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    Picadores are still a young new cigar. Isn’t any talk about how long to age them speculation at this point? Maybe 5yrs is also a golden point for them? At this point they are only 4 yrs out of release. Nobody knows how they taste at 5 yrs yet. I do agree they are a divisive cigar. Most I know either live or hate them.
  2. Currently sitting at 87% of my stash being under 50rg with no plans to change. I do enjoy some cigars at/above 50rg, but for the most part I do not enjoy how larger ring gauge cigars burn or the rate of smoking to keep them burning well.
  3. I realize prices & taxes vary across the globe. I still think the reasoning is valid. It may be a forest for the trees scenario here as a couple people brought up the point that the numbers I chose to provide are not appropriate for the Canadian market. I was just highlighting the fact that your money buys more regular production cigars than it does “special release” regardless of country. Insert whatever ratio of reg:limited you want for a given country. Our host mentioned similar sentiment in the most recent video review regarding Talisman vs reg production.
  4. It certainly could be phenomenal, you are right. The cost benefit ratio isn’t there for me personally. I find more satisfaction in persuing excellent regular production than chasing RE/LE which are here today, gone tomorrow.
  5. Would you rather have one of these RE, or two CoRo, or even 4 of any other robusto. Same cost either way.
  6. One full rotation over the course of 365.25 days.
  7. What they need is a good cup of coffee and a good book. That’s when I think my reyes are at their best!
  8. With Cohiba Talisman flying off shelves at $700USD per 10ct box, the EL program is not stopping anytime soon. To stay on topic, regular production for me.
  9. Great review. La Fuerza can be excellent cigars.
  10. ^^ This right here. I’m inclined to believe it’s in eating the fish that your body best processes the Omega-3 & 6 which leads to a far greater impact than supplements. As mentioned previously, the reports constantly flip flop and with so many variables how are we to believe something scientifically works when they are marketed toward emotional appeal? We’d all love a quick fix, but I’m in the school of thought that discipline and hard work trumps a bottle of pills.
  11. fabes

    Box of the week

    Add brand/marca as needed!
  12. I’ve had some great “aged” boxes from Rob. QdO & JL1 both from 2011 so not super aged. Just well rested. I know and love those two cigars and the premium there is not the same as with other highly desired marcas like Cohiba, Partagas, etc. Outside of cigars where I know both storage conditions and that I will enjoy them, I’d prefer to age myself. My storage conditions are @PigFish certified, so I’m far more inclined to do my own aging and my wallet concurs.
  13. For me some cigars are relegated to once a year or so. Like RASS and Bolivar PCs. Usually the one I smoke every year or so is great. Have had boxes of each, but never found them worth restocking. One every now and then scratches the itch nicely.
  14. Great stuff! For me it’s: Vinyl Well crafted leather shoes/boots that can be resoled many times. Cast iron Hand tools for woodworking Making bread with just flour, water and a pinch of salt. Books

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