking whatever fancy or not-fancy cigar you want on any given day. What better day? Take them off the pedestal. Share your best cigars with your mates. I find joy in sharing the last 2 cigars from a box with a friend. I would rather plow through a great box and/or smoke that white whale and savor the memories than wait for the “special” time.
  15. fabes

    Travel case?

    I use Cigar Caddy cases. Utilitarian for sure, but at this point it’s all I want in a travel case. I use a 5ct & 10ct depending on situation. 10ct has two layers so you can put cutter/lighter apart from cigars. Depending on what size cigars you smoke you can definitely stuff more in them as the foam accommodates a bit of wiggle room. I take mine camping, business trips and to the local lounge. Very happy with both. I prefer them over a fancier leather case because I can stuff in a backpack or duffel and not worry about any damage. Would personally rather have nice cigars than a nice travel case. Different strokes for different folks of course.

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